Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats


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It's wild to me that fentanyl has taken the place of anthrax in news headlines. White powder mailed to someone? Fentanyl. Terrorists accused of using chemical weapons? Rockets filled with fentanyl. (Not actually true, but a real headline from Breitbart.)
It's wild to me that fentanyl has taken the place of anthrax in news headlines.
For anyone who doesn't know the news story being associated with this, it is this:
Envelopes with fentanyl or other substances were sent to several elections offices with a message to "End elections now."

Pictures of the letter itself are available online, though many of them have the return address area blacked out, presumably for privacy reasons, but I've seen one that wasn't, and I assume someone informed them that the printed name "Mike Hawk" (yes, really) was probably fake.

One of the local colleges sends out a periodic pamphlet to all the nearby neighborhoods. September's front-page splash is "Inside the Transgender Empire," and explains how "...activist teachers are using classrooms to propagandize on its behalf and activist health professionals are promoting the mutilation of children under the euphemistic banner of 'gender-affirming care.'" It then spends seven pages explaining how this empire was conceived "...on the fringes of American academia," and that its entire purpose is to "...advance a collective political reconstruction and transformation" that will ultimately end in Marxism. It goes on to quote the Bible and Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein, takes a moment to plug the college's merchandise**, gives some comparison how "nullification surgery" is a process that leads to "nihilism," and finally concludes with the sentence, "This is why we must fight to put the transgender empire out of business forever."

This college is an embarrassment to my state and I wish they would hurry up and go out of business already.

**In 1985, the college opted to stop accepting any and all federal aid, because doing so meant they would have the "freedom" to admit whatever students they chose, rather than having to show they were adhering to the government's Affirmative Action standards. In 2007, they also stopped accepting state funding in order to further the college's "...historic independence from government regulation." As a result, the only money the college gets is from private donations and swag.
As the Republican party becomes more white, rural, evangelical, and uneducated, its legislators have increasingly embodied their base's personality characteristics. That includes "tough guy" posturing.

I've observed that with the in-laws. They don't debate or use nuance. They just shout.
Ah Gamergate. The trial run for how things are today.

Dude who attacked Pelosi's husband gave defense testimony yesterday.

On Tuesday, in sometimes tearful testimony, Mr DePape told the court he used to have left-wing political beliefs before a political transformation that started when he was living in a garage without a toilet or shower, playing video games for hours at a time.

Giving evidence for more than an hour, he said that in the course of looking up information about video games he became interested in Gamergate, an anti-feminist campaign that targeted prominent women in the gaming world and became a huge online trend starting in 2014.
Oh but you didn't include my favorite part:
DePape's defense team argues [the conspiratorial views of far-right podcasters and YouTubers including James Lindsay, Jimmy Dore, and Glenn Beck] were responsible for his bizarre plan to invade the Pelosi home and confront Nancy Pelosi on Russia's alleged involvement in the 2016 election, all while wearing an inflatable unicorn costume and livestreaming the conversation.
Chemicals in the water may turn frogs gay, but toxic slander from conservatives can turn people into homicidal, inflatable unicorn streamers!

Chip Roy is Freedom Caucus. Just mad they haven't passed legislation hateful enough.
This. He wants a bill that strips certain ethnicities of voting rights, or one that makes Bible study a mandatory class every year in high school. Anything that fixes bridges, funds libraries, or solves an actual social problem isn't worth campaigning on.
Wow I’m sure those facts and logic will convince any trumper to support Biden.
I’ve never found defending my views about convincing the other person. It’s about letting your right wing uncle know that he isn’t going to be allowed to spout nonsense during thanksgiving without objection.
Course I’m not exactly sure getting into a war of opposing bible verses is a good strategy for any conversation.