Whats for Dinner?

Beef wellington with madiera demi glace, mashed rutabaga and asparagus

Inside the wellington was a homemade mushroom pate and blue cheese crumbles. It was very yum
it's one of my favorite dishes. But it takes a ton of time and a ton of dishes. I filled up 2 sinks with dishes.

I only make this every 3-4 years ;)
Thanksgiving mushroom curry. Rice is going in the rice cooker.

A non-traditional take for a last minute decision to stay home due to my sinus infection.

Thanks everyone! It’s my take on my late grandfather’s turkey curry recipe. I missed the big family gathering so it was nice to have it :)

It was really good and it was the most I’ve been able to eat all week :)

The kids love it too which is a miracle.


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Not a dinner thing, but since it's food related I'm posting it here:

One of my favorite things lately has been iced tea sweetened with bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. All the flavors play together very nicely.
What about bourbon aged in maple syrup barrels?

And could they make maple syrup in the barrels used to make that bourbon?

How deep does this go?
I've been keto AF lately.

"Fried" chicken breaded with pork rinds.


Homemade BBQ sauce with about 20 carbs spread throughout 3 cups of sauce.


Cajun BBQ shrimp and riced cauliflower.



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And I'm fasting so that means I don't eat after 3 pm. Why the FUCK did I come into this thread at 8 pm?!?
We had artichoke and chicken calzone.
...but yesterday it was dutch baby w/ scrambled eggs, and then chocolate fondue for dessert (with mandarins, strawberries, cherries, angel food cake cubes, marshmallows... and bacon! EDIT: and bananas).

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Did a friendsgiving yesterday and while it was something of a potluck, me and my roommate were responsible for the bird. The first time either of us have made a turkey and it actually turned out really well. Even made some homemade gravy out of the drippings and that was great too.
I finally used my Medieval Arab cookbook and made spiced lamb and fennel tajine. It was great.

So, I've been ketoing as I said earlier, eating very few carbs. So that means I've been eating a lot of fatty meat and vegetables. That's not the point of this post, this post is brought to you by a Sous Vide water regulator. If you aren't cooking your steaks this way, you're a lunatic. Even if you finish them quickly on a ripping hot grill, cooking your steaks to the exact temperature in the bath makes for the tenderest, most juicy meat you can eat. Ever had problem with dry pork tenderloin? You're not alone. Pork tenderloin is the world's easiest meat to fuck up and dry out, I'd say even more so than chicken breast (my most loathed of meats). NEVER AGAIN. Sous vide to a nice medium and your tenderloin will melt in your mouth with a satisfying juicy burst of flavour.

I'm currently eat a steak I reheated from dinner last night, finishing it in a pan with a bunch of butter. There's something really decadent about eating cow that's smothered in a fat made from the life-giving substance meant to nourish it's young. It's a double fuck you to the cow.
Rescued from the latest forum hiccup:
Tinwhistler said:
We found out my son was allergic to shrimp when he was like 6 years old. It's one of my favorite dishes, and I haven't cooked it in 13 years. My wife loves it too.

When he moved out to go to college, I proclaimed I was going to cool all the shrimps. Here it is....six months later. Finally :D

Shrimp Marsala on rice.

[picture of shrimp marsala on rice not included]

Incidentally, every dish I've cooked for the last week or so has been the same approximate color--every one has called for a can of tomatoes as part of the recipe :D
I made a perfect rib eye roast using sous vide (the sous vide stick was my xmas present to myself), garlic mushrooms, knödel (a german dumpling), glazed carrots and a red wine reduction, using demi glace I made over the weekend. It was incredible. Sadly no pictures, we were to hungry to wait.
I’m cooking now. Turkey breast/leg/thigh for my family. Cauliflower steak for me. Roasted sweet potato, air fried mini potatoes, gravy, mushroom stuffing, Brussel sprouts and biscuits. Maybe squash if I can figure out how to make room in the oven/stove :)
^ I needs me some of that.

I made chicken tikka masala in the crockpot. It turned out really well but it took 3 hours to cook. I forgot my roommate got an instant pot for Christmas that would've made it a lot quicker. Regardless, I'm happy with it.

Here you go. I followed that pretty much to a T other than doubling the garlic, as one should always do. I was on a mission to make this and I had to go to the big store in the area to find garam masala, but it was only like $3 for a large amount of it.
Okay. So, since I recently moved, my dad had the idea of doing christmas dinner at my new home for his side of the family. I heartily approved. The guests enjoyed the meal. These are the results of the collaboration with my dead. The amuse was all his, the dessert was all mine, the rest we did together.

Amuse: Smoked eel brandade with caviar

First course: Salmon and scallop tiradito (a peruvian preparation similar to ceviche)

Second course: Foie gras crème brulée

Soup: Mushroom consommé with liquid pumpkin spheres

Main course: Hare dumpling with roasted shallot and red wine sauce.

Dessert: Buttermilk panna cotta with pear compote and caramelized pecans.