Funny (political, religious) pictures


Nothing else puts into perspective just how much of a waste the Bloomberg campaign was more than this tweet.

What? The arithmetic is completely wrong and it's actually only ~$1.50/person?
So sorry, carry on.

This isnt how math works!

Bloomberg could have bought everyone a McDouble and he ran for president instead.
Buying everyone a McBurger might have been a better way to spend the money for the campaign, though.
Nah, i mean he could have run for president by buying the burgers... your post implied "instead"!


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Or he could have fixed Flint's water problems and saved himself $500 million while doing something good and getting good pub.

I think the best part of this isn't the tiny hands (and feet), but the the backwards binoculars which convey the entire message.

@Bubble181 she apparently did some online stuff yesterday and came across as the entitled self-centered idiot that she is. Something along the lines of COVID-19 deaths are inevitable. I would say apparently she liked the word from Avengers.
Maybe, but to be sure, why not give it a hoodie?

Or is that just for Geraldo?