The Video Game Kickstarter Thread of the Future of Passing the Risk to the Consumer

looks interesting. A friend posted on facebook about it, but with 60 hours to go, I don't think they can reach goal.
That is the sort of project where I'm not sure I want to give them money given their lack of real history, but I intend to keep an eye out with some interest and hope it works out for them.

Seems like Sunless Sea meets Majora's Mask. Could be cool.
I wish them well, but I've never played a "real time!!!" game where I found it a fun mechanic. It was always just "damnit, now I need to do this, and... now I can't!" I ultimately never finished Lightning Returns because it was basically guide-required to get stuff on time (and a few other factors not important to this discussion, despite it being a fun game). And Majora's Mask would have been much better if you didn't lose anything between loops. It was just annoying, not actual "pressure" to finish to any great degree. Basically, it strips out the "let's just go this random direction and see!" aspect from any games that have it, as you are PUNISHED for doing so, by lost opportunities, or having to re-load because it was nothing. Even in most "traditional" RPGs, at worst you get exp/skill, so it's never a complete waste. In these, it's potentially game-breaking.

I'm OK with timed quests, as that's a specific objective that's bounded, and day/night cycles are 100% fine too, but governing the whole game via it is not cool IMO.
Harmonix wants to kickstart a PC version of Rock Band 4 on PC on FIG. I guess the console versions didn't sell too hot, but that's still no excuse for a Triple A studio to be KSing a port that should have been available at release.
Full campaign page here:

Interesting on how they want to support all the old hardware (good), but can't license the songs you might have already bought to bring those forward (bad).

And I'd definitely put a different take Ash between a publisher (they have the REAL $$$$$$) and a studio like Harmonix. According to their page, they are paying another studio $2M for the port, and are ponying up $500k of that themselves, and $1.5M from the community. And given that they'll need to spend a non-trivial IMO amount of money on the WHQL driver process for the hardware, I can see it as a legit cost. But I agree, it's not super-indie either.

In the end, I'm tempted. May or may not, but definitely tempting.
Mighty No. 9 goes gold, PC and console versions will be released on June 21st in NA/Asia and June 24th everywhere else. Mobile versions for 3DS and Vita will be coming at a later date.

This had better fucking good. I've had to wait over an additional year because of the delays.
You should hope they'll actually make this release date. The last one, they didn't even announce a delay until we hit the supposed release date. I don't think anyone even reacted with surprise.

I'd like to think they took the delay time to make the game better from what we've seen in previews, but considering the given reason for the delays, I'm skeptical. Really, backers should be receiving it before it goes to retail because you guys have waited so long, and are really the one that Inafune's bullshit has been targeting.
Even I, who have been optimistic the entire time about the whole thing, can't help but feel Mighty Number Nine is going to be a big piece of shit.
I'd be pretty upset if I were waiting for a mobile version. All this pushback on the release and those folks still have to wait an undetermined amount of time.
I'd be pretty upset if I were waiting for a mobile version. All this pushback on the release and those folks still have to wait an undetermined amount of time.
Yeah, 3DS, Vita, and ... phone? They all gotta wait.

And then with it coming out on Wii U, Xbox One, that's fine, but PS4, PC? That's the same release date as No Man's Sky. I know what I'll be playing that week and it's not going to be not-Mega Man Zero.

But I hope for the sake of the backers that it's more fun than the videos make it out to be. They've been dicked around enough.
This seems like the best place to put this.

Mariachi Entertainment System wants to do a second album! It's exactly what it sounds like: it's a mariachi band that does mariachi inspired versions of classic video game songs.
The demo looks SUPER promising.

I see it also has professional Kickstarter stretch goal Chris Avellone involved as well.
That looks wonderful. I wish I'd get to play it, but since they're only doing PC and Xbone, I'll have to miss it.

Spiritual succesor to Advance Wars, but for PC. Features veteran Japanese devs, including someone from I am Setsuna/Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright and the composer from Secret of Mana. Could be good.

So this something in the vein of 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, in that it's sort of where a point and click game meets a visual novel. Seems like it's on the right track and they have a short demo for you to try out already. Definitely worth a look.


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