Halforums House 4 - Story/Update thread

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Hey, you could summon a friendly ghost to make you a subtly infused aged milk rye tostada with fresh herbs, but feel free to just slap some American I-can't-believe-you're-allowed-to-call-it-cheese product on a piece of Wonderbread and call it high cuisine :p
And, Kraft cheese has an antibiotic in it. I agree that it shouldn't be called cheese. We have some pretty messed up food regulations in the U.S.

As for the game, are all the ghosts still around? If so, could you do one last update on them? :D


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As for the game, are all the ghosts still around? If so, could you do one last update on them? :D
I think it's time to let the departed rest.

"This is some outfit. You don't even get time off for being dead." - AI computer, Independence War


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Monday, 2nd of Winter, Year 3

Final Survivors household.jpg

Artistic Use of Space
Tinwhistler, like so many men his age, is urgently woken by his bladder. Inexplicably, rather than use any of the four convenient full-sized bathrooms in the house, Tinwhistler decides to go use one of the bushes lining the front lawn. Unfortunately, his control fails him right at the finish line, and he pees himself in full view of the entire neighborhood.
06-02-19_2-58-54 PM.png

Well, obviously, his first act after this is to go get cleaned up in the bath.
06-02-19_2-59-44 PM.png

Meanwhile, Wasabi wakes in a much more leisurely fashion, and opts for some grilled cheese for breakfast.
06-02-19_3-00-39 PM.png

His bath complete, Tin joins her.
06-02-19_3-01-24 PM.png

"So Tin, I heard you had your own little Brexit today... because it's no longer the case that YOU'RE-A-PEEIN'?"
06-02-19_3-01-40 PM.png

Vero also rises languidly around 10 am, and tends to her personal ablutions before facing the day.
06-02-19_3-03-07 PM.png

Bhamv, however, heads straight for the living room to dance.
06-02-19_3-03-21 PM.png

Well, Tin can't be moping around in shame all day, I've got stuff for him to do. I send him to his bedroom mirror to buck himself up using the mirror.
06-02-19_3-04-18 PM.png

Bhamv is officially a dance expert now.
06-02-19_3-04-34 PM.png

"Goodbye, everyone! I'm going to a place where nobody knows I peed myself!"

Wasabi plays the bills. Hrm, if this keeps up, there's gonna be some serious cash flow issues around here in a couple weeks.
06-02-19_3-05-53 PM.png

What's that you got there for lunch, Vero? Grilled cheese, you say?
06-02-19_3-07-38 PM.png

Somebody got water all over the floor in the bathroom, and Bhamv decides she has to be the one to clean it up.
06-02-19_3-07-48 PM.png

Vero decides to play video games while she eats. I'm sure the keyboard will keep that sandwich nice and crumb-free.
06-02-19_3-10-03 PM.png

Wasabi, ever the glutton for punishment, runs herself ragged on the treadmill again.
06-02-19_3-10-46 PM.png

Tin returns from a successful adventure in space, and decides his rocket needs some upgrades.
06-02-19_3-11-16 PM.png

Say Bhamv, what's for lunch?
06-02-19_3-12-31 PM.png

Despite being worn out from the treadmill, Wasabi decides to go shovel the drifting snow in the backyard.
06-02-19_3-13-33 PM.png

Bhamv's picking up Vero's bad habits. The gooey, crumby sandwich rests upon the keyboard while she chats online.
06-02-19_3-14-13 PM.png

Then the two of them watch Iron Chef.
06-02-19_3-17-25 PM.png

Hours later, Wasabi shovels on. She's in the zone... I guess?
06-02-19_3-17-51 PM.png

Bhamv showers indoors, for once in her life.
06-02-19_3-18-39 PM.png

Bhamv expresses frustration at the state of the kitchen. The coffee machine is broken, and the fridge is full of spoiled food.
06-02-19_3-21-09 PM.png

Tin adroitly repairs the coffee machine, and Bhamv feels much more well disposed toward him.
06-02-19_3-22-04 PM.png

... and now Wasabi's habits seem to be rubbing off on Vero. You know you guys don't need to shovel the LAWN, right?
06-02-19_3-22-34 PM.png

