The Awesome Videos Thread (with Extra Sauce!)

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I don't know how many stores they opened, but they definitely still exist in Canada. I emember waiting in about 3 blocks of traffic for drive thru Krispy Kreme in Mississauga one time. Everyone I know loved Krispy Kreme and also everyone I know would agree that Tim Hortons is trash. There's certainly a large percentage of Timmie's faithful in Canada but at least in the GTA there is still a lot of love for Krispy Kreme, though the rise of gourmet donut shops that offer vegan options as well might be hurting them now.

I will say this though: their coffee sucks.
Apparently almost none of the Krispy Kremes originally opened in 2001 in Canada made it past 2005 before the owners bankrupted. They've recently made another attempt at the Canadian market. Now is the time for sure, apathy towards Tim Hortons continuously dropping quality and horrid labour practices couldn't be higher.
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Really enjoy Peter Brown's stuff, started watching his channel about a year ago now. Wish I had a space for a workshop of some kind.
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Apparently Nolan North and Troy Baker have a youtube channel where they play retro games. That's pretty cool.


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Kids reacted to poppy. Poppy reacted to kids reacting to poppy. Kids reacted to poppy reacting to kids reacting to poppy.

Now they've put Poppy in the room with the kids. :eek:



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It's a shame that most of the King of Random videos are really stupid, because the new redheaded co-star, Calli, is freakin' gorgeous. In the latest video about making acid slime she jokes about it being a gelatinous cube from D&D.

Aside from the pretty redhead, though, the video is just pouring chemicals together to see what happens. I'd say it's bland, but there is the looming threat of things blowing up in their faces (spoiler: noting more than fizzing ever happens, though I do wonder if any toxic gases were produced).


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It's like the Political Year in Review. With all the people involved.

Great cold open!