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Zappit: “I’ve somehow been transported into a Ben Stiller movie and I MUST PAINT IT!”

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Sparhawk returns from work miserable, exhausted, and fun-deprived. His performance is excellent, but he faces a ridiculous array of requirements to get promoted.
This game is getting to be way too realistic.


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Saturday, 7th of Summer, Year 2 - Household 1


In which nothing particularly monumental happens, for once.

Charon cooks up some stew for breakfast.

Seems like some people would rather have leftovers, though. Even if that means cheese eyeballs and spooky cookies. Well, at least that might be a theme thing for Gryfter.
04-28-19_8-53-58 AM.png

Jun's only got to practice a little more to reach skill 8 on violin, and then she can start writing songs.
04-28-19_8-55-56 AM.png

Bubble's gotten an early start today on his exercise routines.
04-28-19_8-57-27 AM.png

Cheesy is close to getting the logic level he needs to be caught up to Gryfter.
04-28-19_8-59-37 AM.png

Gryfter, meanwhile hones his handiness by carving an elephant out of a block of wood.
04-28-19_8-59-59 AM.png

Oh. Looks like Gryfter will have further opportunities to raise handiness, thanks to Wasabi.
04-28-19_9-00-30 AM.png

A ghost's work is never done.
04-28-19_9-01-53 AM.png

Wasabi reaches dance skill 5, the highest it can go. Nobody can bust a move better than Wasabi, now!

Excelsior, Cheesy! Looks like it's time to buy that rocket.
04-28-19_9-04-33 AM.png

Celt Z just happens to be walking by. Charon invites her in to hang out.
04-28-19_9-05-03 AM.png

No idea what's got Adam so pissed off, though.
04-28-19_9-05-45 AM.png

Some assembly required, on that rocket. We weren't using that bonfire, anyway.
04-28-19_9-06-37 AM.png

Charon and Celt Z have a rousing foosball match. I think that's the first time I've seen the table actually get used.
04-28-19_9-07-42 AM.png

Finally attaining skill 8 at the violin, Jun can now compose her own original songs. She begins work immediately.
04-28-19_9-08-53 AM.png

Two heads are better than one. Gryfter and Cheesy set to work building their rocket.
04-28-19_9-10-13 AM.png

Hot dogs by the river with some townies seems to have cheered Adam up.
04-28-19_9-11-22 AM.png

Celt Z has things she's gotta do (bow wow chicka wow wow), but before she leaves, Charon gives her a key, so she can just come on over whenever she wants, without needing an invitation.
04-28-19_9-14-37 AM.png

04-28-19_9-18-40 AM.png

General Specific tempts fate.
04-28-19_9-18-51 AM.png

After 4 hours, Cheesy really needs a trip to the bathroom and Gryfter's completely worn out. Who would have thought space travel would be so much work?!
04-28-19_9-19-14 AM.png

Cheesy devastates the bathroom.
04-28-19_9-20-24 AM.png

Luca wants to go for a walk, so Terrik hitches him up and off they go.
04-28-19_9-21-31 AM.png

They barely get down the street before Luca is all worn out.

They do take care of some business on the way back, though.
04-28-19_9-23-33 AM.png

This is the third time Bubble has been out exercising today. Did Household 3 kick him out or something??
04-28-19_9-26-37 AM.png

Writing music is a long and slow process, and a solitary one, too. Jun needs to stop down to get some socializing in.
04-28-19_9-28-00 AM.png

Thankfully she lives in a house full of gregarious knuckleheads.
04-28-19_9-29-23 AM.png

Terrik starts gathering up dishes, then suddenly decides he'd rather do something else.
04-28-19_9-29-39 AM.png

Gryfter tries to get a little more work done on the rocket. Hopefully the hammering doesn't keep the neighbors up.
04-28-19_9-31-10 AM.png

Jun was enjoying a nice conversation when Charon had to go and possess the furniture. Now she needs a relaxing steam.
04-28-19_9-34-16 AM.png

