Took my wife's car to get gas yesterday so I could use up my grocery rewards before they could expire. I love rewards points. :D
But the most amazing thing: I asked her where her keys were, and she said "in the bottom of my purse," so I jammed my hand down in there, fished around for a few seconds, and pulled them out. Now she thinks I'm a wizard.

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I am quickly tiring of having to spend 2-3 hours a day on the phone with different family members. Like, it's a serious drain on my ability to focus on anything.


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I have done nothing at all today. And it's only 5:30. I feel like someone just slowed the world down.
I think you are the first person I know to get a test.
Just to be clear, I'm not being tested, I'm being screened to discover if I am high risk of complications from the virus to determine if I need to be tested, because our country is woefully unprepared and they don't have near enough tests
My company is having everyone do a trial run of our remote working system, which involves everyone taking turns to work from home for one day. Today I'm working from home. I decided not to use my usual gaming rig to work, because I know I'll get distracted by other stuff, so instead I'm working on a laptop in our spare bedroom.

The problem is that there's a large photo collage hanging on the wall in here, which was a gift from some of my wife's hot female friends from our year studying in the UK. Basically, right now right behind my laptop screen are a series of photos of my wife and her group of hot female grad students doing various fun activities. So I'm even more distracted in here.

Also, if my wife asks, please tell her I was distracted by her, not her friends.
I was on the phone with a coworker and Pud dropped something on my head from above and I yelled and called him a turd.

I then needed to explain that it was my cat who was the turd and not my coworker.
I was bored and I shaved my beard. It's not like I was going to get out soon. Vero won't kiss me because "it feels like you were another man"