Whats for Dinner?

"Mexican Pizza"

Now we just need the recipe for their Guacamolito sauce and it'll be complete.


This a summer classic in my family; fresh vanilla ice cream with roasted peanuts and maple syrup.
That's a staple for us here in the snowy months.
We make that for dinner and then make pasties the next day with the leftovers.

Homemade Poutine. (Didn't wanna go all the way down to Chandler to get some.)

EDIT: Yes, it has chicken and bacon as toppings, and the cheese is actually cut-up string cheese sticks. I can't get good cheese curds in this state for some reason.

No I don't. Y'all know it's hotter than Hell Michigan where I live right now.
Beef with broccoli.
For those keeping score: Zero cheese. ;) (Though broccoli is has some decent amounts of calcium in it)

beef broccoli.jpg
First soup of fall, a beef and lentil stew. Money has become extremely tight of late, and meals this fall and winter are going to largely consist of veggies and beans or potatoes, with what my grandparents' would have considered normal meat portions. It's not bad, actually. In fact, as long as I keep the fiber up, it's a far better diet long term than the meat-heavy diet we were used to before we moved. Even better, we finally broke down and bought an InstantPot over the summer, so even really robust bean soups take less than an hour.
I love making soups in large batches and freezing them. Buy the vegetables and meats that are on sale, cook and freeze. Then you don't need to eat the same stuff the whole week and get sick of it. In last two weeks I cooked enough soup and stews, they should last me till the end of November.

I have a 5L slow cooker. Throw the ingriedients into it in the evening, cook on low and in the morning it is done. Let it cool and then portion it in 1L freezing bags.

Small Tip: Button mushrooms are a good meat substitute, and if you buy them canned they are cheap too. Just squeeze all the water out of em before sauteing them. Lots of umami flavor.
Took some leftover cod fillet, reheated it, cut it into pieces, shredded some cheese, had some cut lettuce, added some salsa and sour cream, put it on some soft flour tortillas and had myself some fish tacos.
Spaghetti with meat sauce. The local icon Italian restaurant sells their sauce at local groceries. I tossed the cooked pasta with EVOO and garlic. Om nom nom. :D
Spaghetti with meat sauce. The local icon Italian restaurant sells their sauce at local groceries. I tossed the cooked pasta with EVOO and garlic. Om nom nom. :D
I've been seeing this more often in my area too. The big local italian place (Carfagna's) also has a market that sells their stuff ether fresh or frozen and they've always sold their sauce there... but now I'm seeing it pop up at the major retailers like Meijer and Krogers.

V8, veggie ramen, pepperoni, cheese, koolaid, ration of chocolate and 12 apricots.

My dinner for the next 12 nights.
Yes. Like a no name Mio. After a long day, ice cold koolaid from my canteen is awesome.
Pic 1: salt beef, roast turkey, Yorkshire puddings, honey mustard pickles, blueberry duff, carrots, turnip and carrots, mashed potatoes, stuffing and beef gravy

Pic 2: salt beef, roast beef, honey mustard pickles, turnips, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and turkey gravy

Not shown, beef vegetable soup
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