Halforums House 4 - Story/Update thread

Wasabi's back up, and she gets an invitation to an interesting sounding event - Ghost Night at a local pub! Maybe the other halforumites will be there. This could be fun!

Waaait...I bet this is a trap. "Look Wasabi all your ghost friends are here. Don't you want to see them again?" And BAM!

Egads! Death is waiting for Wasabi at the bar! She collapses again immediately upon arrival.


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Thursday, 5th of Winter, Year 3

Final 3.jpg

Three's Company

Around 8, both Bhamv and Tinwhistler wake up. Vero sleeps in a little longer.
06-30-19_12-49-32 PM.png

As is her usual, Bhamv starts the day off with a little dancing.
06-30-19_12-50-16 PM.png

Tin is sad about Wasabi, but grilled cheese helps him cheer up. He eats the last one in the fridge.
06-30-19_12-51-33 PM.png

Bhamv decides she wants some too, so she makes a new batch... but she feels like someone is watching her.
06-30-19_12-52-27 PM.png

A happy side effect of Bhamv having a psychotic episode during cooking is that the extra time consumed by her antics still count as "cooking" so far as skill gains go, so she makes cooking skill level 4.
06-30-19_12-52-59 PM.png

Tinwhistler relaxes with a bubble bath after breakfast.
06-30-19_12-54-20 PM.png

It's a good day to stay inside. The townies seem to be having a rough go of it.
06-30-19_12-55-19 PM.png

Wasabi's death hit her BFF Vero particularly hard. Vero spends much of the morning in bed, crying it out.
06-30-19_12-56-00 PM.png

Tin gets around to fixing the coffee machine, finally, just as Vero is rejoining the world (and Bhamv is headed off to bathe).
06-30-19_12-57-02 PM.png

Vero breaks the refrigerator, and is so put off by the mess that she just drops the ingredients for the breakfast she was about to cook herself on the floor, and then she gripes about the now-augmented mess.
06-30-19_12-57-22 PM.png

Ain't no skin off Tin's nose, he fixes the fridge, too. He achieves his repair target for the next stage of his aspiration.
06-30-19_12-58-51 PM.png

Afterwards, Tin tells a suggestive joke to Vero.
06-30-19_1-00-01 PM.png

Seems it awakens something in her.
06-30-19_1-01-12 PM.png

She finds Tin dancing in the dining room, and locks lips with him.

Aaand one thing leads to another...

Vero luxuriates in the bubbles, basking in her post-coital bliss.
06-30-19_1-06-46 PM.png

Is Tin getting his mojo back?
06-30-19_1-08-09 PM.png

Vero gossips about the sordid details with Bhamv, while Bhamv is trying to play a soccer game on her PC.
06-30-19_1-09-46 PM.png

After a little mopping, Bhamv has an engrossing conversation with the kitchen rug. Vero and Tin play some vidya.
06-30-19_1-12-44 PM.png

Then they watch a horror movie. Tin finds the plot to the movie to be beyond stupid.
06-30-19_1-15-06 PM.png

So, instead, he makes a move on Vero... and then his old man bladder means he has to abort and head off to the john.

Vero's energized, so she puts that moxy to use and hits the treadmill extra hard.
06-30-19_1-17-22 PM.png

Tin needs logic level 10, so I guess he better get to readin'.
06-30-19_1-18-44 PM.png

And speaking of aspirations, Vero still needs charisma level 10. So I have her chat up a mirror for a while.
06-30-19_1-21-22 PM.png

Bhamv has run out of distractions, and goes and cries in bed between video game sessions.
06-30-19_1-21-45 PM.png

Somebody broke the stove. Guess it's leftover grilled cheese for dinner, everybody!
06-30-19_1-27-03 PM.png

For some reason, Tin elects to eat in the dining room, whereas the girls eat at the kitchen bar. The lack of Wasabi casts a pall over all concerned, and they trudge off to bed immediately afterwards.
06-30-19_1-28-03 PM.png


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Friday, 6th of Winter, Year 3

Big News

Tinwhistler is forced to start the day by his old man bladder.
07-14-19_9-32-45 AM.png

Everybody's still sad about wasabi. Much of the morning is spent crying it out, by all three.
07-14-19_9-34-19 AM.png

Tin's gotta fix the stove, lest there be no more grilled cheese.
07-14-19_9-35-00 AM.png

