What are you playing?

A tropical storm fried my PS3 and I lost my save of Skyrim. Sad times. I loved that game.

I’d like to play again. It’s on both PS4 and Switch. It’s $80 on the Switch and roughly half that used on the PS4.

Is there any benefit to the Switch? Has either version had graphics updates?
We have the Switch version, and it definitely doesn't have updated graphics. Only real benefit is playing on the go that I know of.
I was gonna ask if anyone here was playing it. It sounds like the kind of tedious a bunch of folk here would like.
Four hours into Death Stranding and I'm not enjoying it at all.

Julie's the one pushing for this, so I convinced her to play instead.

25 minutes later, she's ready to tear her hair out just trying to use equipment.
Death Stranding basically looks like "What if Clive Barker did a remake of 'The Postman'?"

I watched a friend streaming it last night. In 15 minutes of play, she managed to drive a dirt bike about half a mile from the base, got lost, had to turn around, and ran out of charge for it about 50 yards from the base. There was also an audio-log explaining part of what turned the world to Ghost Haunted Montana, but only a little, and confirming that Norman Reedus is The Chosen One because super ghost science.

Oh, and like every 20 seconds she had to do an annoying "pulse" sensor thing to make sure Evil Ghosts weren't stalking her.
Julie: "You have to play, too. It's not fair for me to have to play the whole thing."

I feel she has a severe misunderstanding of the point of video games. :confused:
It takes 10 hours to get interesting apparently.

That's the kind of lie people sold FF13 on and that was a fucking garbage fire of a bullshit lie, so I assume this is too.
It takes 10 hours to get interesting apparently.

That's the kind of lie people sold FF13 on and that was a fucking garbage fire of a bullshit lie, so I assume this is too.
I've been playing it, and I think it is interesting right off the bat, but interesting doesn't always mean fun. But that's ok, this game is trying to evoke other emotions, and so far I've found it fascinating. Would I recommend it? Not blindly, this is a very niche game for niche people, and everyone that says they find it boring I completely understand.


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Last few days I've kinda been getting back into Mechwarrior Online. One of my friends who plays it constantly helped get me up to speed and gave me pointers on a new build for my cicada... and it absolutely wrecks face. I routinely get 700-900 damage a match (200 is considered acceptable).

I’m loving Skyrim again. I knew I would, I guess I needed time after losing my saves. And after having promised the kids I wouldn’t play Pokémon until Christmas (wtf was I thinking?!) I guess now was the time.

This clearly has DLC that my old one didn’t. The slo-mo kills were a bit freaky at first.

Have a lot of you played? If so, why kind of character?
I stole a pair of gloves that would have been awesome for you!!

I’m a dark elf, mostly thief, but uses destruction magic in my off hand. Sneak, backstab, fry if not already dead.
I've played it for...I think 10 hours or so? Got bored of it, went back to Morrowind. I know Skyrim is considered the End All Be All of Beth games but it never grabbed me.
Waiting for my daughter to get off the switch with Skyrim, so I picked up The Stick of Truth for six bucks. I started it, and it's amusing, but I'm concerned I may have grown out of South Park's somewhat mean sense of humor, and it may put me off of it quickly. Hope not though.
So I know there is a lot of mixed thoughts on Death Stranding, but I am really enjoying the game. It is basically a hiking simulator mixed with a communal infrastructure building game. It's fucking weird, and if you don't have a natural resistance to Kojima style heavy handed metaphor then you risk having your eyes roll right out of your head, but I find it extremely compelling.


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What is your character?
I've played literally every character you can and every type of playstyle you can. Fighter mage, sneaky archer, stupid musclehead. You name it, I've done it. And my game always starts at a different location thanks to a mod that randomizes your start and adds a bunch more "classes".

My favorite - like everyone else's - is either the sneaky archer or the Conjurer who just lets others fight for you.


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I, too, have thousands of hours in Skyrim. I've tried to be everything but I always end up as a sneaky archer who wears full ebony plate and is also level 100 in one-handed, two-handed and shield.

Also I run a brothel bathhouse and have 17 girlfriends.