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Superior Spider-Man, huh? Okay... yeah, keep Liv Octavius as the Miles villain. For Gwen, probably The Vulture, as he was her first big adversary. Peter B... Green Goblin ala Spider-man (2002). Migeul O'hara... I'd pick Punisher 2099 myself, but he doesn't have a lot of good choices.

In exchange for this, I'd want Spider-Verse 3 to have Mephisto trying to control each Spider-man and basically have it be a take-that against One More Day.
I figure at least one Spider-Verse sequel will do something similar to the original Spider-Verse crossover, with Morlun.
Hellboy 2019 made a whole $12 million opening weekend.

In an age of James Gunn being rehired for GotG3, I want to hope there's at least a tiny chance that Guillermo del Toro can be handed back the reins. No one's going to have to forget a different continuity movie they never saw.