Whine like a baby, now with 500% more drama!

YES. I feel as if this is what happened. That you for justifying my emotions with a humorous image :D[DOUBLEPOST=1359057217][/DOUBLEPOST]
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This image came up in my search results for "looming death", what on earth does that say about what I've been searching for?

That is one biiiiiiig guinea pig. Or maybe by little princess was just petite at 2lbs. Damn, I miss her.


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Just defriend or hide the stupid posters, and use FB as a mass communication tool for the people you want to communicate with.
Linsner is a pretty good artist, but he loves the 80s. I don't think I've ever seen him do Dawn without the 80s hair. I also really like the way that he always works in the skulls in some form or fashion in her outfits.


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Linsner is a pretty good artist, but he loves the 80s. I don't think I've ever seen him do Dawn without the 80s hair. I also really like the way that he always works in the skulls in some form or fashion in her outfits.
Heh, well, he did it accurately then. I half expect her to start belting out lyrics to Xanadu.


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During our quarterly site safety meeting we watched a safety video that, for some reason, I couldn't stop laughing through. Then a corporate VP/bigwig that I didn't know was there gets up and talks. And kind of glares at me. Probably not a good thing (since I'm now a safety guy as well.)
Well, that's another couple awesome surprises today. Got home to find that the donation we left for the charitable org that was supposed to come pick stuff up today is still all sitting right where we left it. They only come on Thursdays and I can't let it sit where it is for another week or two (sometimes they don't come every Thursday), so now I either get to pack it all back into my house and wait for them to come back around and hope that they take it, or take it all down to the dumpster and just junk it all. And even better, I apparently need to talk to my wife about this Doyle guy she's been shacking up with (not seriously), because we got a bill for services from the apartment complex and it's made out to my wife (they got her name right) and Christopher Doyle (they got my name really, really wrong). Oh, and the bill was for "unclogging a drain" which is not why maintenance was sent over here. If it were a clogged drain, I could have fixed it myself. Taking the u-joint off and digging the crap out is easy. What I can't fix on my own is the fact that whomever installed the plumbing before we moved in, back in '08, installed it backward and it now has a propensity to spring leaks for no good goddamn reason. I mean, I could fix that myself, I even have all of the necessary plumbing to replace everything except the seals for the bottoms of the sinks, but I really shouldn't have to.
You got off lucky, Dill. This morning I had a Sharpie not only come uncapped, but decided to leak into my jeans pocket.

Second time I've done that to a pair of jeans. You'd think I'da loined sometin' by now.

P.S. - For some reason I keep wanting to post in a Bugs Bunny Joisey accent.
Well, that's a week of lying flat on my back, taking muscle relaxants, and 9 weeks of physiothgerapy. Gee, just what I wanted, a busted back!
I texted my manager Tuesday morning about picking up my paycheck a couple hours early on Friday due to an expected snowstorm. Was told no due to "contractual obligations" with the new payroll provider.

Now I find out direct deposit has been available since the beginning of the year.

I'm super sick and still at work because I'm the only dependable, responsible person in the entire company. We've been running understaffed since the beginning of the year because the brass doesn't want to hire anyone, and I'm stuck working sick because the only people available to fill in are managers who aren't going to let anything get in the way of having Fridays and weekends off.
I feel like an unmotivated slackass. I haven't done any real writing in over 8 months. It started with my external harddrive needing a new cord and then got worse when I entered into a serious relationship. I took out $60k in student loans in order to get two degrees; one Creative Writing and the other in German. I use neither of these things in my job, but I should at least pick up the god damn slack and write like I used to. I have my entire quartet mapped out, all I have to do is write the damn thing. Damn it! I'm going to look at pictures of bunnies now.
I would kill for lows around 12 right now, that's supposed to be our high for the day. I walked outside this morning and thought "Damn, it feels pretty nice right now". Then I looked at the temp in my pickup and it was 6F... We'll be getting a few days with highs in the upper 20's, and then it's back below zero. We don't even have much snow to play in, and what we do have is covered with a layer of ice. :(
I once had the great misfortune of taking a Greyhound bus from Chicago to Spokane, WA. Leaving downtown Chicago in mid-April it was 74F, so I was wearing a t-shirt and a light pair of running pants (like a windbreaker for your legs). Our first stop was Fargo, where we had to change buses. It was -20F. It sucked.