General Specific works his programming skills so that he can write a game or app for his aspiration. He keeps getting distracted, though.
04-28-19_9-37-18 AM.png

Cheesy hongry. Rocket can wait.
04-28-19_9-41-19 AM.png

Wasabi's noon nap is really paying off. She makes it through the whole night and isn't even tired in the slightest.
04-28-19_9-43-42 AM.png
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I wasn't kicked out, I just heard there were predatory redheads around, jumping or snogging anyone they met in the streets. Need to get in on that action, so need to be in the streets!


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Sunday, 1st of Fall, Year 3 - Household2


Getting Old Sucks.

HCGLNS starts off the day with a little mixology.

Dirona's lack of gardening skill is holding her back at work, so she works to remedy that.

Squidley makes pancakes, but MikeRC wants one of Dirona's flirty cookies for breakfast.
04-29-19_7-28-20 PM.png

Adam knocks out those TPS reports. Don't forget the new cover sheet, Adam.
04-29-19_7-28-48 PM.png

The only thing harvestable in the area right now are mushrooms. Fortunately, they count, for Dirona's performance task.
04-29-19_7-29-20 PM.png

Looks like HCGLNS has chosen to drink his breakfast again, today.
04-29-19_7-31-35 PM.png

A little bit of getting your hands dirty pays off for Dirona.
04-29-19_7-33-43 PM.png

Kags is out for her morning Jog.
04-29-19_7-36-23 PM.png

Squidley busts the toilet and straight up pretends nothing is wrong.
04-29-19_7-37-31 PM.png

Emrys decides it's too early to get up, and immediately has a nap.
04-29-19_7-37-56 PM.png

Dirona spent so much time getting ready for work she didn't get a chance to eat breakfast before heading out the door. Hope that doesn't impact her work day too much.
04-29-19_7-38-25 PM.png

Squidley's very affectionate. Even with a translucent hubby.
04-29-19_7-38-59 PM.png

Welp, she retired to devote more time to her art, so let's get artsy!
04-29-19_7-39-52 PM.png

I had directed Patrthom to fix the toilet, but I guess he thought it could wait.
04-29-19_7-40-04 PM.png

Adam's gonna need to practice his schmoozing if he wants his next promotion. Fortunately, the bathrooms are awash in mirrors, handy for doing just that.
04-29-19_7-41-47 PM.png

Pat finally gets a round tuit.
04-29-19_7-41-56 PM.png

It looks like Emrys' ferret is starting to get on in years... it's not spending as much time running around and playing as it used to, but rather sleeping and lying around.
04-29-19_7-43-11 PM.png

Kitty hugs.
04-29-19_7-43-39 PM.png

MikeRC has decided to eat breakfast in the living room instead of at the table. And not even watching TV or anything.
04-29-19_7-45-23 PM.png

Feeling particularly energetic, Emrys challenges the ghostly members of the household to a basketball shootout. They get two entire shots in before somebody loses the ball and they call the whole thing off, worn out anyway.

Even in his advancing years, the Ferret is still doing some wacky stuff.

HCGLNS is moved to tears by the zombie flick he is watching.
04-29-19_7-49-46 PM.png

Ear-growing Ferrets sure can make a mess.
04-29-19_7-50-57 PM.png

Squidley and Adam had a productive morning, so they have an early afternoon nap.
04-29-19_7-52-23 PM.png

So does Patrthom, in a slightly less conventional (but not uncommon) location.
04-29-19_7-52-38 PM.png

MikeRC is looking to step up his prank game. Fortunately, HCGLNS is a pretty good sport about it.

Emrys actually manages to teach Pudding to NOT scratch the furniture. Will wonders never cease?!
04-29-19_7-54-43 PM.png

Ok, Mike, a prank is a prank but THAT's just naaayaaasty.

