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Weirder still, they only removed it from the first 13 episodes, but it appears in the rest of the series, soooooo....buh?
According to the wiki, the fez from the first 13 episodes got eaten by a goat, and the replacement had a different symbol.



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Time index 1:
DisneyBoss : "I don't like the fez has a symbol! Too religiousy! Edit it out!"

Time index 2:
Underling: "Uh boss, we just remembered... the symbol on the fez has plot significance at the end of the story..."
Boss: "Fine, put it back in. Wait, no, change it a little so it doesn't look so religiousy. Make it pac-man or some shit."
Underling: (whiny voice) "UUngghhhh do I gotta put it back on all the episodes I already edited it out on? Can't I just keep editing with the new symbol going forward?"
Boss: "Yeah, whatever, look, I've got a tee time to make, so stop bothering me and just do the thing, Zhu Lee."
Because there's christianity in space. Can you hear that? Listen's the audible sound of my eyes rolling.
This is the part where I become a nerd and remind everyone that the Star Wars Holiday Special was a Thanksgiving Special.


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I was able to go right through that post with no issues. I'm on Win 10 with Chrome.
Worked fine for me yesterday, works fine now. I can't find any rhyme or reason as to why it fails to load sometimes for me. At least it's showing something, for a while when Imgur failed to load, it would just be a blank post.


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Baby Yoda GIFs Removed Over Disney Copyright Issues

Yup, it's exactly what it sounds like. Disney had all baby Yoda GIFs removed from Giphy.
Apparently the situation is more complicated:
Baby Yoda GIFs Are Back Online and Giphy Has Apologized to Disney For Some Reason

"The good news: The GIFs are back. The bad news: It’s still unclear why the Baby Yoda GIFs disappeared in the first place. "

“Last week, there was some confusion around certain content uploaded to GIPHY and we temporarily removed these GIFs while we reviewed the situation,” a Giphy spokesperson told Gizmodo via email. “We apologize to both Disney and Vulture for any inconvenience, and we are happy to report that the GIFs are once again live on GIPHY.”
It sounds like GIPHY got spooked by something Disney said or did, and took everything down just to be safe. I’m glad it’s not really a case of Disney shitting on their fans for having a little bit of fun.
This looks much better than the teaser, imo.

Great use of orchestrated "Reflection". And Donnie Yen!

But still no Shang.:(
I dunno if we've discussed it before, but the live-action Mulan is supposed to adhere closer to the legend of Mulan than the cartoon did. In the historical legend, Mulan was already an accomplished martial artist, fought for 12 years in the army as a man, and returned to her hometown afterwards. Her gender was never revealed until after her 12 years in the military were complete.