The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

You guys may remember Haloid, a video from 2007, in which Master Chief fought Samus Aran. It was the work that put Monty Oum in the spotlight, and led to his later works such as Dead Fantasy and RWBY.

Well, this year someone released an updated and remastered version of it, apparently with Source Film Maker.



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How many embedded software engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
First I laughed. Then I omgwtfbbq'd because that's the real process for that real, actual product. It's not a comedy skit. Jibbers Crabst.
Yeah. You would think they would at least include an SPST momentary for moments like this.
Nope. “Let’s piggyback the input off the main supply! Brilliant!”

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I once had a boss who was forever getting fascinated by a bit of technology and trying to shoehorn it into our products. One of the things he got enamored with was a push button topped with an LCD display.


The problem was that he thought it would be a great thing to replace a switch gang assembly on one of our products. The existing switches were multi-pole push buttons and, admittedly, were a bit hard to source. The problem was that even with supply issues, they were still cheaper than the fancy new LCD button. On top of that, he was trying to replace 9 switches with a single push button. The switches worked completely in parallel and had 512 possible combinations. When I pointed out how many pushes he'd need in typical operation, he started trying to salvage the idea by adding a second, dumb button or possibly a rotary switch. Thankfully, this idea never got to (dis)proof of concept.


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Man uses machine learning to program his cat door to lock his cat out when it comes home with a dead animal.

We all now them and hate them. The 5 minute hack viral videos.

Ann Reardon from "How to cook that" took a look at the videos and debunked the shit they show.

The last one made me especially angry since the people of "Blossom" deliberately made videos with false claims just to get many views.


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"I'm frothing at the gash."

Is that good? Bad? Sexy? Not sexy?