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It just means he's going to be the first one to get his heart broken. I predict brawls over my twinsie soon.
You're probably right... she is a SERIAL romantic after all, which means my dumping is inevitable.
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And just as my iPad scrolled down to that after-date scene with me at the computer, it crashed Safari.

Probably out of sympathy.
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Ok, in my defense as someone who hasn't played the game, when I gave her Serial Romantic, I didn't realize it was something she had to fulfill. I thought it was like HFA where Celt Z is ok to date around when the opportunity rises. I didn't realize she was going to be a Pepe-Le-Pew-kissing man-eater. I'm both laughing and so embarrassed.

And it seems my realationship with an dog in my house is the same virtually as it is in real life. Pepper does the same thing to me at night.
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Ok, in my defense as someone who hasn't played the game, when I gave her Serial Romantic, I didn't realize it was something she had to fulfill.
Strictly speaking, you don't HAVE to fulfill the objectives of the aspiration, it just gets your sim "satisfaction points" which can then be spent on satisfaction rewards, which can be anything from age-reversing potions to buffs that make you get hungry slower or need to shower less often, to making your romantic actions more successful or never getting embarrassed by anything.

The objectives of a "Serial Romantic" are:

Level 1: Amore Amateur
  • Have a boyfriend or girlfriend
  • Go on 2 dates
Level 2: Up to Date
  • Achieve Level 4 Charisma Skill
  • Have had 3 First Kisses
Level 3: Romance Juggler
  • Achieve Level 6 Charisma Skill
  • Have strong romantic relationship levels with 3 Sims simultaneously
  • Kiss 10 Sims
Level 4: Serial Romantic
  • Earn gold levels on 3 dates. Does not matter who your dating partner is for any or all three.
  • Have had 8 total boyfriends and/or girlfriends.
Quite handy, then, that the "Player" buff you get for being a serial romantic shields you from jealousy.
I didn't realize she was going to be a Pepe-Le-Pew-kissing man-eater. I'm both laughing and so embarrassed.
Hah, does Lil' Z recognize mommy NOW? ;)

And just throwing this out there, if you (or anyone else) wants to change your aspiration, the game allows you to change your sim's aspiration at any time at no cost, and does not erase the progress you have made in your current ambition (so you could come back and work on it again later from the same point). So, if you see an aspiration you'd rather have your sim work toward, just let me know.
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The writer is one of the easier aspirations to max out and get famous at the same time. All you have to do is sit there and churn out novels and publish them. The fame and royalties come to you. As you increase in skill you get rewards in your inventory that increase the inspiration buff, which betters your chance of cranking out a bestseller.
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I love that I’m EVERYWHERE. :rofl: Was I having a night out with my bros??

I wonder if my outgoing trait means I’m a wanderer - I wander to any place to see what’s going on?


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Tuesday, 3rd of Winter, Year 1 - Household 5

Household 5 fixed - Klew Sara Null Bhamv3 Zappit Sparhawk TigerTsang and Silk.jpg

Silk often asks to go out, then sees the snow, and decides not to go out.
03-23-19_10-15-20 AM.png

Seems like Null might be having tummy troubles.
03-23-19_10-15-51 AM.png

It may be snowing hard, but that's no reason not to grill hot dogs for breakfast, according to Bhamv!
03-23-19_10-16-04 AM.png

To help alleviate the stinky bush problems, I add two bathrooms to the first floor.
03-23-19_10-20-24 AM.png

Some like to eat out in the snow...
03-23-19_10-20-53 AM.png

...others prefer to eat in front of the TV where it is warm...
03-23-19_10-21-02 AM.png

And some just wanna go to the gym to watch TV.
03-23-19_10-21-16 AM.png

Null and Zappit got off on the wrong foot last time, but now they look to be making an effort to mend some fences.
03-23-19_10-22-24 AM.png

Tiger Tsang has an accident coming in from breakfast. Fortunately, nothing's hurt but his pride.
03-23-19_10-22-31 AM.png

Bhamv has a teenage moment and spends the end of breakfast yelling at Sparhawk

The trash is piling up around the garbage can that Null kicked over last week. He sets it to right.

Bhamv heads off to school. I worry that she's not dressed warmly enough, but she vanishes before I can do anything about it.
03-23-19_10-26-54 AM.png

Klew turns a casual conversation with Zappit awkward by sticking in a poorly-thought-out risque question, embarrasing both.

