The Undisputed Unified Wrestling Thread

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I firmly believe no PPV, not even WrestleMania, should be any longer than three hours. Four, MAYBE. Anything beyond that is just draining.
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In a brief searching, she had battled depression, so suicide really isn't something that isn't unfortunately uncommon.
I suspected as much. My disgust has to deal with her treatment by the WWE, which given her death has recently come to light.

During a Tribute to the Troops tour in Kuwait, she was drugged, raped and sodomized while on a US military base. Unable to keep up with the tour she was left behind. After returning to the states the WWE doctor noticed she was unwell, and upon promising her privacy she revealed what had occurred. The next day Vince and all the other senior WWE people had her endure a board meeting where they decided that she would just have to live with it as it would hurt the company to bring it forward to the police. She was offered the benefit of never having to go back to the middle east and that all female talent would travel with a staff buddy from that day forward on overseas trips.

This information comes from her sworn affidavit.
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Ugh, I think I remember hearing about that and thinking, “This is real? This is a thing that happened?”
Because it sounds like the kind of thing that only happens in horror movies.

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Yup. The whole thing was my reason when I cancelled my Network subscription. That and their continued involvement with Saudi Arabia. Fuck the WWE.

On a related note, AEW Double or Nothing was fucking awesome and I'm not surprised so much WWE talent wants out to go there. I can't believe how good Dustin vs Cody was and that ending after the match was the most real emotion I've felt watching wrestling since....Daniel Bryan at WM30 I guess? That HAD to have been sprung on Dustin without telling him, otherwise the emotion those two showed is the best acting, literally ever, in the history of wrestling.

The whole card was good. I was dreading the 6-person Japanese women's tag team match when I saw just how old and beaten and tired Aja Kong looked, and even that turned out top notch. If I had one or two major or minor complaints, it was the Cody/HHH throne spot, which is super fucking lame and I hope they knock that shit off forever and that too many of the matches went too long after where they logically feel like they should have ended. Too many false finishes. Damn it D-Lo.

I had no idea who the fucking Best Friends were but I remember Angelico from Lucha Underground and Evans from his nonsense with Teddy Hart. I expected Angelico to do some cool shit, but he looked like he was moving in slow motion and was just a spring board for Evans to bounce off of. Chuck Taylor won me the fuck over. I am dad-bod mad about his finisher getting kicked out of Best Friend love hug for life.

The ladies 4-way might be the worst match of the night because Nyla Rose and Awesome Kong did fuck all outside of the ring the entire time. I hate when 3+ person devolve into that and this the most extreme version of that.

Bucks and Lucha bros was fantastic and my only complaint was it going too long after it felt like it should have ended.

Kenny and Jericho was good too and I understand why it ended like it did. It was more to do Hang Man Page a favour than anything. He gets a big name match and Kenny and Deanoxley get to have a hecka battle.

The 6-Man with SCU vs some Chinese guys with German names at the beginning was a good curtain jerker and got the fans going for sure. Those Chinese fellas need to learn to sell, because they are DIRE at that.

MJF is a FUCKING star of a heel. Holy shit, he CRUSHED it on the mic at the belt unveiling. He corpsed Bret a bit and Bret is the sourest mother fucker to ever walk the Earth (and I fucking love Bret Hart, man is my hero forever, but I know he's a bitter somebitch). The belt is a bit gaudy, but at least it's not 4 of the exact same belt with a pallet swap or that GOD UGLY 24/7 belt WWE has.

All in all, it was an incredible first effort of a show and I am ALLLLLL IN with AEW.

for my @bhamv3 comment of the day, Brandi Rhodes is fucking gorgeous and Cody is a lucky man. Holy moly.
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Jon Moxley (Dean Ambrose) RIIIIIIIIIIPS into the WWE in an interview on Talk is Jericho.

I wouldn't worry about Renee either, she's been turning down major sports network offers for years. If the WWE (Vince) takes any shit out on her, she has options.

Jericho's ad breaks are fucking nearly intolerable.

JM: So, here I was heading into Vince's office...

/obvious cut to a later date when Jericho is recording ad breaks

CJ: Ha ha ha, Vince's office, how about Dippity Doo Brand Kitty Litter. I use it all the time. Dippity DOOO!

/obvious cut

JM: ....and you gotta wait around for hours.
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So, I've heard the opening licks to this song, maybe, I dunno, 1200 times in my life. Just a guestimate.

I had NO idea it had lyrics and was an actual song. I thought it was just dundundundundunnnadadunnadundundunnadunnadundunnnnadunadaaaaaah over and over and over again.

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A Hell in the Cell match just ended in a DQ.’s like WWE just hates their own product.