[Funny] Funny Pictures! (Keep em clean, folks!)

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Here's some from the funny files...

I know, right?

At first the elephant is all "oh, high there weird bird thing, what do you smell li---OW!! YOU BITCH!! COME HERE, YOU OVERGROWN CHICKEN, I'LL SNAP YOUR NECK LIKE A FUCKIN' TWIG! PECK ME?! HOW DARE YOU!?"

And the ostrich is all "no, no, I flap but I can't fly, heeelp!"
It was hilarious until you pointed out the sadness in it now it's lost all the funny factor. Forever.

Good going, bhamv :humph:
I have no idea why, but that Wolverine/Cyclops picture made me burst out laughing.

Zumbo Prime

This thread is so awesome.

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