Well, from what I've read, it's more a term for food-grade rape. Regular rape can be either for food or industry, but supposedly if it says canola, that means it's low on Erucic acid, which is bad for your heart.
Food-grade rape has to be a band name.
I was born in 1974 and there were a lot of words introduced. Most ironically: Underdiagnose. Hahaha - story of my life. My family doctor and I just discussed that I went 24 years without a biologic for my AS.

Some other highlights from my year:

Buprenorphrine (which I wear on a patch)
String bikini (which is never happening after 4 abdominal surgeries)
String cheese (which I love)
Telecommute (which I do twice a week)
Immunocompromised (which I am now due to my meds lol)
Browsing Wikipedia, hijab used to have a more general meaning. Then Iran instituted the hijab law in 1979 that said women would have to wear scarves when leaving the house, and I guess now we have the hijab as a discrete article of clothing.
My oldest child birthday is also the anniversary of me being a parent. I should get cake and anniversary gifts.
My supervisor: "Hey, take a look at this thing and tell me how long it'd take you to complete, please."

Me, after taking a look: "I'd say it would take at least two hours."

My supervisor: "Ok, I'll add it to your case list."

Item added to case list, duration, 2 hours and 1 minute.

Me: "You are technically correct."
Is Kevin Smith promoting something? It seems like recently he's been doing a lot of interviews, and now they're showing up on my YouTube recommendations .
Jay and Silent Bob Reboot movie soon.
Also Clerks 3 is finally going forward after he made up with Jeff Anderson earlier this month.

Oh shit, it's already been released? Man I'm out of the loop.
It's been released in the sense that some theatres have shown it but he isn't doing a traditional release for this. There were two event days on the 15th and the 17th and then from there he's doing a 64, may be more now, city tour with Mewes.

Looked at tickets for one and it was way more than I was willing to pay unfortunately.
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Let us be perfectly clear before I kill you and erase your entire family from existence.

Die Hard IS a Christmas movie.
I did the thing that was kinda expensive :p
Honestly it was like my 4th time seeing him live; I love these guys so much. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back was a fun movie full of nothing but fan service. This movie was like fanfic of even *that*....so youll either love it or hate it depending on your view of the askewniverse in general.4D03073C-76B6-4111-B9C5-7066661D5255.jpeg
OK — this is gonna sound weird, BUT — if you are 18+ and need a cell phone number; To fet a job, or get established for housing, whatever; i will literally pay your cell phone bill for 6 months. As long as you have a Verizon or unlocked device. if anyone knows of anywhere else that this offer mightbe helpful, please pass it along or let me know. Thanks!
I have an acquaintance from China who I met in the UK, and she has a really uncommon Chinese name. There are two characters in her name; her surname is animal-themed, and her given name is strongly associated with a certain fantasy universe. For an equivalent, imagine someone named Gondor van Marmoset.

Well, today I see a name on our test translation system that looked familiar. It's basically equivalent to someone named Rohan van Marmoset. Either this acquaintance of mine took our online translation test with a fake name based on her real name, or she has a sibling with the same naming scheme.

Also, this particular individual did not pass the test.
I also told my wife about this test translation, because she knows Gondor van Marmoset too, and my wife pointed out that Chinese people don't have siblings.
I rounded up my wife's age.

Nice knowing you all. I've save you a seat at the table in the afterlife.