The Undisputed Unified Wrestling Thread

Yes! More Southpaw. While some of it fell flat, the stuff that worked WORKED.

The Club segments were the best.

Good stuff that Southpaw.

Weird typos aside, Looks like Starcade is returning to the Greensboro Coliseum!

I'm about an hour and a half away. I might have to see about getting tickets.
That Jinder Mahal segment. Woooooo, Jesus, Vince McMahon needs to quit.

WWE: Japanese wrestlers! Come work for us, we're friendly to you now!

Japanese Wrestler: Ok!

Vince McMahon: Have Jinder call that Jap Mr. Miyagi! HYAR HYAR HYAR! THEN PUSH HIM IN A POOL! HYAR HYAR HYAR!
Damn heels being heelish assholes.
Yeah, the WWE doesn't have a terrible history when it comes to racist heels.

HHH and Booker T. HHH gets grossly racist, wins.

JBL and Eddie. JBL gets grossly racist, wins.

WWE is so proud of Jinder's segment that it's the only one of the entire show they didn't put on Youtube.
Mickie James is so old, now let's watch Finn Balor and AJ Styles in the prime of their careers followed by main event Kurt Angle and Kane!
Just wanted to mention that Shinsuke went from having the best theme in the WWE to having the ULTRABEST theme.

Jim Neidhardt!
It's always more impactful when it's someone I recognize.

EDIT: Now that we have an appropriate rating...

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The Bellas need to go away and never return.

3 wks ago Brie nearly kills herself and others with s botched suicide dive

2 wks ago Brie nearly kills Zelina with a botched knee

Last night Brie botched her Yes kicks and kicked Liv Morgan in the face twice, the first knocked her out the second was on a completely defenseless person

Then later in the match Brie botched a planned spot and was pissed off that her opponent no sold a move she wasn't prepared or expecting to take.
Wow. A very sad and surprising RAW.

For those of you that don't watch, the top draw in the company relinquished the title to take a leave of absence to battle leukemia.
It feels like I'm the only person in the world who doesn't like the Young Bucks.

Unrelated I signed up for NJPW world and have been watching bits and pieces of stuff from the past year. Last night I watched the Chris Jericho v Kenny Omega No DQ match from Wrestle Kingdom 12. It ruled.
First couple of hours of Wrestlemania were great, Kofi's win was amazing. The next couple of hours were. A. Slooog. My God. Then we get the women's main event and the match is going awesome until a shitty, speedy, quick rollup Dusty finish. Fuck off. That's not how you end a fucking Wrestlemania and that's doubly not how you end the touted first women's main event. That sucked so bad.

Also, it's so loooong. It doesn't need to be 7 hours start to finish. No wonder the fans are dead for the last couple of hours, you've put them through a full workday.