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Wednesday, 4th of Fall, Year 3 - Household 5


And one by one dropped the revelers...
Apparently the Grim Reaper's reprieves are sometimes numbered on the order of minutes. Immediately upon starting the day, the phones start ringing to let everyone know that Jwhouk and Dei have died.
05-12-19_9-59-46 AM.png

After that downer of a start, Null grills up some hot dogs for breakfast.
05-12-19_10-01-13 AM.png

Certain people are too impatient for that, though, and grab leftovers.
05-12-19_10-01-45 AM.png

Breakfast is a bit of a mirthless affair.
05-12-19_10-03-19 AM.png

Many are too busy indulging in their coping mechanisms to go, or are at least delayed by them.
05-12-19_10-03-34 AM.png

And then Null and Sparhawk get into a heated argument, casting even more of an unpleasant pallor over the meal.
05-12-19_10-06-18 AM.png

Sara seeks solace in the form of her intellectual pursuits, but it's hard to get into the swing of things, even with a focused moodlet.
05-12-19_10-09-15 AM.png

Playing the lottery, however, has inspired the more creatively-inclined residents of Household 5. Zappit tries his hand at making some pop art.
05-12-19_10-10-34 AM.png

Null decides to try his hand at non-fiction, while Bhamv practices her charisma in front of the mirror.
05-12-19_10-11-36 AM.png

This should sell, right?
null book.jpg

Tiger attempts Karaoke, and manages to clear the joint out. Well, the upstairs, at least.
05-12-19_10-15-58 AM.png

Sparhawk heads to work, a veritable rainbow of emotion. Should be an interesting day.
05-12-19_10-17-33 AM.png

Ghost doggies need love too.
05-12-19_10-18-19 AM.png

When he finishes his painting, Zappit decides it's time for a nap.
05-12-19_10-18-44 AM.png

Sara's having a hard time making much headway with that rocket.
05-12-19_10-20-52 AM.png

Whup, there we go... we knew something would be coming. On his way to the basement to play video games, Tiger Tsang suddenly feels like having a little bit of a lie down, right there.

Hey, Null finishes his book at that same moment. It's not the worst thing ever. He sends it off to the publisher.
05-12-19_10-22-17 AM.png

Sara is Tiger's closest friend in the house, she pleads for his life.
05-12-19_10-23-12 AM.png

Death is not moved.
05-12-19_10-23-36 AM.png

Tiger is now one of the countless people struggling with being living-impaired.
05-12-19_10-24-36 AM.png

Sara tries to perk herself up, but Tiger interrupts her by possessing the bathroom sink.

"Well hey there, tall, dark, and gruesome... come here often?" "Third time so far, but the day's not over yet."
05-12-19_10-26-52 AM.png

Sara's about ready to just give up on this. She can't concentrate.
05-12-19_10-27-45 AM.png

Klew needs to get 4 skills to 4, and he's only got 1: Logic. However, his Dancing is at about 3.9... still it takes him all afternoon to get to 4 because people keep socializing with him.
05-12-19_10-29-23 AM.png

Null shares a juicy story with the microwave.
05-12-19_10-33-31 AM.png

"Hey, you guys won't believe what the microwave just said about you..."
05-12-19_10-34-59 AM.png

Bhamv takes a nap in the foyer.
05-12-19_10-35-21 AM.png

Tiger's feeling pretty enegetic, though, for a newly dead guy. He works the punching bag, but as he's still technically an elder, he wears himself out pretty fast.
05-12-19_10-36-01 AM.png

Whup, looks like Klew might have danced his last dance.