Over coffee, the girls decide that a night out tonight might be in order to cheer everybody up.
07-14-19_9-37-26 AM.png

As he grills up breakfast, Tin tells dirty jokes. It gets both Vero and Bhamv a little rosy in the cheeks.
07-14-19_9-40-43 AM.png

As they sit down to eat, Bhamv flirts with Tin - while Vero is sitting right between them.
07-14-19_9-41-29 AM.png

Vero is all kinds of not amused.
07-14-19_9-41-49 AM.png

Vidya and conversation.
07-14-19_9-46-57 AM.png

I was pretty sure I took steps to prevent this sort of thing from happening, but I guess there's no 100% guarantee... Vero has realized she is now eating for two.
07-14-19_9-48-07 AM.png

Tinwhistler is pretty tickled about the idea of being a Dad.
07-14-19_9-48-43 AM.png

To celebrate - and take advantage of the free grub at "night on the town" - the three of them head to the disco.
07-14-19_9-56-19 AM.png

Terrik and Li Jun are there, too.
07-14-19_9-57-14 AM.png

Oh, this could be awkward... here comes Cog.
07-14-19_9-57-48 AM.png

Well, regardless of the paternity, looks like he's happy for Vero.
07-14-19_9-59-37 AM.png

... but that doesn't mean he isn't going to abuse his ghostly powers to spook the shit out of Tinwhistler.
07-14-19_10-02-30 AM.png

The warm-up DJ bores Vero, so she goes to grab some food instead.
07-14-19_10-04-07 AM.png

After a few hours of dancing and drinks, Tinwhistler decides to go up to the top floor, find a comfy couch, and take a nap.
07-14-19_10-05-02 AM.png

Bhamv tells a story to nobody in particular. Terrik and Jun demonstrate that even if you're dead, the romance doesn't have to be.
07-14-19_10-06-30 AM.png

That story went over so well, that the stage lamps need to hear it, too.
07-14-19_10-09-36 AM.png

Gryfter, Gruebeard, and Patrthom show up when the main DJ takes the turntables.
07-14-19_10-12-06 AM.png

Bhamv is so pumped up, she decides to give the venue a hand with their mess management.
07-14-19_10-13-19 AM.png

"Heyy, guess who I heard is pregnant! Oh wait, it was you."
07-14-19_10-14-15 AM.png

Klew is REALLY ready to party.
07-14-19_10-14-45 AM.png

Around midnight, everybody heads home. Tin's feeling playful, and Bhamv's still a bit randy, but Vero's still jealous from the morning's flirtations.
07-14-19_10-16-57 AM.png

Tin and Bhamv retire to their rooms for the night. After a pep talk in the mirror, Vero decides to get over it, and does a little tidying up before bed.
07-14-19_10-18-43 AM.png


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Saturday, 7th of Winter, Year 3

Kisses and Near Misses

Pregnancy's a bitch. It kicks you out of bed at 5:30 in the morning to pee.
07-20-19_12-39-36 PM.png

And that coffee smells like it's been there forever.
07-20-19_12-40-37 PM.png

Grilled Cheese makes everything better, though.
07-20-19_12-40-58 PM.png

Well, almost everything.
07-20-19_12-42-47 PM.png

When Tin and Bhamv wake up, Bhamv decides to eat in her room. Vero chats with her while she eats.
07-20-19_12-44-51 PM.png

You know, everybody could maybe stand to spend a little more time on their personal hygiene.
07-20-19_12-47-12 PM.png

Vero takes a bath, and as it's new year's eve, Tin breaks out the mistletoe.
07-20-19_12-49-36 PM.png

Vero's digging it. Look at all those pink squares.
07-20-19_12-50-02 PM.png

Bhamv finds a sexy thing in the bathroom mirror.
07-20-19_12-50-52 PM.png

Tin and Vero sneak off to a closet to make out.

