Colorado is a great place to live, as long as you can accept the fact that you take some of your pay in the form of scenery.
It's a nice place to live if you can afford the ridiculous housing market.


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But that Rocky Mountain high*!

*I have never been to Colorado.
It's a thing!

But most people just call it "oxygen deprivation." I used to like to go up to the restaurant at the summit of Pike's Peak and watch the tourists pass out in their soup.
It's a thing!

But most people just call it "oxygen deprivation." I used to like to go up to the restaurant at the summit of Pike's Peak and watch the tourists pass out in their soup.
It always amuses me to go skiing and watch my dad spend 2 or 3 days gasping for air and buying the oxygen cans.
Aww I thought me calling you over lunch was an epic win. I mean we agreed to have nasty, greasy pizza for supper!
Holy shit. I got the email today. Guys... At 37 years old with a large family, I'm doing probably one of the scariest things I've ever done. I'm taking a year off work to go to college full time living solely off of savings (actually cashing out my retirement fund). I'm excited, I'm scared, and I hope I can do this. This will bring about a whole new future for me and my family and I'm so excited to see it start! Can't wait till January! I know last year this program had 80 applicants and only 24 got in, so while I've been super excited about the prospect of getting into this program I knew I had a small percentage chance to get in, but here I am, killing it!

Congratulations on signing up for the "Learn to Budget" immersion program!
Also that decision to multi-class is pretty cool, too.

Way to go Crimson! We're all rooting for ya and look forward to hitting you up for some free medical advice! :thumbsup:


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I bought a house. I like it. I'm looking forward to the change of environs. Feels fresh.
Between @CrimsonSoul studying nursing and @Terrik studying dentistry, none of the American Halforumites will have to worry about health coverage ever again!
Yeah, but they also choose to be Halforumites. You really want to trust their judgment with your health?

(;) just kidding, Crimson and Terrik!)

Colorado really doesn't get that much snow unless you live in the mountains. Then again, CO Springs is in the mountains, but he's also been living in Texas too long now.


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Ok, for those who wanted pictures, they are in the spoiler.

The house front:

The breezeway between the front door and the garage:

The Front Door:

The Living Room:

The Living Room from another angle:

The Dining Area:

The Kitchen:

The Kitchen from another angle:

The Master Bedroom:

The Master Bathroom:

Soon to be my Office/PC/VR room (gonna move the ceiling fan into the guest room)

Soon to be the guest room (or possible Ferretorium)

Second bathroom. Yes, tile everywhere, even on the ceiling.

The back yard - I have no houses behind me, I back up right against green space (and mosquitoes).

Apparently, the guy who owned this house previously was, like, THE tile magnate of the Brazos Valley. Big tile store/distributor. Everything in this house is tile. Tile floors, tile baseboards/molding, all-tile surfaces in the kitchen. Breezeway and patio? Tile! Bathrooms? Tile all over. Even tile on the ceiling. Open up the cabinets? Tile. Look under the kitchen sink? TILE. No linoleum or carpet ANYWHERE. ONLY TILE.

And yeah, I don't expect to get much use out of that fireplace.