Once again, Sara's words fail to move the Reaper, and Klew sails for distant shores.
05-12-19_10-40-55 AM.png

"Well, this sucks."
05-12-19_10-42-08 AM.png

Bhamv and Grim get to know each other a little better.
05-12-19_10-44-29 AM.png

I don't see any of the usual suspects around the neighborhood all day... just Tinwhistler...
05-12-19_10-46-40 AM.png

...And the notably youthful and newly fitness-minded Vero.
05-12-19_10-47-11 AM.png

With all the negative ghostly emotions going around, it's a very brief interval before the coffee pot, the bathroom sink, and the arcade machine in the basement are all broken. Sara's going to have her work cut out for her when she wakes up from her nap.
05-12-19_10-45-58 AM.png

Oh. Uh... yeah... about that...

Tiger's her closest pal in the house, but he and Zappit are napping in the hot tub, and he might not make it in time to intercede on her behalf.
05-12-19_10-49-02 AM.png

So it falls upon Klew to make the case for sparing Sara.
05-12-19_10-50-09 AM.png

Well, that's how that worked out.
05-12-19_10-51-29 AM.png

Dancing with Death. I thought it was supposed to be "dicing?"

Death then raids the fridge for a hot dog.
05-12-19_10-53-48 AM.png

Well, I guess Sara has time to fix all those broken appliances now, huh...
05-12-19_10-54-13 AM.png

And speaking of time... Sparhawk's has just run out.

It's all too much for Null... he's now an emotion bomb.
05-12-19_10-57-53 AM.png

Is Bhamv now going to be the last living being standing in household 5?
05-12-19_10-59-09 AM.png

No! Sara actually manages to succeed in convincing the Reaper! Sparhawk is returned to life, for now.
05-12-19_11-01-18 AM.png

Zappit can't deal with the emotional rollercoaster, and has a meltdown.
05-12-19_11-02-14 AM.png

"We gotta stop meeting like this... what's a psychopomp do when he's not on the clock, hmmm?"
05-12-19_11-03-15 AM.png

Sparhawk now has a little bit more life on earth to spend. How much? I guess we'll find out...
05-12-19_11-05-02 AM.png


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Thursday, 5th of Fall, Year 3


Last Wasabi Standing

Joining Household 1 reveals that everybody but Wasabi has died. She's rather upset about it.
05-18-19_5-09-58 PM.png

So, I cheatcode all the newly dead people back into the house, and they immediately decide they want cookies for breakfast.
05-18-19_5-11-02 PM.png

Now Jun has plenty of time to finish those songs she's been writing.
05-18-19_5-13-19 PM.png

General Specific is a sad ghost, and he shows it by possessing the litterbox.

Wasabi's already unhappy, she might as well be the one to clean up from the ghost cookie party, she guesses.
05-18-19_5-14-59 PM.png

"Hi, Boss? Yeah, I won't be coming into work anymore. Because I'm dead. Yeah."
05-18-19_5-16-19 PM.png

Gryfter and Cheesy are psyched to continue working on their rocket.
05-18-19_5-16-50 PM.png

Selfie with a ghost!
05-18-19_5-18-27 PM.png

Gryfter needs handiness skill, too. Fortunately for him, the stereo in the kitchen is broken.
05-18-19_5-19-58 PM.png

Gryfter then joins Cheesy in being vocally displeased about the mess left over from fixing the stereo.
05-18-19_5-21-14 PM.png

It's exhausting, being old and a ghost. Most everybody spends a great deal of the day napping.
05-18-19_5-22-25 PM.png

If you recall, many people working at the hospital are already ghosts, so Terrik should fit right in. Off to work he goes.
05-18-19_5-23-02 PM.png

Gryfter and Cheesy get to work on finishing that rocket. It takes them a few hours to get it all finally put together.
05-18-19_5-25-25 PM.png

It's Harvestfest, so people start getting in the holiday mood.
05-18-19_5-26-49 PM.png

Charon starts whipping up a turkey dinner.