Dirona's hard work has paid off! She's been promoted! But now she's soooo exhausted...
04-29-19_7-59-20 PM.png

...that she doesn't even make it up the stairs.
04-29-19_8-00-23 PM.png

Emrys wanted some Tea, but this darn thing isn't working. And she doesn't know why, so stop asking her questions already.
04-29-19_8-00-49 PM.png

She will happily assist Patrthom by dancing while he fixes it, though.

Adam partakes of some of HCGLNS's practice drinks while he sells off Squidley's artistic labors to local collectors.
04-29-19_8-04-23 PM.png

Wasabi spends all afternoon on the jogging trail networking with townies.
04-29-19_8-05-58 PM.png

Nice! Squidley paints her first masterpiece! It sells to a full blown art gallery for more than she made as a detective in a day.
04-29-19_8-06-18 PM.png

HCGLNS is grumpy, so he possesses a toilet and breaks it from the inside. Surely there are more productive ways to handle your discomfort, you hobo.
04-29-19_8-07-55 PM.png

Dei doesn't look to be much enjoying her evening walk.
04-29-19_8-09-07 PM.png

After a hard day's pranking, nothing like sippin' some booze while lounging in the hot tub, right Mike?
04-29-19_8-10-32 PM.png

HCGLNS's misbehavior has given Patrthom the opportunity to finally get to handiness level 5.
04-29-19_8-11-27 PM.png

Guess it's time to get him his rocket. All the other kids in the neighborhood are getting them, after all. Koi pond, we hardly knew ye.
04-29-19_8-12-01 PM.png

Before he even thinks about getting started on that, though, he's gotta fix the jukebox.
04-29-19_8-13-03 PM.png

Squidley's had a very artful day, so she turns in.
04-29-19_8-15-52 PM.png

Huh. I didn't even notice, but apparently at some point, Vero came over and let herself in, and helped herself to MikeRC's computer.
04-29-19_8-16-11 PM.png

Dirona woke up from her post-work nap feeling better, but now she needs some fun... desperately...
04-29-19_8-14-53 PM.png

Well, after dinner, she and MikeRC shoo Vero out of their room... and get to making their own fun.

Thing is, when you get to be a certain age... sometimes woohoo does as much harm as it does good.
04-29-19_8-20-09 PM.png

Vero finally heads home around midnight.
04-29-19_8-22-50 PM.png

Dirona goes to bed after that, and nothing much happens until 3am when Squidley and HCGLNS wake up.
04-29-19_8-25-30 PM.png

She cooks up some pancakes, and the day is set to do it all over again.
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That start of the day pic is so damn true. Pudding does nothing but jump around and get in the way until fed.


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Spoiler alert: learning a new job is almost as exhausting as explaining your old job to a new sucker/victim.
Yeah, I don't know if I'll be updating during the week, but I think I can get one or two out this weekend. We'll see how it all shakes out.
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During this lull, I have this. Internet Superstar Kian Fyres took up Mixology as a hobby after retirement. This was the result.
Appletinis. Appletinis everywhere.


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Monday, 2nd of Fall, Year 3 - Household 3


That sinking feeling

Well, it looks like in the interim, the reaper finally caught up with MD. No matter how fit you are, he'll catch up eventually. The good news is you don't have to have a body to be a bodybuilder, so he can keep working his fitness regimen beyond the grave. Though, the exercise limitations placed on elders still apply.
05-04-19_10-17-04 AM.png

Bubble maxes out his Dancing skill.
05-04-19_10-17-24 AM.png

Vero gets in an early morning swim.
05-04-19_10-17-44 AM.png

And Kags is just arriving home... maybe from a 5 am jog?
05-04-19_10-17-59 AM.png

Gruebeard has comedy pretty well down for the moment, so he practices his violin to help with his job performance.
05-04-19_10-19-58 AM.png

A good-morning kiss from Cog before he starts working on his rocket. Hope he brushed his teeth.
05-04-19_10-20-10 AM.png

