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  • Hi Dave! I just signed up and noticed that the "Introduce Yourself" thread is no longer open. Is there another thread like it somewhere? I'd like to say "Hi", but I feel a little weird making my first thread about....uh, me, I guess. :)
    Can you delete all but one of my Stuffworld threads from the Halhappenings forum? I thought the idea was to make new posts for new comics but I was wrong and I feel really really bad about it.
    I don't know how to send private messages in here anymore... :S
    Any idea on when the blogs will be up again? ...I kinda need my (only) post...
    mods locked that thread where you asked me to send that chick/bot/whatever a shot, and I couldn't reply...lol :)
    Hey what happened to the artist forum all the poastz r gonne.
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