Cheesy takes a break from working on the rocket to stuff his face with Chili. Literally.
05-18-19_5-30-01 PM.png

Having retired, General Specific now has plenty of time to practice programming.
05-18-19_5-32-51 PM.png

The turkey gets the Wasabi seal of approval.
05-18-19_5-35-03 PM.png

Charon relaxes while the nerds labor in the background.
05-18-19_5-37-40 PM.png

Gryfter is smelly and Cheesy is exhausted. Time for another break.
05-18-19_5-38-59 PM.png

Terrik apparently had a hard day at work.
05-18-19_5-39-57 PM.png

He doesn't make it very far.

Jun tidies up when she's not composing.
05-18-19_5-42-44 PM.png

When Terrik wakes up, he just flops over onto the couch for a more dignified nap.
05-18-19_5-43-14 PM.png

Then a little dinner, before bed for real.
05-18-19_5-47-49 PM.png

Gryfter suddenly gets it in his head to try mixology...
05-18-19_5-49-15 PM.png

...he's not very good at it yet.

Bhamv comes by to visit with Gryfter.
05-18-19_5-51-02 PM.png

She gets a little tipsy.
05-18-19_5-52-20 PM.png

Then she tells Cheesy a huge whopping lie about her career. Hint: she's not employed.
05-18-19_5-55-48 PM.png

Gryfter mixes the 100th drink of the game!

Luca does not like Bhamv.
05-18-19_5-59-54 PM.png

Somebody breaks the toilet. Wasabi attempts to futilely staunch the flow with a mop...
05-18-19_6-01-09 PM.png

Cheesy repairs the source of the problem.
05-18-19_6-01-34 PM.png

How's a ghost supposed to take a whiz in here with you guys going all social hour in the bathroom?!
05-18-19_6-02-24 PM.png


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Next update probably won't be until the coming weekend, as I'm hitting the road for a 4 hour drive today.


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Well, there's a problem... I went to go start up and play Household 2....

.... and everybody was dead. There were no surviving members of Household 2. Dirona, MikeRC, Squidley.... all gone.

Looking around, I realized almost everybody in ALL the households was dead. There were only 4 surviving HF sims.

So... I moved the remaining survivors into one house, and we will see this through to the end (or until I deem it finished anyway)...

Without further ado:

Friday, 6th of Fall, The Final Survivors

Final Survivors household.jpg

And Then There Were Four

This is all that is left. Somehow, Wasabi's managed to beat the odds, as well as Tinwhistler. Bhamv was a teenager when this all started, so no surprise she's survived, and of course, Vero's copious use of age-reversing potions has kept her wrinkle-free as well.
05-24-19_8-44-18 PM.png

I've moved them into a new house that Dei designed. Everybody but Bhamv is pretty bummed about all their friends and loved ones being dead, so today is kind of subdued.
05-24-19_8-45-37 PM.png

Wasabi decides to get into cooking, and makes herself some breakfast. Bhamv just zaps something in the microwave, and the indigestion gives her trouble the rest of the day.
05-24-19_8-45-56 PM.png

I move some plants so that Tinwhistler can have a rocket to build.
05-24-19_8-47-47 PM.png

Breakfast is kind of on the quiet side, with everybody watching TV while they eat.
05-24-19_8-48-22 PM.png

Wasabi's already pretty good friends with everybody there, from her party-throwing days.
05-24-19_8-50-22 PM.png

A lot of folks spend much of the day finding ways to cope with their grief and loss.
05-24-19_8-50-33 PM.png

Bhamv decides to go shower in the thunderstorm. Luckily, she is not struck by lightning.
05-24-19_8-51-00 PM.png

The kitchen's a little on the crowded side.
05-24-19_8-52-05 PM.png

Vero and Tin discuss the move.
05-24-19_8-53-30 PM.png

Wasabi and Bhamv play some vidya.
05-24-19_8-54-02 PM.png

Seems like the kitchen bar is more popular than the dining room table.
05-24-19_8-55-07 PM.png

Somebody turns on the stereo, and it's an instant dance party.

