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Is that it on the floor with the cat in the picture where Wasabi and Dirona are fighting?


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Is that it on the floor with the cat in the picture where Wasabi and Dirona are fighting?
Well, ya say it like THAT and it sounds horribly gauche!

That is basically the DANCE floor, I'll have you know. It is right under the speaker.


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Thursday, 5th of Spring, year 1 - Household 4

Household 4 - Jwhouk Tinwhistler CeltZ Snuffleupagus Dei DarkAudit Gasbandit and Daisy.jpg

Alright, you guys said you wanted single-day-single-household updates with more minutiae, that's what I'll do.

We rejoin Household 4...

Gas grills (no pun intended) up some fruit for breakfast. What's the deal with this place and grilled fruit? Snuffles is at the chessboard.
03-25-19_7-41-59 PM.png

Tinwhistler, DarkAudit, and Jwhouk are surfin' the web.
03-25-19_7-42-26 PM.png

Celt Z is going for an early morning lap or ten.
03-25-19_7-42-40 PM.png

And Dei is watching TV.
03-25-19_7-42-56 PM.png

Breakfast is had. I make sure they all eat their fill, because I plan to work them hard toward their aspirations today.
03-25-19_7-45-05 PM.png

For GasBandit and DarkAudit, that means getting those last few hours of vidya in.
03-25-19_7-49-49 PM.png

Dei hasn't worked on her acting at all since last week! Time to get back on that horse.
03-25-19_7-50-18 PM.png

Jwhouk and Tinwhistler hone their logic skills.
03-25-19_7-52-17 PM.png

I set Snuffles to mixing up drinks. Uh... got some on the floor, there, Snuff.
03-25-19_7-52-29 PM.png

Celt Z can't actually "work toward" her aspiration just now, and she wanders off and hits the waterslide. Hey, it counts as fitness, I didn't know that.

When she wears herself out, she goes for a nap.

A little over an hour later, Snuffleupagus has dramatically improved at drink mixing.

Dei finally gets her acting good enough to where she needs to start getting gigs to progress. She joins a talent agency, and gets an audition tomorrow to be in a commercial. Now she needs to practice her charisma - the commercial wants it to be level 2.
dei job.jpg

Finished with chess, I have Tin and Jwhouk grab books. They each independently decide to sit on this bench outside instead of in the armchairs around the bookshelf. That must be one comfy bench.
03-25-19_8-09-03 PM.png

Gas has finished up his aspirational work for the day, so Celt Z takes him to karaoke - which because it's not the one in the basement but rather in public at a karaoke bar, counts as a date, so she can check that off her list. The next step down her path of becoming a heartbreaker is to have three "first kisses," including the one she's already had.

When they return, I find Dei has flaked out on speech practice with ONE PIXEL to go to level 2. I crack the whip and get her back on track.
03-25-19_8-25-43 PM.png

The weather's warming up, so this gives me a chance to fix Jwhouk's tank top "wife beater" situation.
jwhouk new duds.jpg

When DarkAudit finished his programming, he was exhausted. Nap time.
03-25-19_8-28-54 PM.png

Snuffles, however, decides on liquid sleep. It isn't enough. He still goes to take a nap right after drinking his coffee, he's so worn out from shaking his jiggers all day.
03-25-19_8-29-10 PM.png

Dinner Time for those still conscious. I swear, I don't make Dei sit in the pool, she just seems to prefer it. Celt Z also has a nap.
03-25-19_8-31-15 PM.png

When the sun goes down, it suddenly turns cold and starts snowing again. Make up your mind, spring. Celt Z finds that Dei left a pastry in the microwave, and now it's pretty much gone bad.
03-25-19_8-34-14 PM.png

So, in a well-intentioned mistake, she feeds it to Daisy.
03-25-19_8-36-09 PM.png

03-25-19_8-38-27 PM.png

Aww, that's ok, Daisy, Daddy wuvs you anyway.
03-25-19_8-41-18 PM.png

Jwhouk breaks the bathroom sink and straight up walks away.
03-25-19_8-42-58 PM.png

The sisters are so close-knit, they think nothing of sharing a bed.
03-25-19_8-43-50 PM.png

It may be kinda cold, but that won't stop Jwhouk from hurting himself on the waterslide!

He unwinds with a book afterwards. Looks like he doesn't plan to sleep tonight.
03-25-19_8-46-05 PM.png

Around 4:30 am, the sisters wake up, barely getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep. It seems Celt Z has been struck with the sudden urge to clean.
03-25-19_8-47-09 PM.png

Dei has other impulses. Pew pew pew!
03-25-19_8-47-19 PM.png


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Friday, 6th of Spring, Year 1, Household 5

Household 5 fixed - Klew Sara Null Bhamv3 Zappit Sparhawk TigerTsang and Silk.jpg

Apropos of nothing, anybody remember El Juski's comic, Love in the Time of Sausage?