Bhamv actually has a positive social interaction! It's a miracle!
06-02-19_3-23-08 PM.png

Suddenly, she feels bombarded by the malevolent intent of the microwave oven.
06-02-19_3-23-57 PM.png

Vero is also glad the coffee machine is fixed. This is just the thing to warm herself up after hours of needlessly shoveling the snow off the grass.
06-02-19_3-24-45 PM.png

Tinwhistler regales Wasabi with a dramatic story about... a dollhouse?
06-02-19_3-25-11 PM.png

Wasabi is shook.
06-02-19_3-25-36 PM.png

Just your average monday evening anywhere, right? Vidya, coffee, dancing and push-ups.
06-02-19_3-26-27 PM.png

Tinwhistler is invited to a local festival by a townie friend. Naturally, I have everybody else go along with.

How is Tin on such good terms with this girl? She's less than half his age!
06-02-19_3-28-05 PM.png

As the crowd descends upon the festival, the Halforumites decide unanimously to instead patronize the art museum across the street.
06-02-19_3-28-58 PM.png

Yup. That's some art. They spend the next few hours recreating that montage from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
06-02-19_3-31-56 PM.png

Tin also beefs up his comedy chops, telling Wasabi jokes.
06-02-19_3-33-48 PM.png

Around 11:20, people are starting to get tired. But Vero and Wasabi need to use the ladies' room before leaving, so Tin and Bhamv spend some time chatting. Miraculously, Bhamv does not devolve into a hissing, spitting, insult-spewing monster. Will wonders never cease?
06-02-19_3-36-16 PM.png

Coming out of the bathroom, Wasabi finds this piece really speaks to her.
06-02-19_3-37-15 PM.png

Bhamv tells Tinwhistler some outrageous lies about her fictional career.
06-02-19_3-38-59 PM.png

The foursome arrives home at a quarter to 1 am.
06-02-19_3-40-14 PM.png

Vero has herself a midnight snack.
06-02-19_3-40-42 PM.png

Wasabi goes straight to bed.
06-02-19_3-40-57 PM.png

Tinwhistler decides he's not done with the night, and loads up on coffee.
06-02-19_3-41-15 PM.png

Bhamv shakes that which her mother gave her.

Tinwhistler proves to himself and everybody else that he can, in fact, make it all the way to the bush in the front yard without losing bladder control. Uh... grats? Can't you just pee inside like a regular person?
06-02-19_3-43-41 PM.png

Bhamv hits the sack around 2:30am.
06-02-19_3-44-09 PM.png

Vero doesn't even notice she's broken the dishwasher.
06-02-19_3-44-25 PM.png

Tinwhistler also turns in.
06-02-19_3-44-59 PM.png

Vero's too worked up, though, and decides to try to tire herself out on the treadmill.
06-02-19_3-46-08 PM.png

She gets a call that a townie she was friends with has died, and that makes her very sad.
06-02-19_3-46-29 PM.png

It's almost dawn before she climbs into bed.
06-02-19_3-47-52 PM.png


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Tuesday, 3rd of Winter, Year 3

Constantly shovelling is Snow way to live.

Wasabi is first to rise at 8:30, and she makes herself a BLT, standing in the puddle left by the malfunctioning (and dangerously sparking) dishwasher.
06-09-19_1-48-25 PM.png

How's a lady supposed to enjoy her breakfast with the kitchen in such a state?
06-09-19_1-49-17 PM.png

Bhamv is hungry, but her habitual first stop after waking up is a quick dance. Well, it's quick, anyway, because the radio suddenly goes on the fritz.
06-09-19_1-50-20 PM.png

Tinwhistler is unpleasantly roused by his own stink. He immediately heads off to bathe.
06-09-19_1-50-34 PM.png

Bhamv is hungry, but apparently, shoveling the snow in the back yard takes precedence.
06-09-19_1-51-34 PM.png

After his bath, Tin fixes the dishwasher.
06-09-19_1-52-17 PM.png

Then he grills up a great big plate of Grilled Cheese while Wasabi mops up the water.
06-09-19_1-53-52 PM.png

Bhamv joins him for... well, I guess it's late enough to call it lunch, now.
06-09-19_1-55-15 PM.png

