The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)


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That's pretty awesome. Much, MUCH better than the original fight, which looked like two sloths were pissed at each other.


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D&D Live 2019 is proving to be quite an event. This game, DMed by Kate "SheGeek" Welch, featuring Matthew Lillard, Jerry Holkins, Travis McElroy, and others, was one of the funniest things I've seen all week.

EDIT: Swapped in the YouTube version. Didn't realize they'd streamed it on YouTube and Twitch.
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I'm sure most of us who deal with this sort of issues have seen either this, or, like me, the graphic novel version. Still, I thought it won't hurt to see it again, especially considering some forumites are being faced by bigger dogs again these days.


Harris "Harry" Bomberguy is back and he does one of the funniest dunks on Ben Shapiro I've ever seen. He's...really good.

The incroyable Ben Shapiro dunk timestamped in the spoiler below.



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I only knew the first one because it's stupid and I've heard people make fun of it.

As to the rest, there's no rock so there's no way I'd get it. Nobody I would ever listen to has the name "Lil" anything.