What are you listening to II: Electric Bogaloo

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Watching Kiss play is like eating junk food. Sure, the presentation can be fun, but the product itself is lifeless and empty.

When I was growing up everyone was like, "Oh Kiss is SUCH a hard rock band!" No, no they are not. They are so pop it hurts.
Yeah, I had a hard time with "Heavy Metal" as a kid. I heard Punk Rock first. To me Kiss was a disco band, that spit blood.
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They created an image, all right. And they ran with it.
I was never a big fan of their music (it was OK I guess) but they sure knew how to be spectacular.

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The Specials (or at least, Terry Hall, Horace Panter and Lynval Golding) recently released a new album, which is crazy.
It's very different from old school Specials. There's more dub and reggae, and lots of other music genres, very little ska, and nothing you could stomp to.

There are THREE spoken word songs on this album, and I've mostly been listening to two of those.

Normally, I hate spoken word stuff. I like stuff that's easy to dance to and easy to sing along to. But these songs have powerful messages and also have killer music.:

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Okay, I can officially call this a problem now but I can't stop. I'm gonna pretend I'm a gen X'r and ... have no generational impact on the government or something.
Love is a Battlefield, Walk like an Egyptian, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, We’ve Got the Beat, Venus - I think I see a pattern.
...keep this up and you’re going to attract @HCGLNS ’ attention.

Just have to finish up by watching some movie with Cynthia Rothrock in it.

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The cost of the land over on 17th Avenue South is so high now, all the songwriters can't afford to live there anymore.