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Saturday, 7th of Winter, Year 1, Household 4

Household 4 - Jwhouk Tinwhistler CeltZ Snuffleupagus Dei DarkAudit Gasbandit and Daisy.jpg

Shooboo de jiffy fleeba zot ah naby bleef du maiiiiiii

Grilled fruit for breakfast, with a side of innuendo for Gas
03-24-19_10-56-46 AM.png

The gals decide to unlock an achievement. Fortunately for everyone, they're smart enough to get out and change on their own when they start to get too cold, so I don't have to intervene to keep them alive like I did for Cog.
03-24-19_10-57-23 AM.png

Snuffles decides to take up the violin.
03-24-19_11-01-22 AM.png

Meanwhilst, Tin is flirting in chat rooms.
03-24-19_11-02-45 AM.png

It's new year's eve, and I plan to have them invite people over, so I prompt my SimSelf to bake a cake.
03-24-19_11-04-24 AM.png

Doing the polar bear swim has made Celt Z feel ready to take on anything, like a boss. And apparently, I really mean ANYTHING.
03-24-19_11-05-13 AM.png

DarkAudit want coffee.
03-24-19_11-05-45 AM.png

Real-Gas is playing the sims, watching Sim-Gas play the sims. It's too meta.
03-24-19_11-06-38 AM.png

Dei gets started on the revelry a little early.
03-24-19_11-07-59 AM.png

The sisters apparently love NYE. They invite everybody they know. And by that I mean everybody Celt Z knows, because Dei has barely ever talked to anybody that wasn't either via computer or in the hot tub. Not everybody can come, though, it seems, as some are busy.
03-24-19_11-10-13 AM.png

Mind Detective and Charon are the first to arrive.
03-24-19_11-13-37 AM.png

Tin is STILL chatting on the internet. I prompt him to go intercept Dirona on the street as she passes by. HEY LADY DO YOU LIKE TANKS
03-24-19_11-15-55 AM.png

Gas has switched from playing games to trolling forums.
03-24-19_11-16-52 AM.png

Things start to get social in the kitchen.
03-24-19_11-18-36 AM.png

Next to arrive are MikeRC and Adam. MikeRC appears to be in a bad mood.
03-24-19_11-19-56 AM.png

Terrik's ready to mingle inappropriately.
03-24-19_11-20-21 AM.png

The big Daisy-doodie by the front door is getting the guests off on the wrong foot. I have Gas deal with it. Gas hates being on poop patrol.

I think MD might have just found Gas' latest forum post.
03-24-19_11-23-34 AM.png

Tin and Dirona have been talking for over an hour out there in the cold. They're really getting along.

MikeRC takes a shower and makes himself at home.
03-24-19_11-24-42 AM.png

Charon and MD have prior engagements and say their goodbyes.
03-24-19_11-28-07 AM.png

Gas' cake is nothing special, but even mediocre cake is still pretty good.
03-24-19_11-28-34 AM.png

Celt Z is exhausted, and goes for a soak and a snooze. Tin manages to convince Dirona to come in for cake.

Jwhouk entertains the more wallflowerish guests.
03-24-19_11-29-53 AM.png

Snuff the aspiring Mixologist has become something of a drink-snob, and the quality of what's on offer does not impress him. He decides to take a nap.
03-24-19_11-30-17 AM.png

Jwhouk is exhausted, and also has to pee really bad. So he heads for the hot tub. Celt Z apparently can foresee the problem this poses, and vacates.

Oh, THIS is why everybody's so damn tired... the coffee maker is on the fritz. I nudge Tinwhistler into fixing it.

Coffee didn't come in time for DarkAudit.
03-24-19_11-36-16 AM.png

The guests leave one by one, but Dirona isn't gone long before she texts Tinwhistler.
dirona tin invite.jpg

Tin mingles with the crowd and schmoozes the minor celebrities, while Dirona goes to critique the restroom decor.
03-24-19_11-40-06 AM.png

Oh hey, Wasabi's here. She and Tin chat for a while, becoming friends.
03-24-19_11-40-21 AM.png

In an odd twist of events, nobody actually ends up on stage during the talent showcase, they just mingle and chat. Tin finally gets tired of the whole mess and goes home.
03-24-19_11-46-01 AM.png

DA tries to grill up some dinner. There seems to be a porblem.
03-24-19_11-47-06 AM.png

Thankfully, Dei has the presence of mind to save DarkAudit's life. The grill is a write-off, however.

Nearly burning to death has put DA in a rather foul mood. Tin has had enough of this year and goes to bed.
03-24-19_11-48-04 AM.png

Dei's confidence has been boosted by her handling of the situation, however. I provide her with a mirror at which to practice her new aspiration: Acting.

Snuffles and Celt Z manage to cheer up DA.
03-24-19_11-54-22 AM.png

How the heck did this puddle get here?
03-24-19_11-57-09 AM.png

Gas helps clean up by gathering dishes, but the dishwasher is on the fritz. He manages to not electrocute himself while fixing it.
03-24-19_11-58-11 AM.png

Dei starts making a snowman, but gets distracted halfway through, and doesn't finish.
03-24-19_12-00-08 PM.png
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Broken coffee maker, exploding grill, and leaking dishwasher?

