Random Video Game Crap

I don't know if anyone else has been following the exploits of the OTV Rust servers, but Dunkey just got into the RP server, so I'm expecting a video about Rust from him in the next week lol.
This article is a big eye opener into CD Projekt Red. The unmitigated ego of "We made The Witcher 3, everything will be fine" is telling. They just assumed everything would be fine despite more than tripling their team, working on a completely different game than ever before, and just figured it'll all work out in the end. "Encouraging" employees to work 13+ hours a week is insane and abusive.

I was all aboard the hype train for Cyberpunk for the longest time. Hell, I upgraded my PC in preparation for it. I don't think I'll bother with it at all now.

so a friend coerced me into going back to WoW after having quit forever ago. And leveling through kul tiras I gotta say... it seems real boring. The writing and quest structure just all seems very blah. But as for the new races, particularly the new brown orcs...


.... alright, guess I'll be trying to unlock them
My SSD C: drive is getting close to under 20% free, so I moved my Documents folder over to the HDD D: drive. Negligible space savings, and added literal minutes to the Sims 4 startup time. So I put it back. :p
Capcom’s next game will probably be Haunting Grounds, a survival horror game where you play as one of four servants (maid, cook, groundskeeper, butler) fighting to escape a huge mansion and the clutches of the teenage nubile seductress who runs the place and her demonic white dog companion.
Spoiler: In the Final Battle, as she is gasping her last, overly melodramatic and petulant breaths, she stumbles her way boobily over to where you defeated her dog earlier and merges with it somehow to become a huge, body-horror-yet-somehow-still-smokingly-sexy white werewolf that, once defeated, brings the mansion down around her in her death throes while your characters flee to safety.

So... I got my first house in FF14.

- It took 30 minutes of clicking. No one else came the entire time. There's another house in the same ward that 8 people have been camping for at least 36 hours.
- It's right next to my FC's medium house.
- It's right next to the bell and board.


Still decorating, but it's coming along.