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He is stirring up shit to take focus away from the news about the GDP. Trump is all about the economy.
But - as normal - what a fucking STUPID thing to use to try and divert attention. In one fell swoop it (1) proved Biden to be correct, which gives him MORE credibility and (2) turns those in his own base against him. The fucking FEDERALIST came out against him and called for impeachment! That's like your best friend testifying against you in court.
Guys, it's all good. Now he's just insisting that we have to have a result on election night, which I'm sure he would never use to dispute the mail in ballots that often aren't counted yet by then.

In other news, do you think Fox will at least pretend to care about the votes before they try to call it for Trump?
Three things in life are certain.

1. Death.
2. Taxes.
3. Every four years, there will be an election in the United States of America on the first Tuesday in November.
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But it's been 8 years since we've had a presidential election on the first Tuesday in November. :troll:
TIL, US election day is "the Tuesday next after the first Monday in the month of November". In 2016, November 1 was on a Tuesday, so election day was November 8.
This right here is what baffles the fuck out of Trumpers. We don't give a flying fuck if it's supposed to be "our guy." We don't want pedos to be "our guy."


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They know Trump's biggest supporters care more about keeping white supremacy in power than they do about elections.

I think Trumps aids might need to remind him that he ran against Hillary Clinton in the last election.
Gun ownership = a right, voting = a “privilege”
...the Republican Party is trash garbage
They're not doing such a hot job on the gun ownership = a right thing around here either. It's getting real difficult to buy long arms, the (very much republican) sheriff is still denying handgun applications, and I'm pretty sure the state is largely out of ammo.


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That doesn’t really seem like it helps him? Im confused
I can see some potential benefits. First, it makes attending in person more desirable. Trump loves live crowds, and is mad that he's not drawing people in. Second, it allows Trump more control over what the general public sees. Possibly to the point where he'll be able to be explicitly racist and make open promises of white supremacy in "private" while still only dog whistling in what's recorded on camera. Third, it continues to play into his long-term plan to discredit the press and promote the GOP as the sole proprietors of truth.