You got gremlins, bro.
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Broken coffee maker, exploding grill, and leaking dishwasher?

You got gremlins, bro.
It's always been the case that a ridiculous number of appliances break ridiculously quickly in the Sims games. I guess it's to imitate all the small bills and household crap they're not modeling in the game proper.

Gas has switched from playing games to trolling forums.
Well, yeah; he went to post an update about his SimHalforums House, where his character, Buzzy Pomona, is really growing in his career as a radio jockey and is now...errrr.....network director or something something.
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It's always been the case that a ridiculous number of appliances break ridiculously quickly in the Sims games. I guess it's to imitate all the small bills and household crap they're not modeling in the game proper.

Well, yeah; he went to post an update about his SimHalforums House, where his character, Buzzy Pomona, is really growing in his career as a radio jockey and is now...errrr.....network director or something something.
You totally get bills in the Sims. :p
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You totally get bills in the Sims. :p
While i haven't played in years and I'm actually not sure if I ever played 4, I just mean "life in general". Yeah ,you get some bills in the mail every few days, but I meant all the stuff that isn't modelled. Unless I'm mistaken ,you don't need to remember to have your car checked up, compare different loans and figure out which one's for you, have your roof fixed after a storm, have that weird water spot in the basement checked out for rising ground water, etc etc etc. I might only have an electric appliance on the Fritz every few years, but I constantyl have *some* headache or other about household stuff. Half of them just don't exist, so I imagine they might have more of those that they do have.

Of course, I also generally don't play video games until I literally pass out in a puddle of my own pee on a work day, so Sims' realism is up for debate :p


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Sunday, 1st of Spring, Year 1 - Household 5

Household 5 fixed - Klew Sara Null Bhamv3 Zappit Sparhawk TigerTsang and Silk.jpg

This update is 14% adultier.

Another typical morning in household 5 - Null's grilling up some hotdogs for breakfast, and everybody's kind of doing their own thing.
03-24-19_2-27-33 PM.png

Sara's being very diligent about her aspiration, I don't even have to prompt her, she's already at the chessboard.
03-24-19_2-27-45 PM.png

And Zappit's actually putting the movie theater in the basement to good use for once, watching a political drama.
03-24-19_2-28-08 PM.png

Null and Bhamv are both highly enthused about hotdogs for breakfast.
03-24-19_2-29-27 PM.png

Some, however, prefer popcorn.
03-24-19_2-29-48 PM.png

With a twirl and a growth spurt, Bhamv achieves young adulthood. The "teens are allowed to romance with adults" mod I hunted down and installed has gone entirely to waste.
bhamv ages up.jpg

But there was no birthday party, so now she's depressed. She crawls back into bed to cry it out.
03-24-19_2-35-49 PM.png

Given that she's not in school anymore, she then heads into the closet and picks out a new "everyday" outfit to replace her uniform.
bhamv new duds.jpg

Null and Zappit are kind of getting an "odd couple" thing going on. It had a rocky beginning, but they're growing on each other.
03-24-19_2-39-24 PM.png

Sparhawk tries out the climbing wall.

Bhamv cheers up enough for a tiny dance par-tay.

Spar and Klew play some vidya in the arcade.

Sparhawk notices tiny dots leaping off of Silk.
03-24-19_2-47-03 PM.png

Klew's in a really focused mood, and heads out back to use the observatory.
03-24-19_2-48-06 PM.png

Spar gets Silk on the exam table. Yep, Silk's got fleas. A little spritz-spritz and it's all better.
03-24-19_2-49-03 PM.png

Null did not plan ahead when he visited the sauna.
03-24-19_2-50-58 PM.png

Bhamv is feeling better, but still grumpy about her birthday. You know what? She's a real adult now, let's go out and do grown up things. She wants to be a serial romanticizer, but nobody she's met yet has really done anything for her romantically, so maybe she needs to meet some new people.
03-24-19_2-51-51 PM.png

At random, she decides to go to the Solar Flare lounge.
bhamv travel.jpg

Guh, there's barely anybody here, and the people that ARE here are all elderly! Bhamv orders a drink at random anyway.
03-24-19_2-54-47 PM.png

Uh oh, that drink had plasma fruit in it, which Bhamv has now discovered does NOT agree with her. She barely makes it to the restroom.
03-24-19_2-55-26 PM.png

03-24-19_2-56-23 PM.png

That place sucked. Bhamv decides to try somewhere new, and finds a little pub called the Shrieking Llama. She orders a verifiably NON-plasma-fruit drink and chats up the Bill-Gates lookalike at the end of the bar.
03-24-19_3-01-25 PM.png

He's pleasant enough, but not all that fun. But hey, Gryfter arrives - and the two of them seem to hit it off pretty well.
03-24-19_3-03-40 PM.png

And things do turn a little flirty, too.