Vero is still sad about her friend passing away. Maybe some coffee will help.
06-09-19_1-56-33 PM.png

For some reason, the stereo won't allow itself to be repaired while it is sitting on the living room coffee table. I have to move it to the wall in the dining room/bar area before Tin will deign to have a look at it.
06-09-19_1-58-10 PM.png

Bhamv hugs Vero to cheer her up.
06-09-19_1-58-45 PM.png

Then she goes and "plays" by gleefully stomping up and down in the detritus left behind by Tin's repair efforts.
06-09-19_1-59-38 PM.png

Wasabi has herself a bath, too.
06-09-19_2-00-19 PM.png

"Man, this is really good coffee. I don't remember what I was even sad about."
06-09-19_2-00-35 PM.png

After walking all the way around the outside of the house, Tin decides he'd rather not shovel any snow, after all.
06-09-19_2-00-49 PM.png

Bhamv wants a bath, too, but is disgusted by the state in which Wasabi has left the bathroom.
06-09-19_2-02-03 PM.png

Tin gets to work finishing the upgrade of his Rocket.
06-09-19_2-03-28 PM.png

As the caffeine starts to wear off, Vero gives herself a pep talk in the mirror to help cheer herself out of her funk.
06-09-19_2-03-42 PM.png

Then she helps herself to some of Tin's grilled cheese, while Wasabi goes online to chat.
06-09-19_2-04-41 PM.png

Wasabi addresses the wreckage of her presence in the bathroom.
06-09-19_2-05-34 PM.png

Eugh, mopping alone was not enough.
06-09-19_2-05-51 PM.png

Something's gotta be done about the tub, and it looks like Wasabi's the woman for the job.
06-09-19_2-06-14 PM.png

Having finished upgrading the fuel tanks, Tinwhistler takes to the stars once again.
06-09-19_2-07-53 PM.png

While he's gone, the girls have themselves a little dance party.

Bhamv starts to get back into her old antisocial habits.
06-09-19_2-10-33 PM.png

Tin returns with a bigass space rock that he puts in the dining room, and checks another item off his life's aspiration.
06-09-19_2-10-53 PM.png

Seems like the wet bar in the dining room is the place to be, this evening.
06-09-19_2-13-34 PM.png

Bhamv tells a riveting tale of adventure to the shower curtain.
06-09-19_2-14-10 PM.png

Tin decides to give the treadmill a go.
06-09-19_2-15-42 PM.png

Vero hears the siren's call of the snow shovel.
06-09-19_2-16-42 PM.png

Tin regrets having a go on the treadmill.
06-09-19_2-17-25 PM.png

Watching Vero's pixelated-but-outlined naked form take a bath somehow reminds me of trying to tune in cable channels I wasn't subscribed to when I was younger.
06-09-19_2-18-41 PM.png

Bhamv claims to be a criminal mastermind to Tin. He doesn't believe her for even a second.
06-09-19_2-23-15 PM.png

"Why am I doing this??!!" - Wasabi
06-09-19_2-24-13 PM.png

06-09-19_2-26-10 PM.png

Come on, guys! Don't eat over the keyboard! Sheeesh.
06-09-19_2-27-40 PM.png

Tin is exhausted, and cold, and sore from the treadmill. It's after 11pm. He decides it's time for bed.
06-09-19_2-28-43 PM.png

Everybody else seems to be choosing coffee over sleep.
06-09-19_2-30-15 PM.png

Bhamv and Wasabi get into another argument. Their burgeoning friendship is pushed almost all the way back to square one.
06-09-19_2-32-12 PM.png

Coffee and cheese, cheese and coffee. You ladies are gonna get plugged. up. bad.
06-09-19_2-36-09 PM.png

Bhamv has had too much coffee, in fact.
06-09-19_2-39-14 PM.png

That's ok, Wasabi will finish it off for her.
06-09-19_2-39-45 PM.png

At 5:30 in the morning, Bhamv decides to take a little nap on the couch, instead of going to bed.
06-09-19_2-40-43 PM.png

Wasabi just stands there for 30 minutes, watching her. Steaming cup of hot coffee in hand. Thinking thoughts into which perhaps we'd best not pry.
06-09-19_2-41-37 PM.png
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"Everyone seems to be choosing coffee over sleep"


My legacy game has a butler who does the same thing. Even with a buff that tells her to sleep. She rarely uses the room I gave her. Instead she'll go for coffee. Her room has a stove and fridge, and I've only seen her use them once or twice.
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My legacy game has a butler who does the same thing. Even with a buff that tells her to sleep. She rarely uses the room I gave her. Instead she'll go for coffee. Her room has a stove and fridge, and I've only seen her use them once or twice.
That's because butlers are buggy af, like a lot of things in The Sims 4.