It's early at House 5, and Zappit's already hard at work painting when I get here.
03-26-19_6-44-54 PM.png

You give people computers these days, they just tune out the rest of the world. And why is Tiger watching that TV in front of the treadmills...
03-26-19_6-45-04 PM.png

When there's a perfectly good couch with a BIGGER TV over here, by Klew?
03-26-19_6-45-19 PM.png

Guess what Sara is making for breakfast? That's right, more grilled fruit. You know, I am not entirely sure those things in the middle are fruit... are they bananas? Or pickles?
03-26-19_6-45-36 PM.png

Dei suggested I move the stereo up to the dance floor, since people seem to prefer the stereo to dance instead of the DJ booth, regardless of the location of the actual dance floor.
03-26-19_6-47-42 PM.png

It kind of says something when the chef decides to go grab a bowl of leftover beanie weenies instead of partaking of her own cooking.
03-26-19_6-48-33 PM.png

By the way, today is Valentine Love Day. Bhamv makes a pass at the refrigerator.
03-26-19_6-50-09 PM.png

Breakfast time for Silk, too.
03-26-19_6-51-14 PM.png

Tiger and Spar are both animal lovers. Who's a good doggie? WHOOZAGOODOGGY?!
03-26-19_6-55-49 PM.png

Bhamv has a more nuanced stance on the issue.
03-26-19_6-56-28 PM.png

Euuugh, stinky stinky, sweat it out.
03-26-19_6-57-52 PM.png

Sara's way ahead of Klew on logic, so he's trying to make up for lost time by reading books specifically about logic.
03-26-19_6-58-06 PM.png

Speaking of books, Null is inspired to write his second children's book.
nulls book 2.jpg

Sara's super focused today, and decides to take the backyard observatory for a spin. Kind-of literally.

Tiger Tsang tries out the roller rink.

Zappit and Klew form a tight bond over a shared appreciation of latin pop.

Having finished his book and graduated to the next stage of his aspiration as a writer, Null celebrates with a nap.
03-26-19_7-15-00 PM.png

I just happen to spot Mind Detective jogging past. Run, Forrest, run!
03-26-19_7-16-00 PM.png

Klew is, for some reason, irritated that the sprinkler is making puddles. Then he decides to play in it.

Sara gets a call from Squidley. Boy, there sure are a lot of these talent showcase things. At least this one is at a venue we haven't seen yet.
sara squidley talent showcase.jpg

Sara decides the whole household needs to get out and about, and brings them with.
03-26-19_7-24-05 PM.png

Hey, there's a pool here! Sparhawk heads straight for it.
03-26-19_7-26-35 PM.png

Zappit and Tiger head to the bar and grab some snacks.
03-26-19_7-27-26 PM.png

Null spots Judith Ward, world-famous celebrity, and spends some time fanboying-out.
03-26-19_7-27-54 PM.png

Klew and Bhamv linger in the parking lot.
03-26-19_7-29-01 PM.png

Lesser celebrity Bryttani Cho tries to hype up the room. Nobody likes you, Bryttani.
03-26-19_7-31-40 PM.png

Sara kinda gets bored and starts surfing the web on her phone.
03-26-19_7-32-18 PM.png

Well, even if there's not a lot of talent on display, it turns out to be a good chance to get some socializing in, even if a lot of it is with townies.
03-26-19_7-32-41 PM.png

Upon returning home, everybody but Zappit heads straight to bed. He, on the other hand, stays up until the wee hours of the morning, continuing to paint.
03-26-19_7-38-49 PM.png

Nothing particularly romantic happened for Household 5 on Love Day, and they're all kinda disappointed about that. Well, there's always next year.
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"Never Eat Your Pet Turtle And Other Advice For Kindergarten"
"Mommy and Daddy are Lying About Everything"

What next?

"Your Teacher Is Too Overworked To Be To Invested In You: A primer for elementary school students"?
"The Classroom Hamster Doesn't Want To Go Swimming In The Toilet And Other Things You Shouldn't Find Out For Yourself"?
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"Never Eat Your Pet Turtle And Other Advice For Kindergarten"
"Mommy and Daddy are Lying About Everything"

What next?

"Your Teacher Is Too Overworked To Be To Invested In You: A primer for elementary school students"?
"The Classroom Hamster Doesn't Want To Go Swimming In The Toilet And Other Things You Shouldn't Find Out For Yourself"?
I was thinking maybe "The Classroom Hamster Is Just Sleeping and Other Lies Adults Will Tell You"
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Bhamv makes a pass at the refrigerator.
"Cold and unresponsive" is what Bhamv's used to, after all.