It's only 9 am but Tiger already wants a nap.
03-23-19_10-28-29 AM.png

Alright, time to start chasing some ambitions. Null wants to be a writer, so he needs to write books. At his skill level, he can write children's books. He decides to go with personal experience, I guess.
null's book.jpg

Uh, I'm a little concerned about how this book is going to turn out.

Zappit gets to work "painting" on one of the nearby tablets.
03-23-19_10-33-17 AM.png

Since the chessboards are out in the driving snow, the renaissance sims crack open the books.
03-23-19_10-33-28 AM.png

Sparhawk plays with his dog before he heads off to work.
03-23-19_10-33-56 AM.png

Hrm, using the tablet doesn't seem to be counting toward Zappit's painter aspiration. I have him buy an easel, and try that instead.
03-23-19_10-36-02 AM.png

Tiger wants to be a friend to the animals, too.
03-23-19_10-36-48 AM.png

The RenSims finish their books, and are a little tired. I have them grab some coffee while I move a chessboard inside for them.
03-23-19_10-41-15 AM.png

Silk vanquishes a squirrel in paw-to-paw combat.

Logic time.
03-23-19_10-42-42 AM.png

Things continue much in this vein until around 3, when Bhamv gets home from school. She is a mass of conflicting emotions and also hungry. IE, a Teenager.
03-23-19_10-47-20 AM.png

Sara is completely worn out after all that chess, and goes for a nap.
03-23-19_10-49-02 AM.png

After getting something to eat, Bhamv starts on her homework.
03-23-19_10-52-37 AM.png

Null goes and helps her with her studies, which makes them go faster. I worry what he might be teaching her, though...

Sparhawk gets home from work, and is so exhausted and cranky he immediately has to take a nap.
03-23-19_10-55-29 AM.png

Sara finishes her nap, and Klew's all coffee'd up, so more chess. Null reads a book.
03-23-19_10-56-20 AM.png

Sparhawk wakes up from his nap, but is still so tired he decides to just go straight to bed.
03-23-19_10-59-31 AM.png

Sara decides to do likewise shortly later, but the caffeine coursing through Klew's veins inspires him to hit the treadmill.
03-23-19_10-59-55 AM.png

Exercise slash dance party. Bhamv heads up to bed.

Zappit has had an incredibly productive day, art-wise. He clears all the hurdles for his first level of his aspiration, painting for over 5 hours, including 3 inspired paintings.
03-23-19_11-01-46 AM.png

Tiger goes off by himself to the basement to have a late dinner of popcorn. The solitude invigorates him, as he is a Loner.
03-23-19_11-04-12 AM.png

Sara wakes up around 1 am, and smells the popcorn.
03-23-19_11-07-10 AM.png

Bhamv soon does likewise.
03-23-19_11-07-46 AM.png

The two get along well. I am amused to note that the activity that Bhamv is executing upon Sara in this picture is literally "complain about everything." Teens.
03-23-19_11-10-54 AM.png

Aaand it's time to move on...


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I wonder if my outgoing trait means I’m a wanderer - I wander to any place to see what’s going on?
It means you crave social interaction and get unhappy if you aren't socializing frequently... so, yeah, that might mean you go out to gathering spots more often when I'm not in control of your household ;)
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Hah, does Lil' Z recognize mommy NOW? ;)

And just throwing this out there, if you (or anyone else) wants to change your aspiration, the game allows you to change your sim's aspiration at any time at no cost, and does not erase the progress you have made in your current ambition (so you could come back and work on it again later from the same point). So, if you see an aspiration you'd rather have your sim work toward, just let me know.
Ha ha. I haven't shown him Sim Me because every time I've worked on it, he wasn't around. But Mr. Z has seen both updates, and said, "... so what part of this isn't true?". Hmph.

Even though it was accidental, you can keep my original aspirations. I'm just going to laugh at it.
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Null in the background of Klew and Zappit's conversation reminds me of that Friends episode when they get stuck trying to go skiing:

And speaking of Null, I'd assume he's telling Bhamv not to eat her pet turtle. Sage advice, that.
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Well, I mean, he did sign off on me being your 2D-Waifu :p
*sigh* He did. And he thinks it's funny seeing all the things my avatars get subjected to when you do these projects.

