What are you listening to II: Electric Bogaloo

They created an image, all right. And they ran with it.
I was never a big fan of their music (it was OK I guess) but they sure knew how to be spectacular.

I didn't really play much after GTA3, so I guess it slipped by me. This just happened to jump next on Youtube yesterday.
The Gta Vice City ( and Vice City Stories) Radio Station soundtrack (all of them) is basically the very best of the 80s. You can't do much wrong with them
The Specials (or at least, Terry Hall, Horace Panter and Lynval Golding) recently released a new album, which is crazy.
It's very different from old school Specials. There's more dub and reggae, and lots of other music genres, very little ska, and nothing you could stomp to.

There are THREE spoken word songs on this album, and I've mostly been listening to two of those.

Normally, I hate spoken word stuff. I like stuff that's easy to dance to and easy to sing along to. But these songs have powerful messages and also have killer music.:

Okay, I can officially call this a problem now but I can't stop. I'm gonna pretend I'm a gen X'r and ... have no generational impact on the government or something.

Okay, I can officially call this a problem now but I can't stop. I'm gonna pretend I'm a gen X'r and ... have no generational impact on the government or something.
Love is a Battlefield, Walk like an Egyptian, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, We’ve Got the Beat, Venus - I think I see a pattern.
...keep this up and you’re going to attract @HCGLNS ’ attention.

Just have to finish up by watching some movie with Cynthia Rothrock in it.

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The cost of the land over on 17th Avenue South is so high now, all the songwriters can't afford to live there anymore.

Hell yes, new Death Angel album coming! Was surprised when I saw this in my youtube recs, but I'm definitely hyped now.
Last week I discovered there's a guy calling himself RichaadEB who covers video game tunes. He does a (silly) speed metal version of "Gas Gas Gas,"(...as if it needed much alteration to get there).

...I'm almost positive it's been posted here before, because once I saw the video I knew I'd seen it before, but couldn't find it (because our search function sux, I assume). There's plenty other covers; Persona 5, One Punch Man, Roundabout/JoJo, even a crack at Pop/Stars.

I just wish the videos weren't frequently so... silly. Certainly enjoying the audio, though.

Ska and Tears for Fears = great. That one-man-band stuff is amazing!! And bonus points for the Streetlight poster. The best part is that it's keeping ska alive! Thanks @drifter
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I am quasi familiar with his stuff. Haven't really delved in deep yet. He's also in We Are the Union and so he's toured with the likes of reel Big Fish . He's got a good thing going.Found him through an article on... I wanna say Vice?

I love ska covers. The Holophonics, Melbourne Ska Orchestra, and the Suburban Legends all top my list of favourite ska covers.

But lately, I've been listening mostly to the two new Planet Smashers singles. The new album comes out on Friday and I can't wait.

Aside from the new Planet Smashers album that was released Friday, I've also been getting into the Skints, who also released a new album Friday.

New Rammstein tune/video. Guys, I might be misinterpreting the video and it's subtle imagery, but I don't think Rammstein likes sex tourism or colonialism.


Guys! How did I never hear of Avantasia before yesterday!?!
I've never heard of them, either (that I recall).
I listened to Ghost in the Moon, and it sounds like what I assume I would get if Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote for Journey.
And I'm not saying that's bad (Journey did have their own video game, after all), that's just how I'd describe it.

Avantasia is pretty awesome, yeah. Moonglow's a really solid album, although I preferred Ghostlights, and they have yet to surpass The Metal Opera Parts 1 and 2. I like pretty much anything Tobias Sammet has a hand in, to be honest.
So other than the new Death Angel Album (Humanicide) which has been my mainstay for the past two weeks, I've discovered a new band over the weekend called Burning Witches. They're an all-female power-ish metal band that sounds a lot like Judas Priest for some songs. They're fucking rad - even if their music videos are goofy, but you're not a metal band without a dumb music video.