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Me, yesterday: "Wow, the Texans are doing pretty well, I may root for them through the post season!"

*2nd Quarter starts*
Yeah, I can't say I am happy that Kuechly is retiring now as he is still a top tier player and the anchor of our defense. At the same time, I completely understand why. He's had several bad injuries and he feels he can't play at the level he'd like to anymore. He has to do what is right for him. Football takes its toll on people and I would rather see any player retire early than be forced out due to a terrible injury or wind up with serious long term medical issues like Jim McMahon.


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Read my previous post about Garrett's playcalling style. I contend he's a bad fit as an OC anywhere.
Well the game was okay. I just feel that the MVP should have gone to Jones on the KC defense. Guy was everywhere, got his hands on a least 3 throws at big points in the game.
Why is this thing so damn funny to me?

Someone on Reddit took the inverse of every NFL team name and created logos for them:

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These are pretty clever (it took me a moment to dig through my mental archive to get Chicago), but Philly and Washington make me giggle the most.


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I swore I thought this was going to be about some of the major changes that happened today.


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Ha ha! I hope you go somewhere else and just fucking suck ass beyond all expectations, you whiny cheating piece of shit.


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And, of course, I hope the Patriots return to their form from decades past where they couldn't beat their way out of a wet paper bag...the cheating pieces of shit.
If Brady goes to TB and has Evans/Godwin/Perriman/Howard to throw too, we’ll find out pretty quickly the answer to the Brady/Belicheck debate
Meanwhile, the Panthers are apparently signing Teddy Bridgewater and telling Cam Newton to go trade himself.

I guess Matt Rhule really does want to start from scratch. Over/under on Christian McCaffrey getting dealt before next season is canceled because of Covid-19?
Lions strategy so far:
1) sign every former Patriot
2) trade best defensive player for pennies on the dollar