Bubble cooks breakfast, plus a little extra, to maximize his chances at career advancement.
05-04-19_10-20-38 AM.png

Kags washes her hands in the kitchen sink and YE GODS WOMAN what have you had your hands in?!
05-04-19_10-24-58 AM.png

Grue's violin practice does not enhance breakfast very much.
05-04-19_10-28-03 AM.png

Kags attempts to tidy the wreckage of her presence.
05-04-19_10-29-44 AM.png

Well THAT didn't go according to plan.
05-04-19_10-30-04 AM.png

Cog stops down from working on his rocket to fix the sink. He also upgrades it to be self-cleaning, to help deal with the Kags-filth in the future.
05-04-19_10-30-46 AM.png

Bhamv makes a friend... about what do you think they are conversing?
05-04-19_10-31-45 AM.png

Drawn Inward manages to find enough elements to send off to the geo council today to satisfy the requirements of his aspiration.
05-04-19_10-36-13 AM.png

The frogs, however, are taking their time with breeding. He'll have to wrap that one up next time.
05-04-19_10-37-43 AM.png

Having fixed the sink (and the tea machine that was broken while he fixed the sink), Cog opts for a nap.
05-04-19_10-39-00 AM.png

Dei and Wasabi, out enjoying the fall air in this, the autumn of their life.
05-04-19_10-39-19 AM.png

What... AGAIN?
05-04-19_10-40-09 AM.png

Dudebro dance party.
05-04-19_10-44-25 AM.png

Vero gets some charisma practice in, managing to make it to level 8 today.
05-04-19_10-44-55 AM.png

Cog awakens from his nap and fixes the sink again. Incidentally, he's fixed so many things, he has 45 upgrade parts now.
05-04-19_10-45-46 AM.png

He works on his rocket for a while, but a foul mood prompts him to seek coffee.
05-04-19_10-51-41 AM.png

Mmm... Coffee fixes everything.
05-04-19_10-52-19 AM.png

Kags mistakenly barges in on Grue in the bathroom. The horror!
05-04-19_10-52-48 AM.png

Damn, Grue... maybe try a little fiber in your diet?
05-04-19_10-53-08 AM.png

Cog's used to the routine by now. MindDetective is worn out from exercising, so he helps with the mess.
05-04-19_10-53-53 AM.png

Bubble got promoted! But while the hard word paid off, it has left him very tense. At least that advances his aspiration to the next level.. now he needs level 5 in 5 skills... and to make level 3 in a second career.
05-04-19_10-55-51 AM.png

OH COME ON! Nobody was even using it this time!
05-04-19_10-58-47 AM.png

Bubble spends much of the evening standing around doing nothing in particular, complaining about how tense he is.
05-04-19_10-59-28 AM.png

Finally he decides on a nap.
05-04-19_11-00-35 AM.png

For reasons of which I am unclear, Drawn Inward decides to possess the piano.

When Bubble wakes up from his nap, he decides to try for the last little bit of fitness he needs to make level 5. Cog has dinner standing between the dancing girls of Household 3.
05-04-19_11-04-50 AM.png

Most everybody else opts to have dinner in front of the TV. Cog shushes people who talk during the show.
05-04-19_11-06-57 AM.png

Grue didn't get promoted today, and he's super exhausted, too. That's show biz, I guess.
05-04-19_11-11-00 AM.png

05-04-19_11-12-02 AM.png

Grue didn't make it. He passes out for a little while, and then clambers the rest of the way to bed, at which point everybody is asleep.
05-04-19_11-12-13 AM.png

Bubble wakes up around 2 am and finishes up getting that 5th level on fitness.
05-04-19_11-15-21 AM.png

He then calls his boss (who I am sure is glad to hear from him at 2 am) and announces his retirement. He'll have to get a different job for his aspiration, but at least he can collect his pension until then.
05-04-19_11-16-13 AM.png

He then works on logic until the sun comes up.
05-04-19_11-18-09 AM.png


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Tuesday, 3rd of Fall, Year 3 - Household 4


Let the bodies hit the floor gingerly find somewhere comfortable to ease themselves to the floor.

