Full hard brexit. But at least its red white and blue.

Nigel Farage hates the EU so much that when they agree that the UK is definitely leaving at the end of the month his response is basically "YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!"

Nige, the Benn Act just says the UK PM has to ask for an extension to Brexit if there's no deal agreed. It doesn't say that the EU has to agree to one since y'know they're not British citizens or currently in the UK so are not covered by UK laws.
Didn't Nigel make it clear that he doesn't actually want to leave the EU, he just wants Britain to just get all the advantages without contributing to it at all?
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Is there a rationale to this or is it just the Lib Dems playing Nader to Corbyn's Gore?

UK parliament has to be shut for 25 working days before an election. I'm not sure how many working days there is due to be between now & 9th Dec because parliament doesn't always sit on a Friday, but 25 working days would be pretty close to the 9th. Lib Dems are complaining about not wanting to give Boris time to ram through legislation after a GE has been set (even though if he had the votes he'd do that regardless).

Government seems to be pushing for the 12th because that's a Thursday and UK elections are always held on a Thursday.
I feel I am watching the UK dissolve in real time here.

Boris has clearly said he doesn't want a new Scottish independence referendum. If he's not careful, both Scotland and northern Ireland may dissolve back into violent and deadly disagreement. This is dangerous, but what does he care? He's still made history.
Also, fuck Corbyn. Any decent Labour leader would've done better. Unlike in the US, voters were faced with a choice between a blonde lying scumbag and literal near-communism.
Also, fuck Corbyn. Any decent Labour leader would've done better.
The one good thing about this election is that Corbyn has finally realised that he has to go as leader of the Labour Party. Hopefully we get someone at least halfway sane in there so that there is finally a creditable alternative to the Tory madness.
I don't know if it was the actual "goal," per se, but once it became apparent that that's where it was heading, I sure didn't see anyone try to step in and slow it down.

Brexit was largely funded by a guy who literally made billions doing this in the post-USSR region. I'm sorry I can't remember his name because my googlefu is failing but I beleive he's from New Zealand if that's any help.
Quite a few of the anti-Brexit stuff from the super rich - not the normal people - did come off as if they were talking about that there briar patch.