GasBandit texts Tin from beyond the grave, which is a real trick considering his urn is alone and unbeckoned, so he shouldn't even be in the world.
05-24-19_9-01-51 PM.png

Well, whatever, Tin's got a rocket to build.
05-24-19_9-02-18 PM.png

Bhamv flirts with the kitchen trash.
05-24-19_9-02-43 PM.png

Mid-afternoon, Vero grabs a catnap.
05-24-19_9-05-40 PM.png

Bhamv decides she'd rather caffeinate.
05-24-19_9-06-36 PM.png

And she goes right back for another helping, then another.... it's starting to affect her adversely.
05-24-19_9-08-45 PM.png

She yells at Wasabi.
05-24-19_9-11-18 PM.png

After 5 hours of working on the rocket, it's a little less than halfway done, but Tinwhistler is pooped and goes inside for a nap.
05-24-19_9-12-12 PM.png

Wasabi goes out for some activity, but almost immediately decides she's too tired for this shit today.
05-24-19_9-14-44 PM.png

Bhamv grabs a PBJ for dinner, and watches the toob.
05-24-19_9-16-31 PM.png

Bhamv goes to nap just as Wasabi's waking up from hers, and 'Sabi goes on to make herself some chips and salsa for dinner.
05-24-19_9-19-34 PM.png

Well, um, at least she's getting better, I guess?
05-24-19_9-19-51 PM.png

After eating, she relaxes in the jacuzzi-bath. Mmmm, jets.
05-24-19_9-22-23 PM.png

Bhamv wakes back up, and then there is more dancing.

And more yelling and insulting. This friendship is sliding downwards fast.
05-24-19_9-23-46 PM.png

Everybody else has gone to bed, but Bhamv is still hearing voices.
05-24-19_9-24-45 PM.png

A vampire comes to the door.
05-24-19_9-25-13 PM.png

Bhamv flirts with him...
05-24-19_9-25-46 PM.png

... and then starts insulting him. Bhamv, negging doesn't really work, you know?
05-24-19_9-26-41 PM.png

After a prolonged abuse session, Bhamv tells him to hit the bricks. Vlad is now definitely in the "not a fan of Bhamv" category.
05-24-19_9-28-05 PM.png

Meanwhile, Tin has woken up, and is hungry.
05-24-19_9-28-30 PM.png

He sadly eats his BLT.
05-24-19_9-29-39 PM.png

Then it's back to work on the rocket.
05-24-19_9-32-22 PM.png


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Gaby ask why you didn't make everyone a vampire.
Tell her I usually don't "make" anybody do anything (unless it's part of their aspiration), I just let them do whatever they want and document it.

Bhamv apparently wants to send everybody mixed signals and be a crazy jerk.


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Saturday, 7th of Fall, Year 3

Final Survivors household.jpg

Snub Is In The Air

When last we left the survivors, everybody was asleep except Tin, who was getting an early start on his rocket. No, that's not a euphemism.
05-26-19_1-27-50 PM.png

It only takes him a couple hours to work up a truly malodorous sweat, so he goes and has a shower.
05-26-19_1-29-24 PM.png

Vero wakes up and helps herself to a ham sandwich.
05-26-19_1-29-58 PM.png

I know how things go around here, so I go ahead and have Tin do a little pro-active preventative upgrading to the kitchen sink.
05-26-19_1-31-18 PM.png

Wasabi wakes up and microwaves herself a bowl of oatmeal. Gettin' to be asses-n'-elbows in the kitchen.
05-26-19_1-33-45 PM.png

Tin and Vero get to know each other a little better.
05-26-19_1-34-23 PM.png

Wasabi's oatmeal does not sit well.
05-26-19_1-35-53 PM.png

Tinwhistler gets back to work on his spaceship.
05-26-19_1-38-45 PM.png

Vero and Wasabi engage in a spirited round of vidya.
05-26-19_1-39-15 PM.png

The late-night-vampire-frustrator finally wakes up, and goes to make herself a BLT.
05-26-19_1-39-36 PM.png

