Good Cosplay Thread - pt3 - The Pros of Cons

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By the way, she is the nicest person. She immediately recognized both John and myself, complimented John on his Constantine cosplay, and between the three of us we must have chatted at her both for at least 10 minutes. It had been her birthday during the week so I gave her a silver bracelet I'd made years ago that the client had bailed on me. She was like, "Wow it's beautiful, can I give you a hug?" and I said, "Um, yeah, I think that would be alright." So, got a hug, got a picture, got a cool conversation with her. She mentioned that she was playing D&D and Pathfinder now (we'd talked RPGs at the last convention) and she was really enjoying the race options with Pathfinder.

A bit later a woman came up in the same Jim Balent style Catwoman outfit that BelleChere is famous for, and she was obviously really starstruck, and BelleChere was just so sweet to her. We scoped out other parts of the con at that point, but I'll tell you, if anyone ever says that BelleChere is a bitch, they're either lying or really, really provoked her, because she was super nice.