Just another average morning at Household 4, nothing ominous going on here! Gas is grilling burgers for breakfast, and everybody else is wasting time, as per usual.
05-11-19_10-41-54 AM.png

Daisy is an independent dog, that means Snuffles can just turn her loose to run around the neighborhood at will.
05-11-19_10-42-57 AM.png

Tin begins work on an end table, to get that last bit of Handiness he needs.
05-11-19_10-45-26 AM.png

DarkAudit's got work in a few hours, so he better get his videogaming in.
05-11-19_10-45-47 AM.png

Mmmm.. Burgers for breakfast. Brilliant. Also, Jwhouk's gotta play chess before he goes to work, too.
05-11-19_10-46-26 AM.png

What is this "burgers for breakfast" nonsense? Dei knows there is but one chosen, hallowed, perfect breakfast food. And that is, of course, the blessed cheese.
05-11-19_10-46-51 AM.png

Somebody Celt Z was friends with has died, apparently (hard to say who, though), and she spends much of the morning crying about it in various locations.
05-11-19_10-47-08 AM.png

Tin achieves his handiness prerequisite, so I buy him his rocket kit. The driveway is really the only place with space to put it, and I have to move the basketball goal.
05-11-19_10-48-08 AM.png

Tin's gotten pretty long in the tooth (as have we all), so it seems best to use his reward points to turn back the clock, even if it is just to the beginning of the Elder phase.
tin reward.jpg

Snuffles doesn't work for 3 days, so he can goof off this morning in VR.
05-11-19_10-52-09 AM.png

At around 6am, everybody's phones start ringing to let them know that Emrys has passed away. This has a major affect on most of the denizens of household 4, especially Celt Z.
05-11-19_10-52-44 AM.png

Well, at least Tin's end table came out well. Some of Jwhouk's rocket junk is placed upon it.
05-11-19_10-54-23 AM.png

You guys know we have tables, chairs, a bar... all kinds of places to sit and eat... right? You don't have to stand in the kitchen.
05-11-19_10-56-30 AM.png

Kags' jogging has become more of a "power walk."
05-11-19_10-58-36 AM.png

Celt Z moves her mourning from the bed to the closet.

Tin gets to work on assembling his rocket.
05-11-19_10-59-35 AM.png

Is there really no other trash can in the house? Dei has to walk all the way to the curb to scrape plates.
05-11-19_11-00-01 AM.png

Emerging from the closet, Celt Z feels the burden of life is too heavy to continue carrying it.

The reaper is completely unmoved by Gas's pleas for clemency.

Celt Z's mortal coil is shuffled off.

"Well this is a fine how do you do." I am tired of messing with urns and whatnot, so I just debugtool Celt Z's ghost back into the household.
05-11-19_11-02-18 AM.png

Guh, who the heck befouled the bathroom sink so thoroughly?!
05-11-19_11-03-38 AM.png

True to form, Celt Z has returned from the beyond.... to CLEAN.
05-11-19_11-04-26 AM.png

Jwhouk has himself a fancy-ass breakfast.
05-11-19_11-05-14 AM.png

Snuffles grabs the popular nap spot. DA and Gas head off to work. This promises to be a lousy day for both.
05-11-19_11-05-51 AM.png

Wasabi's too mopey to jog properly.
05-11-19_11-06-11 AM.png

Meanwhile, the Reaper just hangs around for a while watching TV.
05-11-19_11-06-26 AM.png

Celt Z goes online to chat. "Hey everybody, the rumors of my demise have been... well, accurate... but I'm still here!"
05-11-19_11-08-38 AM.png

Then the sisters get in a little vidya.
05-11-19_11-11-01 AM.png

Somebody broke the dishwasher. Dei mops up the puddle. She doesn't LIKE it. But she does it.
05-11-19_11-12-54 AM.png

Daisy takes a nap in the middle of the street. I guess you can't run over a ghost dog?
05-11-19_11-13-21 AM.png

Tin takes a break from working on his rocket to fix the dishwasher.
05-11-19_11-13-40 AM.png

A nap and a bit of booze will do wonders for your morale, right Snuff?
05-11-19_11-13-51 AM.png

Some ease their pain through camaraderie...