The gals would like to dance, but Bhamv has broken the radio.
07-20-19_12-54-56 PM.png

Vero decides she needs a nap. Bhamv gets to flirting with Tin...
07-20-19_12-58-02 PM.png

07-20-19_12-59-41 PM.png

But all of a sudden, Bhamv turns cold, and doesn't want to flirt any more. She's a fickle one.
07-20-19_1-01-42 PM.png

Instead, she goes to mop the bathroom.
07-20-19_1-03-16 PM.png

And Tin decides he may as well fix the stereo.
07-20-19_1-04-35 PM.png

Vero goes for an early dinner, and Bhamv decides now is a better time to make out in the next room.
07-20-19_1-05-31 PM.png

The supply of grilled cheese is running low! Tin addresses the crisis.
07-20-19_1-06-53 PM.png

While he cooks, Vero hits the treadmill and Bhamv gets ready to party tonight.
07-20-19_1-09-53 PM.png

Tin's kind of been neglecting his aspiration. To remedy that, he reads up on logic after dinner.
07-20-19_1-10-08 PM.png

Despite living in a house with 4 perfectly serviceable toilets, Bhamv decides to go water the bush in the front yard.

Vero got a call that another friend of hers, a townie, has passed away, and that's making her sad.
07-20-19_1-13-25 PM.png

The old man and the pregnant lady decide to turn in by 9pm. On new year's eve, can you believe it?! Bhamv is young, energetic, and unfertilized. She decides to go out and meet some new people - after all, she's got an aspiration to kiss a few lips and break a few hearts, too.
07-20-19_1-17-35 PM.png

She meets and seduces a local teenager.
07-20-19_1-19-22 PM.png

She brings him inside, and for reasons I am not entirely clear on, Ali swipes Tin's bed when Tin gets up at midnight.
07-20-19_1-23-27 PM.png

Oh, that's why Tin decided to get out of bed... old age has finally caught up with him.

Vero pleads for the life of the father of her unborn child.
07-20-19_1-24-41 PM.png

I guess the reaper would have to be made of stone not to be moved by such a situation. Tin is returned to life... for now.

The joyous new year's miracle leads Bhamv to do something life affirming and of questionable legality.

Death starts flirting with Vero. She isn't objecting...
07-20-19_1-27-56 PM.png

Come on, Tin, you can't really be THAT jealous. She DID kinda just get you off the hook here, and it's not like you don't have a wandering eye, yourself.
07-20-19_1-28-35 PM.png

As it's almost 5 am by the time things wind down again, Tin finishes out the night with a nap rather than going back to bed.
07-20-19_1-31-18 PM.png


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Saturday, 7th of Winter, Year 3

Well, so much for that.

The very instant I load the game, Tinwhistler gets up off the couch and signals he's dying of old age. To make sure it isn't a stupid glitch, I reload the game, and he does it again.
07-28-19_7-04-47 PM.png

Death is already there, but he stands around doing nothing for an hour and a half while Bhamv, Ali, and Vero wail and lament.
07-28-19_7-09-28 PM.png

Pregnant women have a hard enough time with their bladders already, and the stress of this is too much - Vero loses control.
07-28-19_7-09-48 PM.png

The Reaper finally gets down to business. Despite being covered in her own filth, she attempts to plead for Tin. This time, Death is not in the mood to listen.
07-28-19_7-10-33 PM.png

Vero immediately runs off for a bath before Tin is even reaped.
07-28-19_7-11-19 PM.png

I put Tin's urn in the corner by the bookcase.
07-28-19_7-12-44 PM.png

"This has been the worst booty call ever. Uh... call me?" - Ali
07-28-19_7-13-22 PM.png

Death decides to do a little online shopping, then buggers off.
07-28-19_7-14-03 PM.png

Sara calls Bhamv to console her from beyond the grave.
sara condolences.jpg

Over brunch, the girls get into an argument about odor.
07-28-19_7-16-06 PM.png

For some reason Ali comes back to the house, climbs into Tin's bed, and has a cry - then leaves immediately again. I think this game is finally losing all its marbles.
07-28-19_7-16-30 PM.png

Bhamv and Vero bury the hatchet over Bhamv's excellent tofu tacos. I refuse to believe those are three words that can be used together.
07-28-19_7-17-47 PM.png

Naptime for Bhamv.
07-28-19_7-19-02 PM.png

Vero cleans up her mess...
07-28-19_7-19-49 PM.png

And since she's feeling so energized, she really burns some calories on that treadmill.
07-28-19_7-20-19 PM.png

The girls still are really sad about Tin, though.
07-28-19_7-22-57 PM.png

Sad and tired, Vero runs straight back into the arms of her first love: Coffee. She drinks 4 straight cups and starts to overheat.
07-28-19_7-23-25 PM.png

Bhamv takes the healthier option of just having another damn nap. Is that so hard, Vero?
07-28-19_7-26-04 PM.png

