The Super Dooper Canadian Thread (now with 47% more Canadian Bacon)

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You gotta live in Edmonton to know how fucking true and FINALLY that is.

The Henday took decades to come to fruition.
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That seems like an oddly specific gripe. Had to travel there on work? Or what?
It has a long history of being fantastically stupid towards me and my family.

Today it was the improperly barricaded construction that saw a pylon get launched by a truck into our grill.

Don't get me started on the fucking hidden railway crossings on a four lane highway.
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Big shocker. Petro Canada is an oil company and therefor is massively scummy. They fucked my grandfather out of a lot of money in the 70s when he was a distributor in northern Alberta. He lost his business, his house and more.


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What the fuck Canada?

CBC threatens podcast app makers, argues that RSS readers violate copyright

I can't even fathom this.

In a move of breathtaking, lawless ignorance, the CBC has begun to send legal threats to podcast app-makers, arguing that making an app that pulls down public RSS feeds is a "commercial use" and a violation of the public broadcaster's copyrights.
The entire purpose of an RSS feed is to allow RSS readers to download your content! If you don't want RSS readers to find your content, then don't publish an RSS feed!