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The season finale of The Mandalorian was damned good. The opening scene is pretty amazing.
My only complaint was the Kylo Ren effect.

I mean, I knew who the actor was playing him, but... when IG took off the Mandalorian's helmet, he looked less to me like Oberyn Martell and more like a mid-30s Corey Feldman who'd put on weight.
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Oh for fuck's sake, how am I ever supposed to see some of this stuff (e.g., I've never seen The Sandlot) if the people who own it take it back from everyone else, but then just pretend it doesn't exist, stuff it in a chest, and sit on it?

I assume this means they've decided to issue "revised" versions, and want to make sure nobody has enough warning to archive the originals.

EDIT: Yeah, I know. Assuming they've previously been preserved intact, of course.

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The more likely issue: the people involved with these films may have successfully won streaming revenue from these films and are entitled to income from them so Disney just... doesn't stream them.

As for Dr. Dolittle... it's probably because the new one is coming out, it sucks, and they don't want people to be able to watch the original instead.
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Keep it up and it's back to the high seas you fucks.

On topic, I was lukewarmish on the Mandalorian in the middle point of the series (and I wish people wouldn't hire Bill Burr, he drags me kicking and screaming out of suspension of disbelief no matter where he shows up now, though it's almost made up for by Clancy Brown devil dude) but fuck were the two finale episodes great. Way to make me care about characters Favreau and Filoni.
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I still like the sequels a lot better than the prequels, all in all.
From a technical standpoint, sure, but they felt kind of pointless to me.

At least the prequels walked (well, stumbled slowly on) their own path, instead of retracing the OT's steps with different pit-stops...
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Disney Plus Is Rebooting Space Camp

Anyone else remember Space Camp? The movie about a group of kids who accidentally go into space? Like, not some aliens or future tech, but somehow end up in space on NASA's space shuttle. I don't even remember how it happened in the movie, but I have vague memories of having seen the film.
My favorite movie as a kid. :D
Also the reason so many kids wanted to go to Space Camp in the 80s.