... some go with what they know...
05-11-19_11-15-37 AM.png

... and some pester their siblings by eating beans and franks next to them until the flatulence drives them away.
05-11-19_11-16-16 AM.png

DarkAudit gets home from work... and immediately drops dead.

Dei's appeal to the Grim Reaper is unsuccessful, and he, too, becomes ethereal.
05-11-19_11-18-41 AM.png

Sara's too bummed to barbecue today.
05-11-19_11-19-45 AM.png

Ironically, Emrys texts Gas from beyond the grave to console him on Celt Z's passing. I don't know how this works, given that I haven't had a chance to "ghostify" her yet.
emrys condolences.jpg

Bubble's just not into jogging today, after what he's seen.
05-11-19_11-23-26 AM.png

Coffee and Home Repair.
05-11-19_11-25-04 AM.png

Gas spent all day at work moping around and getting nothing done. And now he's exhausted.
05-11-19_11-26-51 AM.png

This seems way more poignant than it needs to be.
05-11-19_11-28-18 AM.png

Snuffles seems to have decided in favor of caffeine over actual sleep.
05-11-19_11-27-59 AM.png

Jwhouk didn't have a good day at work, either, unsurprisingly. Straight to bed with him.
05-11-19_11-31-13 AM.png

DarkAudit gets a little drink in him and decides to try to pull some ghostly pranks on Bubble and Bhamv... but they disperse instantly when he arrives.

In a fit of ghostly pique, Celt Z possesses one of the upstairs showers, breaking it.
05-11-19_11-34-17 AM.png

Jwhouk's time has apparently also come, tonight... and he barely goes horizontal before Snuffles does the same!

Tinwhistler's pleas to the Grim Reaper on Snuffles' behalf succeed!... but while he's doing that, Dei expires.

Celt Z makes the case for sparing Dei to the reaper, and also succeeds.
05-11-19_11-38-28 AM.png

And since he's on a roll, Tin also successfully intervenes with death on Jwhouk's behalf.
05-11-19_11-40-20 AM.png

Gas and Jwhouk have seen so much death in one day, they're both inspired to retire immediately. No sense slaving for the man for what little time they have left, and both have made their aspirational achievement anyway, so they don't need the jobs anymore, anyway. Snuffles keeps his.
05-11-19_11-42-34 AM.png

Well, all in all, I guess today could have gone a lot worse than it did.
05-11-19_11-43-58 AM.png

Gas and Jwhouk have an early morning breakfast and debate who is best Captain.
05-11-19_11-45-27 AM.png

Bubble continues to roam the neighborhood with a haunted expression. I think he's afraid of what he might find waiting for him if he goes home...
05-11-19_11-46-52 AM.png
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You didn't get my aspiration high enough to discuss the god food with the Reaper yet, how depressing.
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Hey, there's an update! We live!
*reads post*
...well, crap.

Geez, Gas, you couldn't sweet talk the Grim Reaper any better? I got Dei a reprieve! Next time I'm haunting the hot tub!
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I just wonder how much more successful Gas’ pleas would have been without GYRATING NAKED SNUFFLES right there beside him.



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Hey, there's an update! We live!
*reads post*
...well, crap.

Geez, Gas, you couldn't sweet talk the Grim Reaper any better? I got Dei a reprieve! Next time I'm haunting the hot tub!
The Reaper knew you'd been runnin' round on me!