AND, because I swear he knew you asked, Li'l Z saw the frame where I'm making coffee and knew it had to be me. Then I had to explain a)why I'm in the game, b)why he and Mr. Z aren't there, and c) why I can't put them in, which became a request to get Sims 4 so we could make our whole family. I may wait to see how SimForums pays out first.


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Wednesday, 4th of Winter, Year 1 - Household 1

Household 1 - Cheesy Wasabi Gryfter Jun Charon Terrik Genspec Luca.jpg

Party time.

Pretty much everybody is absorbed in their own computer escapades again.
03-23-19_12-05-14 PM.png

Cheesy is getting in a little dance practice, and Terrik is struck by the odd impulse to do some cooking.
03-23-19_12-05-36 PM.png

Breakfast goes over pretty well. Gryfter elects to eat in front of the TV instead of at the table.
03-23-19_12-07-43 PM.png

Luca has breakfast too.
03-23-19_12-08-30 PM.png

It's winterfest today, so everybody gets on the phone and calls everybody they know to come over and celebrate. Vero, Celt Z, Sara, Squidley, and Kags show up in short order. HCGLNS conspicuously does not show up. General Specific has a nap.
03-23-19_12-14-15 PM.png

It's a party!

A second, slightly smaller party goes on in the sauna.
03-23-19_12-20-07 PM.png

Vero flirts with Terrik. Right. In. Front. Of. Jun.
03-23-19_12-21-37 PM.png

Emrys shows up late, just as the other guests are about to leave. She, like Kags, avails herself of the sauna.
03-23-19_12-28-23 PM.png

The stress of the party wore Jun out. Cheesy also has a nap.
03-23-19_12-29-46 PM.png

I bet this is where 90% of Terrik's inspirations come from.
03-23-19_12-30-11 PM.png

Nothing has ever made Wasabi feel so alive as this winterfest party has.
03-23-19_12-33-17 PM.png

Jun finishes her nap, but is still mad at Terrik and Vero's flirtatious behavior. She attempts to vent her frustration on the garbage bin outside, but the weather quickly and forcefully sends her back inside.

Charon and Emrys really hit it off, and become great friends. He gives her a key to the house, so she can just come over and hang out whenever she wants.
03-23-19_12-36-04 PM.png

Jun's in such a foul mood now that she yells at poor, innocent Cheesy.
03-23-19_12-37-08 PM.png

Terrik tries to talk it out with her, but it leads to an argument.

Luca likes his ball.

Uh, Terrik, taking a selfie with Wasabi in her undies probably is not the best thing for your marriage right now.
03-23-19_12-44-40 PM.png

Everybody else has gone to bed, but GenSpec, Terrik and Cheesy have a late night snack with festive carrying-on.
03-23-19_12-46-16 PM.png

Gryfter wakes up bright and early at 3, and is inspired to clean the yucky bathroom sink.
03-23-19_12-52-13 PM.png

Terrik finally climbs into bed about then, too.

General Specific gives Luca some attention.

Charon wakes up cold and hungry, but TV comes first.
03-23-19_12-54-50 PM.png

General Specific finally goes to bed in the bottom half of the 4am hour.
03-23-19_12-55-10 PM.png

Gryfter is also cold and hungry, and has to go to the bathroom, but he can't seem to tear himself away from chatting online.
03-23-19_12-55-26 PM.png
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Cold, hungry, and has to use the bathroom but can't stop online chatting? HELLO ME DURING WINTER BREAK WHEN I WAS IN COLLEGE.
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I love how most of these are:
“Man, am I ever hungry. But first I must check my email...”
“My bladder feels like it’s going to explode! Ooo the holo-chamber is empty, time to beat the high score!”



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Thursday, 5th of Winter, Year 1 - Household 2

Household 2 - Adam Emrys MikeRC Squidley HCGLNS Patrthom Dirona and Pudding.jpg

Life has its ups, and its downs...

Emrys is cooking up breakfast while Pat gets his dance groove on, and Squidley watches some TV. Everybody else is up in their room on their computers.
03-23-19_2-40-10 PM.png

Emrys really outdid herself, these are some good vittles.
03-23-19_2-41-55 PM.png

Emrys' brekky brings all the folks to the yard, and they're like, it's better than ours, and damn right it's better than yours. She could teach you, but she'd have to charge.