Then some kind of celebrity shows up and yanks everyone's attention away. General Specific is also there fanboying it up. Bhamv immediately doesn't like her.
03-24-19_3-08-09 PM.png

Eventually the celebrity leaves and things start to get back on track, but it's getting pretty late, and Bhamv and Gryfter are both getting pretty tired, and each head home.
03-24-19_3-10-15 PM.png

Back home, Klew manages to NOT burn the place down, grilling up some pork and beans.
03-24-19_3-12-04 PM.png

Bhamv heads pretty much straight to bed.

Klew enjoys his dinner on the couch next to Null and Sara, who are drinking coffee and reading. Zappit uses a mirror to psych himself to make a more emotional painting, as those are part of the next phase of his aspiration.
03-24-19_3-15-08 PM.png

Tiger's aspiration involves being nice to animals.
03-24-19_3-17-18 PM.png

And so does Sparhawk's.

Klew, Sara, and Tiger are getting along famously.
03-24-19_3-21-23 PM.png

I'm starting to wonder if that coffee mug is grafted to Null's hand.
03-24-19_3-23-58 PM.png


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Ok, that was the 15th update, and the way things are progressing, I think I need to change format. Rather than be a detailed chronology of daily events, I'm switching to more of a "important events" kind of thing thing, I think, going forward. Each update from here on out will now no longer spotlight mundane things like cooking or sleeping (unless something really noteworthy happens therein), but rather only making a record of more important occurances. I'll still be more or less spending one day in each household, but each update here on the forum may span multiple days and multiple households.


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Update 16 - Early spring, year 1 - Households 1, 2, 3

Household 1 - Cheesy Wasabi Gryfter Jun Charon Terrik Genspec Luca.jpg
Household 2 fixed - Dirona Patrthom Squidley MikeRC Emrys Adam and Pudding.jpg
Household 3 fixed - Kags Grue Mind Cog Drawn Vero Bubble181 and Polly.jpg

Terrik wants to be rich and successful. Kinda hard to do that unemployed. He starts down the medical career path.
terrik gets a job.jpg

Wasabi goes visiting around the neighborhood to introduce herself to more people. In the process, I discover that apparently she and Dirona have had some sort of major falling out, and they don't like each other at all.
03-24-19_6-23-58 PM.png

I call this one "The family that plays together, stays together." Everyone's aspirations are coming along quite well, except for Charon's... he wants to have a successful lineage, and for that to happen... he's going to need to become a parent. Thus far, no ladies have volunteered... and there's no space to adopt a child into this house anyway... he's got a decision to make - move out, or find a new aspiration?
03-24-19_6-43-45 PM.png

Late at night, after everyone has gone to bed, Terrik practices his dance moves... and pulls something.

Squidley has focused on her career as a method of dealing with her grief, and it has born fruit - she's been promoted to full detective. All she needs is to close a big case, and the sky's the limit.
03-24-19_7-04-32 PM.png

MikeRC has found someone else to be his aspirational second enemy - and it's Bhamv. They mix like oil and water. Maybe it's the fact that they tried to have a weenie roast in the middle of a thunderstorm.
03-24-19_7-26-30 PM.png

It's tough balancing her career advancement with her aspiration of becoming a great painter, but Squidley is doing what she can.
03-24-19_7-44-58 PM.png

Mind Detective has changed his aspiration to becoming a bodybuilder. He's put in so much work he's already off to a good start. Hitting an actual gym takes him even further.

Grue is a damn laugh riot. Or at least he thinks he is.

Oh, hey! We have our first (and completely spontaneous) woo-hoo. While everybody else is busy working on their various aspirations or seeing to their needs, Cog and Vero sneak off to the sauna to generate a little steam of their own.

Mind Detective has been going gangbusters all day, and is getting results.
03-24-19_8-10-23 PM.png

He's come far enough in his aspirations to get enough reward points to buy the Gym Rat and Waterproof traits. This will make him able to satisfy his need for "fun" with exercise, lose less hygiene in the process, and he can go jogging in the rain and still be perfectly happy.
Mind Detective is a gym rat and waterproof.jpg

Grue's advanced in his comedy aspiration far enough to where it's time to go pro.
grue got jokes.jpg

Kags grabs a book off the shelf at random. Turns out, it's a pick-up artist's manual called "Reel Her In." She can't believe the hilariously ridiculous things it says to do to get a lady.
03-24-19_8-26-38 PM.png

Nearby, Dirona is spotted having a picnic with some neighborhood townies.
03-24-19_8-28-00 PM.png

More to come... but the condensed updates with less fluff aren't any faster to make. In fact, they require a lot more playtime in game. So it might mean shorter updates, or updates of approximately this length but every other day (barring sudden incidents of heavy drama, of course).
03-24-19_8-33-44 PM.png
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If it matters, Gas, I prefer the updates showing the whole day fr a single house, even if it means less frequent updates. It is just nice to get a little context around those more significant events.


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If it matters, Gas, I prefer the updates showing the whole day fr a single house, even if it means less frequent updates. It is just nice to get a little context around those more significant events.
Is this really what you guys want? I was worried that the 500th time I showed somebody taking a bath or going to bed, people would get bored and stop reading.