She makes a big mess whitch Wasabi, in one of her more energetic whims, cleans up.
05-26-19_1-40-52 PM.png

Vero starts feeling cooped up, so she heads out into the neighborhood to pick wild produce. She finds a few onions and a whole bunch of apples, which she brings home and stows in the fridge.
05-26-19_1-42-21 PM.png

Tin's bladder tells him that's enough rocket science for one day.
05-26-19_1-44-55 PM.png

No sooner does he finish emptying said bladder, than he gets back to filling it up again.
05-26-19_1-47-06 PM.png

Vero has a relaxing bath.
05-26-19_1-49-00 PM.png

Wasabi grills herself up a mid-afternoon cheese.
05-26-19_1-49-17 PM.png

Bhamv picks an argument with Tinwhistler.
05-26-19_1-49-41 PM.png

Seems like Tin got the better of that little exchange. Bhamv is pissed off for several hours.
05-26-19_1-50-30 PM.png

Tin decides to try stretching his culinary legs a little, and whips up a whole bunch of pancakes, only spilling one or two out of the pan in the process.

That's a good way to get hemorrhoids, Bhamv.
05-26-19_1-53-23 PM.png

Grue's ghost calls up Vero and invites her out to the romance festival. I have everybody else tag along.
grue invite.jpg

Bhamv immediately starts yelling and insulting everybody.
05-26-19_1-55-51 PM.png

Tin's more in the spirit of the event.
05-26-19_1-58-44 PM.png

Wasabi goes to the bar across the street to use the john, and gets herself a drink. The toilet was REALLY impressive, and it's got her in a focused mood. How is that even a thing??
05-26-19_1-59-26 PM.png

Bhamv continues to be a complete and utter churl.
05-26-19_2-02-36 PM.png

After a few hours, Tin's really feeling tired, so everybody heads home. Tin goes straight to bed.
05-26-19_2-05-57 PM.png

Bhamv kicks back in the tub and lets the jets do their soothing work.
05-26-19_2-06-15 PM.png

Wasabi's feeling energetic again, so she hits the treadmill.
05-26-19_2-09-34 PM.png

Bubble's not around to cook for her anymore, so Vero hits cooking skill 4.
05-26-19_2-09-54 PM.png

Wasabi overdoes it on the treadmill, which doesn't take much if you're an elder. She trundles off to bed.
05-26-19_2-12-06 PM.png

In just two days, Bhamv has managed to undo almost every pixel of good will any of her roommates have held for her. She's still awake for several hours after everybody else is asleep, so I figure I better have her practice her charisma in the mirror until she gets tired.
05-26-19_2-15-35 PM.png


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Sunday, 1st of Winter, Year 3

Final Survivors household.jpg

Flee Market

Wasabi is the first one awake, driven from the warmth of her bed into the cold uncaring world by a full bladder.
05-27-19_12-15-40 PM.png

After tending to that urgent business, she helps herself to some of Tin's leftover pancakes for breakfast.
05-27-19_12-16-59 PM.png

Guh, somebody left the coffee pot full overnight. It smells bad.
05-27-19_12-18-10 PM.png

Then Wasabi dances until someone wakes up and joins her. It's Vero.

When Tinwhistler wakes up, he decides his stink is worse than his hunger, and starts off with a bath.
05-27-19_12-19-43 PM.png

Winter hit hard right from the start. It's freezing today, and snow is piling up. Vero warms up with some coffee.
05-27-19_12-20-12 PM.png

Wasabi gets in one of her energetic moods, and hits the treadmill. It doesn't take her long though to wear herself out.
05-27-19_12-20-34 PM.png

"Somebody's been eating my pancakes."
05-27-19_12-21-53 PM.png

Bhamv wakes up hungry, but decides to go dance by herself rather than deal with the 3 people in the kitchen.
05-27-19_12-24-58 PM.png

