[Funny] Funny Pictures! (Keep em clean, folks!)

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Text To: Sarlac
When can I tap that?

Text To: Boba Fett
Given the location of my reproductive organs, about a thousand years. Bring protection. From digestive enzymes.

Text To: Sarlac
...I'll get back to you.

Text To: Sarlac, Boba Fett
Hoping all your dreams come true! Love, Han.
Audio Attachment: Matchmaker
Let's play a drinking game. Take a shot every time this guy gets a fact wrong. Got it?

If you need a stomach pump by the middle of this review, you're winning the game.

Jay, reposting pictures is understandable. But I don't think theres much excuse when that picture is already on this page...and you posted it the first time.
Currently listed on can.whatsnewonnetflix.com
They all link to Arrested Development.

*edit: I didn't notice last night, but "Girls With Low Self Esteem", "Families with Low Self Esteem", "Wrench", and "Les Cousins Dangeroux" are all listed too.
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