Pudding has some odd sleeping habits.
03-23-19_2-43-20 PM.png

Dirona and Pat start to work their brains.
03-23-19_2-45-19 PM.png

Adam aspires to be wealthy and successful, and that's difficult to do when you're unemployed. He enters the world of Business.
adam job.jpg

Content with his choice, he takes a nap.
03-23-19_2-47-40 PM.png

Emrys plays with the various animals in the house.
03-23-19_2-48-44 PM.png

Squidley gives her man a big ol smooch before she has to head off to work and bust punks.
03-23-19_2-49-26 PM.png

As she heads out the door, HCGLNS gets to work making drinks for his mixologist aspiration.
03-23-19_2-50-14 PM.png

Hrmmmm, not bad, if he does say so himself.
03-23-19_2-50-37 PM.png

MikeRC's aspiration requires him to make enemies and play pranks on people. Knowing it's best not to crap where you eat, he decides to find victims at the gym.
mikerc mischief quest.jpg

He finds a paparazzi waiting out front to ambush a minor celebrity when she comes out. Perfect victim.
03-23-19_2-54-07 PM.png

Hey there, pally! Put 'er there!

Despite playing several pranks of varying degrees of cruelty on Malaysia Dudley, she doesn't quite become a new enemy. This frustrates MikeRC, and so he takes his aggression out on a punching bag, since he's already at the gym.

Meanwhile, back at the house, HCGLNS is still mixing up drinks, and Emrys distracts Pat from the chess with her singing.
03-23-19_3-01-24 PM.png

Dirona has changed gears, and wants to read a book.
03-23-19_3-03-45 PM.png

She decides to read her book at the bar. Maybe get a little taste of what HCGLNS is mixing up, eh?
03-23-19_3-04-17 PM.png

Suddenly, HCGLNS doesn't feel so good. Before anyone realizes what's happened, he's on the floor.

The Grim Reaper comes and collects Scruffy, leaving behind an urn for his friends and loved ones.
03-23-19_3-07-05 PM.png

However, before he leaves, the TV catches his eye. He watches for a bit.
03-23-19_3-07-46 PM.png

Death is also apparently fond of kitties.
03-23-19_3-08-49 PM.png

Adam takes the opportunity for the ultimate networking connection.
03-23-19_3-09-10 PM.png

MikeRC gets back from the gym, and relieves his tension with a soak in the sauna.
03-23-19_3-11-00 PM.png

Adam convinces everybody to try to get their mind off what has happened by watching the big TV season premiere together.
03-23-19_3-14-04 PM.png

Poor Squidley gets home from work, and is understandably miserable. She sits forlornly at HCGLNS' bar. Resting there is the last drink he made.
03-23-19_3-14-29 PM.png

She takes the drink and imbibes it in the bath.
03-23-19_3-15-12 PM.png

It's going to be really hard to be Squidleybits for a while.
03-23-19_3-16-11 PM.png

After most everybody has gone to bed, MikeRC tries his hand at cheering up Dirona.
03-23-19_3-21-47 PM.png

He's all energized up, so he cleans up a dirty spot in the kitchen, while Dirona makes tea.
03-23-19_3-24-34 PM.png

They relax and sip the warm tea, continuing to chat.
03-23-19_3-25-36 PM.png

Um... I think Dirona may have put something in the tea. Suddenly there's a lot of flirting going on.
03-23-19_3-27-05 PM.png

The two keep chatting each other up for a while, but it gets late and they turn in. Around 4 AM, Adam and Squidley wake up. Squidley doesn't feel like cooking, and just gets a PBJ out of the fridge, munching on it listlessly. There's also leftover tea from last night to be had...
03-23-19_3-29-32 PM.png

Hands up, everybody who saw that coming. Well, it's natural to want to do something life affirming in the face of loss, right?
03-23-19_3-30-09 PM.png

Pudding is helping the ambiance with romantic caterwauling. Patrthom thinks he might be coming down with something...
03-23-19_3-31-26 PM.png


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I don’t understand!!! How did this happen??
HCGLNS chose to be an "elder" when he rolled his character. Elders die of natural causes between 5 and 20 or so days of becoming an elder. That's part of the game... you will all grow old and pass, eventually.
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I would not want Squidley to be alone. I would arrange for her to have a dog after I die.
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I'd like to change MindDetective's aspiration to BodyBuilder (unless there are any other Athletic ones I don't know about). I might change it again later, if it proves to be an easy one.


