Good Cosplay Thread - pt3 - The Pros of Cons

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San Francisco Comic Con (day 1 so far)

Cosplay Q&A panel: Lisa Lou Who, Jessica Nigri, Fake Nerd Boy, Heather1337

Inflatable dinosaur with child

Wonder Woman Yorkshire Terrier

Black Cat

Arrow (with menacing convention pass)

Henry Jones, Sr.

Batgirl and Poison Ivy

Deadpool and Banana-Deadpool (with bananaphone)

Grifter and Red Hood (Arkham Knight)

Someone with Bane

DC Bombshell Batwoman, Tony Stark, Professor Pyg(?), and Harley

Mortal Kombat's Kung Lao

Harley Quinn (Lisa Lou Who)

Young Justice Superboy and Miss Martian


Commander Shepherd

Another Harley and Ivy

Star-Lord dance-off

Lady Deadpool?


Black Panther

Puffy Green Lantern and Zatanna

Batman giving thanks

Best for last? The Belcher family

I can't seem to get just a single flickr album to work as a gallery, and pasting a single photo's URL seems to create a gallery that gives access to my entire flickr camera roll, including private photos. No imgur account, so photobucket it is for now. I'll try to set up an imgur account and edit this later. Let me know who I mis-identified.
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The "unknown" with Grifter is Arkham Knight's Red Hood, I would guess. The "Someone" with Bane looks like either maybe a character from Payday 2 or Army of Two.

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Guy with Grifter is supposed to be Red Hood, I think.

Yes, that's Professor Pig circa the last Arkham game. The black and red Batwoman is from an Elseworlds story where there was a woman during WW2 who fought crime in that outfit as "The Bat Woman". It's a play on the pinup art of the era.

Guy with Bane is not from Payday 2, but maybe Army of Two?
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Nah, Deadshot's mask always has one eye with a scope/optic device of some kind.
You're absolutely right about the scope, but given the awkward fitting of the costume, plus the color pattern, it just strikes me a someone who is trying to get as close to Deadshot as possible who might not have the budget or experience to be more accurate. Plus, he's hanging out with Bane.

Aside from the scope, it's not that far out of possibility: