Gas Bandit's Political Thread V: The Vampire Likes Bats

Well, if we can get the extreme right on board to impeach her for being unfit for office, so much for the better.
Sadly, we probably wouldn't agree on what type of person shoudl take her place.
The Texas State Government just told me and every other EV owner to go fuck themselves.
Looks like they've decided not to limit themselves to just EV owners.

The Legislature repealed provisions in state law that mandate annual vehicle inspections. However, the $7.50 fee remains intact under a new name: the inspection program replacement fee.
They wish to cloak themselves in a blanket of denial.
A blanket which probably has some very recognizable symbols on it.

Those federal judges are certainly on a roll of late:

In Fiscal Year 2022, CBP conducted an all-time high of 45,499 device searches.

Man, 3 months feels like an eternity when you're living on the edge. That much buffer time would be gloriously helpful to the stress.
I'd laugh, but how big of a severance check did he get? And who is lined up to hire him for the same salary, or greater?
More importantly, just because Licht is out doesn't mean Zaslav is backing down on trying to move CNN further to the middle and help amplify the right. He will find someone to do it.


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Pat Robertson dead

For the harm he caused so many people, and for the political bed-making that he started among Protestant sects in the US, I've gotta say I'm glad he's gone.

I strongly doubt God is presiding over his afterlife.
Sometimes I wish I believed in a god so that I'd know fuckers like this would be burning in hell all while wondering why.
The funny thing is that he became pro-legal weed in his later years, and that one thing means that he was probably the best megachurch pastor in the country. Obviously that says more about the bar that sets than him, but I find it funny.
Between the Trump indictment and Cracker Barrel celebrating Pride Month, I wonder what the church crowd will do with itself this Sunday. They need a place to collectively rage but their favorite hangout has gone woke.