Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

I think it's very much a matter of "Hey, we have a lot of aging weapons that have a shelf life. Let's give them to someone who'll do what we wanted to do anyway, except in a deniable way." Kind of like what NATO's doing with Ukraine, to be honest: we're giving them weapons we built and designed to fight Russias, but lots of it is approaching the end of it's shelf life so...
Has the “treat students like persecuted people were treated” plan ever worked out? Or do I just never hear about it because “Children learn empathy while learning about the horrors of segregation” just doesn’t move papers?

Beyond that I don’t believe comparing the holocaust to the horror show that was Belgium controlled Congo is “downplaying” the holocaust. Or that calling Israel a colonizer is an unfair statement.
*king Leopold controlled. The situation changed drastically once Belgium took over.
Not saying it was suddenly paradise for the locals - very far from it - but most of the atrocities and massacres were committed when it was not yet an official colony but personal property of the king.
Just for the record and otherwise completely irrelevant.
Yeah, the violence and slavery was kept off the record instead of on during the Belgian Congo decades.

You don't have to umm actually the treatment of the Congo.
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Would it be worth a try to get a time machine, go back to Entebbe in 1976 and save his brother Yonathan? Would a more reasonable Netanyahu brother by his side have been good for Bibi's mental health, and for Israel in general?
I'd just use the time machine to kill him just to be safe.

But actually a less-evil netanyahu just doesn't rise to political power. If it wasn't him, it'd be a different person with the same views.
If you're going back in time to prevent human suffering and evil, might just want to get Adam. Or Lucy, depending on your belief system.
I was considering if I should read up a bit on who Emmer is, but apparently I shouldn't bother.
Now wondering about Mike Johnson.
Could you pick a more generic white guy name? Sheesh
Once again they fold to the far right. Apparently Emmers support for gay marriage was too much. :facepalm:

So I guess it’s back to election deniers.
Well, Johnson it is.
Against abortion, against Ukraine aid, against the separation of church and state, against election integrity. Awesome.
Dear "moderate" Republicans: fuck you.
Well, Johnson it is.
Against abortion, against Ukraine aid, against the separation of church and state, against election integrity. Awesome.
Dear "moderate" Republicans: fuck you.
Those are things all "moderate" Republicans love.

By this point, there is no such thing as a moderate Republican, they only exist in the same way I'm sure there were moderate Nazis who thought only a few Jews should be killed.
There are no moderate Republicans in the house.

They found the quietest fascist to nominate. Now we watch as nothing gets done for 15 months.


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Kind of surprised they managed to solidify enough to elect him. I thought for sure this would drag out for months, scuttling the next budget vote and causing a shutdown.
He completely fits with the far right wing that was holding everything up. As soon as I saw who it was I knew he was in. Most of the election denier stuff talking points he wrote. He's a completely shitty person and congress is now irrevocably broken until the next election. Again.
I don't understand the democrats who voted against removing Santos from the house. Not getting a 2/3 majority because Republicans are divided? Sure, I understand that. I mean, the man should be thrown out and be thrown in jail as far I'm concerned, but they're willing to accept anything from anyone to stay in power so that tracks.
But why as a Democrat would you not support it? Shrink that Republican majority, get a rotten apple out.


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Because they're part of the class that laws don't normally apply to, so trying to hold them accountable has to be done delicately or else it'll all get shot down, because NO politician, of any political party, is comfortable with setting a precedent that the political class be held accountable to the law as a matter of course.