Coffee only staves off the inevitable, and even then, not for long. Vero clocks out on the couch.
07-28-19_7-28-26 PM.png

An hour and a half later... the coffee comes back to call. The baby must be tapdancing on her bladder.
07-28-19_7-30-38 PM.png

She makes it to the bathroom this time, and decides to just head to bed for real at 8pm. It's been a lousy day.
07-28-19_7-33-01 PM.png

It's been raining most of the day, but now that it's stopped, Bhamv decides to mop up all 7 puddles of standing water on the lawn, for some reason.
07-28-19_7-33-25 PM.png

Once that is finished, she, too, retires for the night.
07-28-19_7-34-33 PM.png


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Monday, 1st of Spring, Year 3


It's Go Time

3:30 am, and here we are again. Isn't pregnancy such a miracle?
08-03-19_11-07-50 AM.png

Grilled Cheese for (a very early) breakfast. Still sad about Tinwhistler.
08-03-19_11-08-58 AM.png

Today involves a lot of crying in bed for both women.
08-03-19_11-10-26 AM.png

Bhamv wakes up, and also goes for the customary meal.
08-03-19_11-11-45 AM.png

A little bit of camaraderie helps the mood some.
08-03-19_11-12-32 AM.png

Vero needs something fun to do. She elects to read a, uh... "romance" book.
08-03-19_11-13-24 AM.png

Bhamv decides she can't put up with the sink being this dirty any more.
08-03-19_11-15-55 AM.png

Vero passes the morning chatting online.
08-03-19_11-16-19 AM.png

Meanwhile, Bhamv watches a romantic comedy movie.
08-03-19_11-17-23 AM.png

The mail carrier brings the bills. The amount is most of their savings. Hrm, if something doesn't change, the girls won't be able to pay their bills next week...
08-03-19_11-19-05 AM.png

An undead pal invites Bhamv out for drinks. Maybe this is what she needs to get her mind off things.
08-03-19_11-20-03 AM.png

There's a global celebrity in attendance, but Bhamv doesn't even seem to notice them. She goes right for the bar.
08-03-19_11-22-01 AM.png

A little liquid courage, and Bhamv is ready to mingle.
08-03-19_11-22-48 AM.png

... so she starts by barging in on a dude in the restroom and mocking his outfit, sparking an argument.
08-03-19_11-23-46 AM.png

Then it's back to the bar!
08-03-19_11-25-59 AM.png

... and another argument. Her friendship with Brent the ghost suffers.
08-03-19_11-26-51 AM.png

She spends the rest of the afternoon telling a very intricate story to a chest of drawers upstairs, then decides to go home.
08-03-19_11-29-35 AM.png

She doesn't feel so good. Well, that's what day drinking'll get ya.
08-03-19_11-32-09 AM.png

All at once, the contractions start to hit Vero.
08-03-19_11-34-41 AM.png

If only giving birth was this simple and quick in real life, right ladies?

The Random Name Generator dubs the baby Matt J. After he is fed and changed, Bhamv and the new mama have their own dinner.
08-03-19_11-39-43 AM.png

Bhamv calls it an early night, but despite her really early start to the day, Vero isn't tired. She must have spent all that time that Bhamv was at the lounge napping. I rearrange Vero's bedroom to make room for the bassinet, then have her practice charm for as long as her happy mood will let her.
08-03-19_11-43-13 AM.png

Having a baby has helped Vero bounce back from mourning. She's still not tired, though, so she spends the rest of the night reading and watching movies. I guess it's good her sleeping schedule is already all messed up, so the baby can't do much more to screw it up.
08-03-19_11-49-25 AM.png
Worked for me... and it was awesome.

I'm headed out for lunch. I fully expect that to be on /r/thesims by the time I get back.

Or else... it will be before I go to bed. :)


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Worked for me... and it was awesome.

I'm headed out for lunch. I fully expect that to be on /r/thesims by the time I get back.

Or else... it will be before I go to bed. :)
Heh, I didn't plan to put it anywhere else because without the context of the playthrough, or the people the sims are based on, I doubt it would have the same impact ;)


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I wasn't a member of HH and I'm not a Sims guy, but your editing skills are on point and that was a GREAT video.

Post that shit, man.


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You don't really need to put the website in your comment. You never know when some group is going to get a wild hair and DDoS or brigand.