I'm pretty sure if I left them to their own devices, these guys would just dance and play video games all day.
05-27-19_12-27-27 PM.png

Today, however, Ghost-Dei calls Tinwhistler... and it looks like everybody's headed to the Flea Market.
ghost dei invite.jpg

Dei's observation was quite astute. Tinwhistler is absolute balls at haggling, and pisses off the vendor.
05-27-19_12-31-03 PM.png

The food on offer is spicier than Bhamv was expecting.
05-27-19_12-31-28 PM.png

This Banh Mi is okay, but Vero would rather have a burger.
05-27-19_12-33-39 PM.png

Tin and Wasabi spend a great deal of the trip off to the side talking amongst themselves.
05-27-19_12-34-05 PM.png

Bhamv has found entirely new people to verbally abuse.
05-27-19_12-35-56 PM.png

Dei possesses a hookah, making disconcerting wafts of smoke and bubbles rise from it.
05-27-19_12-36-17 PM.png

Vero's not feeling so good. Welp, time to go home.
05-27-19_12-37-19 PM.png

I wish ANY real life cold remedy was this effective. I wouldn't care if it really was $50.
05-27-19_12-40-17 PM.png

Perhaps inspired by the townie busking at the flea market, Bhamv has taken an interest in learning to play the guitar.
05-27-19_12-40-45 PM.png

It's a bit late in the afternoon, but Tin finally picks up his tools and gets back to work on his rocket.
05-27-19_12-41-44 PM.png

Bhamv regales the card table with an epic yarn.
05-27-19_12-42-22 PM.png

Alright, Wasabi's giving this fitness thing another go.
05-27-19_12-42-35 PM.png

30 minutes later.... hey, that's pretty good for her age, though.
05-27-19_12-43-53 PM.png

A soak in the tub with some muscle-relaxing add-ins should fix Wasabi up.
05-27-19_12-45-11 PM.png

Bhamv is watching a movie, so Vero decides to get her vidya fix on one of the computers.
05-27-19_12-46-49 PM.png

Wasabi feels much better after her bath, and grills up some cheese. She manages to only break one bottle in the process.

Bhamv continues to be her usual charming self.
05-27-19_12-50-34 PM.png

I send her to her room to practice being a not-bitch on the mirror.
05-27-19_12-51-57 PM.png

The workouts are starting to pay dividends for Wasabi.
05-27-19_12-52-30 PM.png

Just after 9pm, Tin finally finishes his rocket.
05-27-19_12-56-35 PM.png

He celebrates with some grilled cheese, and then heads off to bed.
05-27-19_12-57-16 PM.png

Wasabi gives the treadmill one more go, and manages to not overexert herself this time.
05-27-19_12-58-26 PM.png

Deja vu. The coffee from this morning is starting to stink again. Well, at least it won't fester overnight, thanks to Wasabi.
05-27-19_12-59-43 PM.png

A long and enjoyable conversation culminates in Vero and Wasabi becoming BFFs, which also checks another item off Vero's aspirational list.
05-27-19_1-01-00 PM.png

Wasabi seems awful proud of those grilled cheese sandwiches.
05-27-19_1-03-16 PM.png

While the two elders sleep, the younger pair work on their charisma for a couple more hours before turning in.
05-27-19_1-05-02 PM.png

Bhamv scarfs the last of the pancakes before hitting the sack.
05-27-19_1-07-37 PM.png

Vero finally turns in at 3 am. Bet she'll be sleeping late tomorrow.
05-27-19_1-11-33 PM.png
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Grilled cheese borkbork bork!
Hey, you could summon a friendly ghost to make you a subtly infused aged milk rye tostada with fresh herbs, but feel free to just slap some American I-can't-believe-you're-allowed-to-call-it-cheese product on a piece of Wonderbread and call it high cuisine :p