What are you playing?

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Just soloing some Hell On Earth difficulty KF2 for the double XP weekend. Got my Berserker back up over level 20 again, which is nice. Dunno what I'm gonna do with him when he hits 25 again as I can't take any more prestige levels. Apparently there are only 4 to be taken.

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I miiiiiiight have been up late playing Watch Dogs 2 last night after getting it super cheap via Fanatical.

Not only is the San Francisco setting gorgeous but the side stuff in the open world is a lot if fun. I spent the first hour or so doing the selfie side stuff (pictures of locales).

Plus, the game is infinitely more engaging right out of the gate compared to the first one. The hacking is incredibly fun. I spent about 10 minutes just forcing NPC cars to swerve or suddenly drive forward.
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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

So, I have an admission to make: I don't like the Dark Souls games. I like what they represent, the atmospheric storytelling is nice and all, it's just not at all for me. Could never get into it, and even though I like a challenge, it just never drew me in enough to make me want to git gud.

This game, however, has got me hooked. It's Samurai movie as all hell, which I really dig, and the combat is hard as nails but incredibly satisfying. I've slowly gone from getting my ass kicked to feeling like a god, and then getting my ass kicked some more and having to adapt. The game is beautiful, I highly recommend trying it out.