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Yeah, but that still puts the books in the top recognizable crust of fantasy novels. The percentage of the fantasy genre adapted into Disney movies is minuscule. As for your second point, that's personal. There are quite a few people young and old who respect and adore Newberry winners. It carries a lot of weight.
That doesn't make it mainstream. I used myself as an example as I consider myself a little more widely read than most Americans.

Heck, remember what it was like before there were LOTR movies?

"Didn't you read Lord of the Rings in high school?"
"No, I got laid in high school."
I saw your comment and thought, "What? Can't you at least come up with "Comet in Moominland," "Charlotte's Web," or "Harold and the Purple Crayon?"
And then I looked them up. Moominland won the Hans Christian Andersen award, not the Newbery. Harold came in second for the Caldecott but lost to "Frog Went A-Courtin'." Of the three, only Charlotte's Web actually won a Newbery.

Hey, that's a Hobbit reference, not a LotR reference, people.
@fade, my forum handle is from Tolkien, but I'd say that about 80-90% of the self-proclaimed Tolkien nerds don't get it (I'm actually surprised by the number that DO get it). I'm not in the group that doesn't know the difference between The Hobbit and LotR. IMO Gas was referencing "all the LotR-related movies" in his original statement, and I was running with that, rather than being more specific.
They really shouldn't have stretched The Hobbit into 3 movies. 2 would have been fine. And stop focusing so much on the CGI. It would be nice to focus on, and care about, the characters. It was kinda of shame since I loved The Hobbit more than LotR growing up.
I also hated the higher framerates. It made the first movie look like a school play to me (namely the troll scene).
TIL that I could kill my own guys in a doubles Pokemon match online. Super embarrassing. And I had our son laughing hysterically while I tanked that match.
Ha, Siona Atreides' genes prove their worth... Akinator didn't know her (i did get close on it's last try with Lady Jessica).
Fun-at-parties answer: Because he was not designed by anyone who actually had the slightest idea how shields were used in combat.
That's probably it. Kendo has no provision for shield use because, well, Japanese warriors usually didn't use them. They occasionally used pavises or portable walls to use to protect archers or arquebusers, but almost nothing hand held. And it's a severe flaw in their combat system, really. But for the bulk of their history, samurai were single or small group combatants, and only the lowly ashigaru fought in massed groups. Essentially, it was feuds between noble houses, involving only professional warriors, who preferred staff weapons, bows, and two-handed swords and very frequently fought from horseback. Then once the Sengoku Jidai came about and major, large scale wars started happening, they used two-handed yari as pikes instead of the pike-and-shield formation used in Europe.
TIL medieval MMA is a sport

Look up the Armored Combat League (ACL) or Battle of the Nations (BotN). Either of those searched on Youtube will pull up some good videos.

I'm working on getting my kit up to snuff so I can take part. I have a good buddy who does it, out of Atlanta, and who is desperate to get me involved. He figures with my riot team training, I might have an edge on some of their newer fighters.


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On that note, I'm glad pop culture has started to champion western martial arts. For a long time there, it was Chinese, Thai, and especially Japanese martial arts everyone loved, often to the detriment of fictional western fighters. Even anime and manga seem to be acknowledging more that Western martial arts aren't crap, and that's saying something.

Which reminds me of that stupid boxing anime that Adult Swim carried for a while. That one pissed me off, because it was clear the author knew little about boxing, yet was trying to write a story about it. He had the protagonist "correcting" other boxers on things that are part of the sport.
When you say "Western" martial arts, are you referring to boxing? Savate? Or are you including even stuff as far east as Krav Maga?