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I was into it before the written version. After trying to wade through I don’t know how much written content I finally gave up. It wasn’t as interesting for me written as the comic.
There's been more comic strips but yeah, there is a lot of writing. I honestly don't mind it as I still find the story and the rules for Erfworld somewhat fascinating. What bothered me more was the lack of updates for a while there. I ended up going back and reading everything I missed over a period of time.
I'm loving it! And I love that it's updating more or less consistently now, and I'm actually glad for the text pages mixed with the comic right now, because the story has become complex in a way that would make the pace glacial if it was all comic. I'd go nuts (or lose interest).


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Any bets on the little kid from today's EGS being Tedd's half-brother? He's a Seer so has the right immortal ancestor somewhere in his family tree (like Tedd), his mum's a monster hunter (like Tedd) & according to Not-Tengu Noriko has children, plural, so there's at least 1 half-sibling out there.


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Recently read through the archives of "A Tale of Two Rulers", which is a Legend of Zelda fancomic. I was really impressed.
Quoting myself because you should really be reading this. It's set in a time where the reincarnations of Zelda and Ganon have gotten married in order to try for peace. Both of them remember their previous incarnations, and are haunted by their past in different ways. I think it's a very interesting take.

It's hard to choose which page to share, but this one is great. The daughter they're talking about is Zelda's adopted daughter from before the marriage, and is now adopted by Ganon as well.