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At work with no tv and not using my XFINITY app, so I've just got the twitter freak out to go by...

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We have a trial membership for DirectTV, so our son is watching a few minutes of "normal" television, and this commercial comes on:

(well not this exact commercial, but one of the more recent ones starring Mr. Jackson)
...and he turns to me and asks, "Why does that man sound like the guy from The Incredibles, the guy who freezes everything?"
Heh. Sharp kid.

"This is CNN"
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He was also watching the finale of "The Get Down" with Kati when he says:
"Hey, I thought the 'Whip my hair back and forth' kid was a girl?" (paraphrased)
He had recognized Jaden Smith in the series based solely on Jaden's resemblance to Willow.

You're thinking of Ken "Bleeding Gums" Murphy.

No. I was definitely thinking of JD Salinger with the 6th sense.

(Ugh, why can't I remember anything James Earl Jones did besides Field of Dreams? )


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Trying to break through a bout of boredom. Right now nothing really excites me and I'm just kind of "blah". I read some stuff here but don't comment often. I go to Reddit and hardly read anything. I try and read a book but nothing holds my interest. Watching a movie or show? Very, very seldom get through the whole thing.

It just feels like I'm jogging in place waiting for something to trigger me. I know I'll break through it but man I have so much I could be doing and instead I'm just treading water, being bored, and getting nothing accomplished.
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But.. wouldn't that kind of attack require the attacker to know the hash of the file the recipient was expecting?
Yes. That's why most of the talking is about the distribution of trusted files. Think how MD5 was/is used as a checksum for when you download software.
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Geoff Lazer Ramsey is taking a break from Rooster Teeth for the next several months, or at least from the bulk of their projects - I think he's still going to be doing Heroes and Halfwits (their D&D show). Provided Griffon (his wife) doesn't murder him...