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Wednesday, 4th of winter, Year 3

A Christmas Miracle...?

Today is Christmas, or rather, "Winterfest." Vero and Wasabi are getting into the spirit.
06-22-19_3-10-20 PM.png

Their revelry wakes up Tinwhistler, who might as well get up anyway, because he's hungry.
06-22-19_3-13-23 PM.png

Mmm... grilled cheese.
06-22-19_3-13-46 PM.png

Even Bhamv puts her caustic personality on hold to join in the festivities.
06-22-19_3-15-16 PM.png

The front bathroom gets a lot of use this morning, and the sink pays the price.
06-22-19_3-17-57 PM.png

Wasabi decides she's too old for this "all nighter crap" and finally goes to bed... at 10:30 am.
06-22-19_3-19-01 PM.png

Tinwhistler is summoned into action to put the bathroom to rights.
06-22-19_3-19-52 PM.png

Vero confides in Bhamv that she... actually isn't all that fond of Winterfest.
06-22-19_3-20-13 PM.png

Holy cats, Bhamv, what'd you EAT?
06-22-19_3-22-38 PM.png

Vero is tired, sad, and feeling cooped up. As can be expected, she turns to coffee to assuage her hurts.
06-22-19_3-22-58 PM.png

Tin decides he can probably save himself a lot of time in the long run if he just starts upgrading the most commonly used appliances now, so they break less later. He goes on an upgrade spree, which also gets him handiness level 6.
06-22-19_3-23-44 PM.png

06-22-19_3-24-35 PM.png

Vero spends much of the afternoon pranking Bhamv. Bhamv actually seems to like it.
06-22-19_3-25-17 PM.png

Still no sleep to be had for Vero. Coffee keeps her up and about.
06-22-19_3-28-59 PM.png

The holiday actually gives Wasabi and Bhamv a chance to mend fences - eased along by copious amounts of libations.
06-22-19_3-31-37 PM.png

Just as Vero is cooking up a late lunch... Wasabi hits the floor. As she's behind the couch, it takes everyone a minute to notice her.

Tin pleads for Wasabi's life.
06-22-19_3-35-45 PM.png

Success! Death begrudgingly agrees to give Wasabi more time amongst the living.

Vero works her social mojo on death, and he takes an instant liking to her. Maybe even a little bit more. Wait, Vero, why are you giving him a key to the house? Is death just going to come over and hang out now?
06-22-19_3-39-20 PM.png

She poops out before anything really interesting can happen, though. Death takes his leave.
06-22-19_3-40-03 PM.png

I have no idea what Bhamv is on about.
06-22-19_3-44-42 PM.png

Uh oh, she's broken the coffee machine. That can't be good... people are going to be dropping like flies.
06-22-19_3-45-39 PM.png

Naturally, bereft of caffeine, Bhamv and Wasabi succumb to their somnolent needs.
06-22-19_3-47-08 PM.png

Meanwhile, Tin and Vero get to talking in the living room... and things turn a little spicy.
06-22-19_3-48-10 PM.png

And then there is dancing! Until Vero gets tired and goes to bed.

Wasabi's back up, and she gets an invitation to an interesting sounding event - Ghost Night at a local pub! Maybe the other halforumites will be there. This could be fun!
ghost night.jpg

Egads! Death is waiting for Wasabi at the bar! She collapses again immediately upon arrival.

With no friends attending with her to plead her case, Wasabi is helpless as she is ferried across the proverbial river.
06-22-19_3-54-04 PM.png
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Bhamv looks like she is trying to get you to take a bite of her poisoned... basketball?
“Now make a wish...and drive the lane...”