New Picture Thread

149 64 0 I wish I had my Aeroplan miles! Husband and I so wanted to get to with Iceland, Greenland or the rest of Scandinavia.

Denmark looks like a great place to go! It reminds me of here!
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I read it as "sushi says meow" while the picture loaded (just got out of bed...) and checked if I actually was in the NSFW pictures thread...

D'awwwwwwwwwww cat though!
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My friend and I played an awesome drinking game the other day! Tape a mustache to the tv screen, and take a drink every time it matches up perfectly with a face! It was hilarious (more-so than it should've been)! We'll have to play this one again! :)

I got my sexy lady for Christmas! ~<3

Stocking stuffers (my best friend is silly and put chopsticks in there...)

I don't care about football AT ALL, but I watched the Seahawks game with a few friends the other day and wanted to do nail art for the game! I actually super love the manicure, I just wish it was for something I actually cared about. ;)
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So I went to Disneyland...

And as promised, pictures! (spoilered because many pictures...I'm not kidding, I'm posting a freaking ton of pictures.)

We did get to play at the beach for a day, which was nice! To cold to swim, but so much nicer than back home.

The only picture I actually got with one of the princesses. And..I was such a pansy I made my brother-in-law get in the picture with me. He's kind of tall...

Haunted Mansion!

I was so freaking excited to see Jack! I didn't think there was a chance it would happen, and there was a horde around him so this was as close as I got.

We like to play around with the panorama with out camera...

We believe in making funny faces for the ride pictures; I'm saluting, Nate is thinking and Travis and Neil are hiding.

The damage after Splash Mountain. I was not happy.

Lizzie's curio shop at Car's Land - which was INSANELY busy, but fun.

Whaaaat, how did this picture get here???

Hanging out in the Animation Building at California Adventure was probably my favorite thing, I seriously didn't want to leave. The Beast's library is there.

In line for Star Tours, these are not the Siths you're looking for.

So, story time. When we went to ride the Teacups, the boys (my husband Nate and his two brothers Riley and Travis) wanted to spin. A whole lot. My in-laws and I didn't. They boys made up a sign for the 'Twirlers'. They're so....gangster..

And then there's the 'Non-Twirlers' (with photobomber Travis..)

More making faces on rides. This time, Tower of Terror (hence the T)

We got box seats for the Aladdin show. Which was much more fun than I thought it would be!

I kind of totally fell in love with Alice at the Mad T Party concert....I want her outfit....

More Tower of Terror, this time we did the See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil monkeys

Grumps on the Tower of Terror while Nate and Travis were Lords of the Dance (sort of...)

The Castle!!'s over. It was so pretty and I miss it....

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I hope you have a fantastic time!! I had never been to Disneyland before so I was all over the place with excitement.
We are Disney World vets, been 4 times in 6 years, including food-filled week this past September, but I have never been to DL and my wife hasn't been since she was 5 or so. We're currently doing our research, and learning the possible best ways to do the trip. Basic plan, right now, is to fly into LA, spend 3 or so days at DL, travel to San Diego for zoo and such (wife used to live there), then head to the north for the redwoods and San Fran locations.
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So, we babysat our friend's 18 month old baby tonight while they went on a much deserved date. They don't know my wife is preggers yet and were very happy we took care of their kid for half a day.

They took this picture when they got back.

She's the cutest baby!

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Well jeez. There's absolutely no question about you guys's shared lineage. You're like the mirror-mirror universe him.
Funny you should mention that. Whenever we play a game where we can create ourselves, by brother always goes first and makes himself. Then to make me we just take his character, slap on a goatee, shrink him, and change the hair a little bit. BOOM: done! :p
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Your brother looks like he likes to get STABBED IN THE HAND WITH A FORK.

Hands on your own plate, bro.
Eh, he had permission that time. It was a big free cheesecake for coming in on my birthday, and I was already stuffed with cheesy pasta goodness!
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Totally forgot to post some of the new xmas pictures the General and I took:

Edit: I forgot to add the best one, which made it onto our cards!