[Funny] Funny Pictures! (Keep em clean, folks!)

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Ah, my new go-to image for people who self-diagnose with Asperger's. I'm looking at you, internet.


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Ilmatyynyalukseni on täynnä ankeriaita.
Mon aéroglisseur est plein des anguilles.
Mi aerodeslizador es lleno de anguilas.
بلدي الحوامات مليء الثعابين
Min svävare är full av ålar.
Minu hõljuk on täis angerjaid.
Reminds me a post on some other site where a woman claims to have injected a tiny bit of capsaicin oil into several of the condoms her husband secretly kept in his car. Later on she got a call from her best friend asking about a burning sensation her "boyfriend" gave her and she confirmed her suspicions.


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In his defense, I do believe I saw it somewhere other than 9gag, first
That's like saying you saw something somewhere else before it was on ebaum's world. 9gag is the internet's storm drain... good or bad, it all ends up down there eventually.
Thought that was 4Chan?
4chan isn't the storm drain. It's the human digestive system: all the shit is formed there before it slowly escapes into the internet at large. The process is necessary, as sometimes it's just trying to get rid of the bad stuff in your body... but sometimes your just doing it to yourself and really, it's your fault for being around the smell.

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