The Disney Thread: For Everything Concerning the House of Mouse

On the one hand:
The Folio Society's limited, slipcased editions are some of the most beautiful books being produced today; the company's $225 Marvel: The Golden Age 1939-1949 ships in late September, and includes a facsimile of the ultra-rare Marvel Comics #1, reproduced from one of the last surviving mint-condition 1939 copies.
On the other hand:
the inaugural volume was originally scheduled to feature an introduction from Art Spiegelman, the creator of Maus and the first person to ever win a Pulitzer Prize for a graphic novel.
Marvel is a division of Disney, and its chairman, Isaac 'Ike' Perlmutter, is a longtime personal friend of Donald Trump, donated to Trump's campaign, and serves Trump as an "unofficial and influential advisor." Spiegelman's intro made reference to this fact, [...] dubbing him "Orange Skull."
In response, Disney/Marvel demanded that Spiegelman redact his essay, removing references to Trump. The corporation said that it was trying to be "apolitical...and is not allowing its publications to take a political stance."
Spiegelman refused to make the change and instead severed ties with the project.


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A list of some of the problems I've had using the Disney Now app:
- episodes playing out of order (it played 8, then 10, then 9, then 8 again. Then it tried to jump from episode 13 to episode 16.)
- buffering
- random pausing for no apparent reason
- error messages when the next episode tries to auto-play
- no "skip intro" button
- there's no search feature

This does not make me hopeful for Disney+. I fully expect the first few months of the service to be a near catastrophe.
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"apolitical" Whatever, Disney.
This article from Bleeding Cool has some other interesting details.

"Bleeding Cool identified that Chip Zdarsky and Jim Cheung‘s Marvel Two-In-One had a joke the referenced an ‘orange monster’ removed and since then no oblique reference to Donald Trump has seen publication. "

What Spiegelman wanted to say in the foreword was, in part, “In today’s all too real world, Captain America’s most nefarious villain, the Red Skull, is alive on screen and an Orange Skull haunts America.

He states that that the Folio Society told him that Marvel Comics was trying to stay apolitical, “and is not allowing its publications to take a political stance”.

Taking the politics out of comics is removing the heart of Captain America, the X-Men, and many other heroes as well.
It's the creator of Maus for fuck sakes...

It's not like his work is exactly apolitical to begin with. They were happy to use the public's knowledge of his work to prop up their collected edition from a time that experienced quite a few parallels to the current social climate but heaven forbid anyone make any comparisons and call someone out on their shit.
It's been announced that Cruella will be starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson as Cruella De Vil, with Stone as the younger version and Thompson as the older. Also, here's a promo pic of Emma Stone as Cruella.

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TSA bans Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge ‘thermal detonator’ Coke bottles from checked and carry-on luggage

Please tell me this stupidity is some sort of miscommunication or joke.

"The Transportation Security Administration has banned the 'thermal detonator' Coca-Cola bottles sold in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios from checked and carry-on luggage on U.S. flights. TSA officials confirmed that the souvenir collectible Coke bottles exclusively available in the new Star Wars lands are prohibited on U.S. flights because they look like replica explosives.

“Replica items are not allowed on aircraft,” said TSA spokesperson Jim Gregory.

"and believe it's real"... It's a soda bottle made to look like it came from a fictional galaxy. How on earth could it possibly be a real explosive? It bears about as much resemblance to a real grenade as Christmas ornaments do.


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I generally hold a pretty dim view of most government agencies, but the TSA is right up near the top of my list of useless fat that needs to be trimmed.
"History is written by the victors."
Seems they're feeling pretty confident.
I will continue to feel about this the same way I do about Warner Bros cartoons.

I saw a list somewhere that I can't find now. I hadn't considered that the stuff on Netflix can't be on Disney +. It only has a handful of the marvel movies and neither of the last two starwars. Might be worth it in a year or two once all the other contracts run their course.
Right now they're banking on original content, old Disney movies being let out of the vault, and the Disney afternoon cartoons, and while the last of those is tempting, I'm pretty sure I wouln't enjoy them anymore and would rather keep the vague memories the way they are.
Also, if you are like me and use an Amazon device to stream content on your tv, you may want to wait a while. Disney and Amazon haven’t hashed things out yet, so Disney+ won’t be on any Amazon Fire devices. At least not yet. It’s the only device that Disney+ won’t be on.
Also, if you are like me and use an Amazon device to stream content on your tv, you may want to wait a while. Disney and Amazon haven’t hashed things out yet, so Disney+ won’t be on any Amazon Fire devices. At least not yet. It’s the only device that Disney+ won’t be on.
Which is why I never got on board with amazon tv devices. Roku is much better about being streaming service independent. And I hate the fire tv interface.
I like the fire tv interface, and the Firestick has always worked well for me. This is the first issue I've encountered, and I'm not exactly crying that I can't shell out an extra $7/month to another streaming service. I just wanted to make sure that no one just assumed it would work (it's a reasonable assumption) and ended up wasting their money.
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