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Installed windows, windows update, downloaded NVIDIA drivers, and currently downloading some games on battle net and steam to try things out .
I admit the choice for me does come down to a choice between the 3700X/3800X (since they are the 8-core models). I am leaning toward the latter somewhat for its slightly higher boost but mostly for its higher TDP ceiling which means less throttling and better tolerance for higher temperatures when on air.
Nevermind. Gonna get the 3700X.

An odd thing from that review (and others like it): In AMD's pursuit for performance, they decided to cut the memory write channel for each "chiplet" from 32-bit to only 16-bit in width. Their rationale is allegedly that memory writes aren't usually a bottleneck, but that still gets results that look like this in benchmarks:

The CPUs with 2x chiplets (3900X, 3950X) don't have this problem because they have twice as many memory write channels (one for each chiplet), so they therefore have twice the performance of the single-chiplet models. However, since the other benchmarks (gaming, productivity, etc) seem to justify the sacrifice, it's probably not going to be an issue unless you have some kind of excruciatingly specific workload.

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