Null celebrates with a nap.
He's got the right idea.

Sara kinda gets bored and starts surfing the web on her phone.
With a "global superstar" nearby? I bet she's updating her Instagrim and SimBook and SnapChim right now.


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Saturday, 7th of Spring, Year 1 - Household 1

Household 1 - Cheesy Wasabi Gryfter Jun Charon Terrik Genspec Luca.jpg

Young girl, you'll be a woman soon.

Terrik watches some TV before he has to head off to work.
03-27-19_7-11-50 PM.png

Gryfter does some laps.
03-27-19_7-12-11 PM.png

Cheesy gets down with his bad self.
03-27-19_7-12-29 PM.png

Most everybody else is tippity tappin on them damn geekboxes, as Grammy Bandit used to say.
03-27-19_7-13-02 PM.png

Except Charon, who has decided to change his aspiration to be a great chef. He's cooking up a storm. Also, it's talk like a pirate day, apparently. All this really does is change a lot of my commands to confusing pirate lingo. Bunk down? Catch 40 winks? Which means sleep and which means nap? I have no idea.
03-27-19_7-14-27 PM.png

The music speaker in the kitchen dance floor breaks. Cheesy does his best to fix it.
03-27-19_7-18-26 PM.png

Wasabi just isn't herself, or even dressed, until she's had her coffee.
03-27-19_7-20-26 PM.png

Cheesy grabs the mic and serenades the breakfast-eaters.

Wasabi's a party animal, and that means she wants to throw parties. Her birthday is coming up within the next day, so that gives her the perfect excuse. She invites everyone she knows (well, it'll only let her invite 15 people, even if they already live here), hires entertainment and a bartender, and Charon, given his new aspiration, volunteers to cater. It's set for 9pm... that should give everybody enough time to rest up and be ready for fun!
Wasabi BD plan.jpg

Luca wants to go for a walk, but Li Jun is so engrossed in her music, and she's getting really good... Wasabi takes him instead.
03-27-19_7-35-36 PM.png

Uh, this is like... the world's most magical leash or something.

They barely get a block down and across the street before Luca is pooped. He's getting old... a little greyer in the muzzle, and long in the tooth...
03-27-19_7-39-51 PM.png

To further his nerdy aspirations, Gryfter tries his hand at woodworking.
03-27-19_7-40-49 PM.png

Terrik returns from work, and grabs a bite with Charon, who can't get over the smell of his own cooking.
03-27-19_7-47-11 PM.png

Cheesy tries to have a nap, but Li Jun's violin practice keeps waking him up.
03-27-19_7-48-23 PM.png

General Specific arrives home just as a huge thunderstorm hits. As far as his performance goes, though, he's doing great.
03-27-19_7-50-39 PM.png

The storm forces me to move the tiki bar I got for the party that night indoors. I have to rearrange the kitchen a bit to make everything fit.
03-27-19_7-54-01 PM.png

9pm rolls around. I had everybody take a nap around 8, so they should be good to go. They change into their party duds, and guests begin arriving.
03-27-19_7-58-55 PM.png

Uh oh. Charon is still asleep. He hasn't even baked the cake yet for this party he's supposed to be catering. And no matter what I do, I can't compel him to wake up. Must be that lazy trait.
03-27-19_7-59-09 PM.png

Still, people seem to be finding ways to entertain themselves.
03-27-19_7-59-56 PM.png

Wasabi hired an entertainer for the occasion... but she.. uh... isn't very good at the guitar.

Gryfter goes for a soak and passes right the heck out.
03-27-19_8-01-22 PM.png

The mixologist Wasabi hired doesn't even arrive until almost 11pm!
03-27-19_8-02-02 PM.png

Vidya saves the day?
03-27-19_8-02-42 PM.png

Charon FINALLY wakes up and gets to work on that cake.
03-27-19_8-02-57 PM.png

Turns out the entertainer is MUCH better at the piano than she was at the guitar.
03-27-19_8-07-56 PM.png

Wasabi blows out the candles...
03-27-19_8-08-10 PM.png

... and with a twirl, is no longer a spring chicken.
wasabi ages up.jpg

At some point, General Specific joined Gryfter in bubbly dreamland.
03-27-19_8-09-22 PM.png

Alright, well, there were some hiccups and false starts, but everybody seems to have enjoyed themselves.
03-27-19_8-10-07 PM.png

Around 3am, everybody staggers home.
03-27-19_8-11-52 PM.png

My usual time to move on to the next household is 5am, but it's delayed a little bit because I have to make sure Terrik finishes taking care of Luca before he goes to work. Poor guy got sick, and now he must wear the cone of shame.
03-27-19_8-19-05 PM.png
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I'll have you know there are radioleashes available, where your pet receives a "gentle" shock if they stray too far from you. So it's technically possible without magic.
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The hot tub probably has the highest comfort trait of any place available to take a nap. And if you have the lazy trait you want to nap a lot.


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Sunday, 1st of Summer, Year 1 - Household 2

Household 2 fixed - Dirona Patrthom Squidley MikeRC Emrys Adam and Pudding.jpg

You and me baby, are aquatic mammals.

Household 2 is a chaotic mess of everybody just doin' what they want, this morning. Only Squidley's doing anything having to do with her aspiration. Well, we'll soon see to that.
03-28-19_7-31-11 PM.png

Adam grabs some leftovers for breakfast. Note that HCGLNS has been moved to his bar.
03-28-19_7-34-56 PM.png

Patrthom takes up chisel to make something handy. How about a nice knifeblock?
03-28-19_7-35-47 PM.png

I discover that if Adam sells Squidley's paintings for her, the money counts toward his aspiration, even though the cash ends up in the same household fund.
03-28-19_7-43-24 PM.png

Emrys plays with her ferret.
03-28-19_7-45-35 PM.png

And hugs the kitty.
03-28-19_7-46-50 PM.png

Patrthom has a hard time concentrating on chess when MikeRC and Dirona are standing on either side of him, flirting it up.

Holy heck, Squidley... WHAT'D YOU EAT?!
03-28-19_7-54-44 PM.png

Summer has arrived with a vengeance. It's hot as heck today, and MikeRC takes the opportunity to have a refreshing dip.
03-28-19_7-55-09 PM.png

Dirona wants to be good at many different things. She's already quite the comedian, and now she has gotten really good at dancing, too. Next up will be logic.

Oh hey, there goes MD again.
03-28-19_7-59-59 PM.png

The microwave he stole music speaker in the kitchen shorts out. Patrthom gets to work fixing it. Playing chess has put him in a focused state of mind, so he's in the zone.

He then sifts through the leftover detritus for parts he can use.
03-28-19_8-03-53 PM.png

... and then uses those parts to upgrade the sink so it doesn't break as often.
03-28-19_8-04-57 PM.png

MikeRC trolls the forums, another step down the path of mischief for him.
03-28-19_8-05-16 PM.png

Emrys has herself a catnap.
03-28-19_8-05-29 PM.png

When Dirona makes fish tacos, they've got lots of extra iron in them.

After dinner, there's chess for Dirona... and more flirting. She's incorrigible.
03-28-19_8-13-53 PM.png

MikeRC breaks the dishwasher, but at least he helps with the mess.
03-28-19_8-15-54 PM.png

Patrthom fixes the dishwasher, and uses the leftover parts to upgrade the flush power in the most-often-used toilet, so that it doesn't clog as much.
03-28-19_8-17-55 PM.png

Emrys' nap gets her fired up for some physical activity, so she straps on some roller skates.

Oh hey, things are really progressing for Dirona and MikeRC....
03-28-19_8-21-05 PM.png

Matter of fact, as most everybody else heads up to bed... they sneak outside to the hot tub.

Afterwards, the sleeping arrangements are a little cozier. Everybody's asleep by 12:30 for once.
03-28-19_8-25-10 PM.png

Dirona's fish taco leftovers start to smell, but Pudding gives them two claws up, would munch again.
03-28-19_8-26-12 PM.png

Except for the lovebirds sleeping in, everybody gets a bright and early start the next morning. But it's time to move on...
03-28-19_8-32-17 PM.png
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Now that SimMe has fixed the music speaker (by what appears to be scraping all the lime Jell-O out of its hard drive?), maybe it won't catch the nearby ferret on fire as often.

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Thanks goodness speaker parts are so compatible with kitchen sinks.

Funniest part of the "Holy heck Squidley, what did you eat?" bit with the poisonous fog emerging from the toilet, is that her mood is "INSPIRED" - guess taking that toxic dump really motivated her.
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Also this entire experience is reaffirming my belief that hot tubs are just riddled with human filth.
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Also this entire experience is reaffirming my belief that hot tubs are just riddled with human filth.
hot tubs are warm, and constantly losing water through steam and slushing water. Why do you think you never have to refill your hot tub? Because it's all replaced with human bodily fluids.

*(Please do refill your hot tub on occasion, you're supposed to, it helps keep the filters working and the water fairly clean if well maintained)