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Friday, 6th of Winter, Year 1 - Household 3

Household 3 fixed - Kags Grue Mind Cog Drawn Vero Bubble181 and Polly.jpg

Welcome to the Jungle, we've got fun and games.

The only one in the household unable to pursue her aspiration is Kags. And darn it, it's just so cold here right now, anyway. Time for a vacation.
03-23-19_5-24-35 PM.png

Kags wants to be a Jungle Explorer. She books a flight south of the border (WAY south) and rents a little cottage.
kags vacation.jpg

This is the temporary Casa De La Kags, a quaint little 1-bedroom hideaway with only a SLIGHT problem with a spider infestation.
03-23-19_5-27-23 PM.png

It was a long trip to get here, but she's rarin' to go. Kags heads off to the marketplace to start fulfilling her dreams. First off, she stops at a local food vendor and samples the cuisine.

Next, she visits a merchant's table, and purchases supplies such as water, bat bait, a machete, and bug repellant. Also a cute handwoven basket.
03-23-19_5-32-42 PM.png

Viewing the statue in the plaza gets her boned up on local culture a little.

She asks the residents about the local sights, particularly the jungle.
03-23-19_5-39-16 PM.png

The day's only half over, but Kags has accomplished a lot, and needs to recharge. She heads back to the cabana for a snooze.

She wakes up around 6, just as the sun is going down, and is ready to resume her adventure. But first, she prepares herself a PBJ sack lunch to take with her.
03-23-19_5-42-13 PM.png

Kags grabs all her stuff and heads to the trailhead. Good thing she got that machete, as the way into the jungle is blocked by thick vines.
03-23-19_5-43-56 PM.png

On the way up the trail, she has an encounter...
kags quicksand.jpg
kags quicksand 2.jpg

This bridge looks a little rickety, but Kags gets across it with no problem. The scenic waterfall puts her in a romantic mood, but there's nobody around to romance.
03-23-19_5-46-22 PM.png

She finds ruins on the other side, with a dirt pile that looks absolutely pregnant with possible artifacts. She digs in the pile for a bit, but doesn't find anything of note.

More vines block the way to the next location.

Another encounter in the jungle...
kags egg 1.jpg
kags egg 2.jpg

There's no bathroom in the jungle. Kags has to relieve herself in a bush. Hope that's not the local equivalent of poison ivy.

When trying to clear the next set of vines, Kags is attacked by spiders! Fortunately she had the foresight to get spider repellant, and deals with the crawly little suckers.
03-23-19_5-51-37 PM.png

More trail encounters.
kags sloths 1.jpg
kags sloths 2.jpg

Well, that was a little embarrasing. But Kags has discovered a set of ancient royal baths. Seems a good place to stop for dinner.

She comes to a sealed door that not even her machete can get through. Looks like this is as far as she'll get into the jungle this trip... but she vows she'll be back one day!
03-23-19_5-56-51 PM.png

Returning to her bungalow, she fires up the fireplace, and settles in next to it with a book to take it easy and enjoy the remainder of her vacation.

Meanwhile, back in the home neighborhood, it's pretty much business as usual around the house for the others. There's TV, Vidya, and Dancing going on. That Crystal that Drawn Inward bought is keeping everyone energized... which is a double-edged sword when you're cooped up inside on a snowy day.
03-23-19_5-59-11 PM.png

Just a couple dudes workin' out, making the best of getting stuck inside.

With Grue's assistance, Vero discovers she really likes video games.
03-23-19_6-00-43 PM.png

Bubbles has decided to take up the guitar. Others listen appreciatively.
03-23-19_6-02-15 PM.png

And thus passes a quiet evening as the snow continues to pile up outside.


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I'd like to change MindDetective's aspiration to BodyBuilder (unless there are any other Athletic ones I don't know about). I might change it again later, if it proves to be an easy one.
Ok, I didn't see this til after I'd done the latest one, but next time you come around, I'll change your aspiration.