WWE's CEO resigns to run for US Senate

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I don't know that I'd call Linda McMahon a "celebrity," really. Whatever you may think of wrestling, she is the CEO of a multi-billion dollar entertainment company.
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I've heard Vince McMahon is a little on the crazy side, but if Linda leads the push to make Congress more like the WWE, not only will C-SPAN actually become entertaining, but I'd assume that the rules governing kayfabe will ensure that more work gets done.

Kitty Sinatra

This is what I want to see.

Linda wins the seat. Every time she enters the Senate floor, she is accompanied by triumphant music while all the other Senators chant "You suck!"

Best intro ever
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Damn it! I totally would vote for Mr. McMahon. At least he knows how to make bullshit palatable.
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And once again, the Americans are years behind Canada!

In the fall of 1999, a young professional wrestler named Quentin Barboni beat out 11 other wrestlers, including Mike \"Bulldozer\" Dror and Norman Tharx, in a Battle Royale to become the first leader of the Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party.
I know this should be followed with something along the lines of "I wish I was joking." But seriously: I am very, very happy that I'm not.
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God, imagine some of the signature moves.

Obama's "Hope and Change"

Palin's "Helicopter Shot"

Max Baucus' "Max Insanity"
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