Oh great. I now fully expect people to start posting scenes from Lethal Weapon 2, but with Trump's face plastered over Joss Ackland's, and with the cry of "Diplomatic Immunity!" replaced with "Executive Privilege!"

I can hear the denials already "But he learned from all that and he's a good businessman now", "Financial records say whatever analysts want them to say, he probably made money, and the NYT just made it look like he lost in order to have a story", "He made the economy good right now, and that's what matters", "His taxes are fake, because he lied about how much money he had in order to not pay taxes, like any good American does, he's a hero for not funding the government." Etc. Etc. Etc.
There ya go: From Discover on Google https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-tax-returns-losses-avoid-business-response-a8904421.html
Don';t worry guys, tRump's already explained it... he was just committing tax fraud for fun... but, also, it's all totally fake anyway:



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Called it! He's not a bad businessman, he's just a criminal, but it was okay because everyone was doing it!
Nothing is ever going to get better.

This isn't even about anything specific. Just thinking about it.
Trump has declared a National Emergency and issued an executive order prohibiting any US company from using equipment "...made by firms posing a national security risk" (i.e., Huawei). So the rift with China continues to deepen.
Sheesh. Where's Nixon when you need him?

Except he's already pointed to Canada as a national security risk so the idea that this would be used smartly and judiciously is....Well it's Trump, so let's assume it won't be.
Chatter is the recent rash of pardons for convicted war criminals is his effort to look "pro-military." :facepalm:
Rally, "traitors," "lock them up!" rinse, repeat. Today's targets were the FBI and Democrats.

And Pelosi literally goes, "Shame, shame." Fuck her.


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Woah there, shouldn't we have a pre-meeting before our planning session?
There is a distinct lack of committee forming going on, should I be concerned? I'm strongly considering sending out a memo to suggest that a committee be formed to investigate if committees are needed for these investigations.


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Apparently the talking point on conservative radio is "This is too expensive. All these poor people being called to testify have to pay so much money for lawyers, it's unfair."

1. Golly, it's almost like legal system is broken, and unfairly favors people with money. If only someone had pointed that out before now.

2. Maybe the President should have skipped some of his golf outings, since money is so tight.

3. If only there were some plan to get more money for the government. Some convenient group of people with vastly more money than the rest, and whom can afford to bear the brunt of the financial burden of the country.

4. Are we really putting a price tag on the truth, now? Whoops, guess lies are cheaper, we'll have to go with those.
And cheeto declared no infrastructure spending until all investigations stop.

I was gonna say cease but cheeto doesn't know that word.
But he's ready to do it, they just have to give him what he wants first.

October is going to bring another shutdown.