The Trump Regime Thread

The last kick would be to force the GOP governors to select GOP electors in states Biden won. But that will not happen, cheeto will just keep sucking in money from morons and never admit defeat until inauguration where he will plan s new campaign rally and get arrested.
There is a street in my town that I don't see super often unless I need to drive down that way, and while I'm on it today I notice there is a house that still has its "Trump" yard sign up. It is surrounded by three houses that still have their "Biden" signs up, including one with a large Biden flag in it's window.

Anyway, it must be fun living in that neighborhood.
I would say it should be removed all together. If there is a system or law in place that is unfairly putting people in jail, or on a death sentence, that problem should be fixed. We shouldn’t have to rely on the favors of one person to right our wrongs. And as we can see it’s typically used for the presidents friends, or people with enough money to get his attention.


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Told ya. It's going to start now. All the deplorables that backed him or helped him break the laws or just raped the country for their own personal benefit are going to be pardoned and completely get away with it.

And the right will cheer.