[TV] The Doctor Who Thread

That's one thing someone on Twitter pointed out: they whole thing is ruined if they CONSTANTLY point out the fact that The Doctor is a woman now. Like a Dalek says, "The Doctor is a FE-MALE?"
I would imagine races like the Daleks, who have dealing with Time Lords for eons, either wouldn't notice or wouldn't care. It's not like this is new territory for a Time Lord. I really hope they don't make it "a thing".
Sneak peek of the Christmas special.
Mostly quite an amusing clip. Only mostly because, well, "What do you mean...One?" I know next to nothing about that character and I'm already sympathising for him!
Now THAT is a cliffhanger. Literally. Poor Jodie has her work cut out for her.
I like it, I liked Jodie's line of "Brilliant" I think she's going to be a good Doctor! I didn't really like PC except for maybe a FEW episodes, most of them were meh at best. I have high hopes for Jodie from her minute of screen time.
I found myself liking Peter Capaldi's Doctor, but liking very few of the episodes he was in. I'm looking forward to Jodie!
I was hoping for some screen time with the new Doctor, since the DVR had 20 minutes to go... then the tribute to the outgoing show runner.[DOUBLEPOST=1514343771,1514343664][/DOUBLEPOST]
I found myself liking Peter Capaldi's Doctor, but liking very few of the episodes he was in. I'm looking forward to Jodie!
I felt Peter was the best actor since the relaunch, but the writing was too inconsistent to the character of the Doctor.
Yeah, I was a bit disappointed with the fact that half of the two-hour show was a tribute to Capaldi/Moffatt.

Anyways. Just got done with the DVR.
Some great lines from One and 12 there. The Captain played it clueless, as he should have.

But DAMN if that little twist didn't turn everything around. I take it that was the father/grandfather of Colonel L-S?

And yes, Steven, you should be ashamed for making 12 forget Clara this long.

I do think he could have gone further with the "are we a collection of memories?" thing, but I can't see Moffatt being that progressive.

The whole "Rusty" thing was a nice little touch, too.

Anyone else think that the line about "children can hear it" is a setup for the next showrunner?

Lastly - poor Jodie. Only in her body a few minutes, and she's getting puked out onto the London countryside.
I would have thought that by now that the Doctor would have learned to regenerate outside.
Jodie was on Colbert last night. She is utterly delightful.

This is a friendly reminder to set your DVRs for Sunday.
Interesting first episode. One big Fridge Logic moment regarding one of the characters, but otherwise a good enough hook to bring you back next week.


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I liked it. I didn't even mind that the alien-of-the-week was just a knock-off copy of a major franchise. Jodie Whittaker was so absolutely fantastic, commanding and adorable at the same time, that nothing else in the episode mattered. Though there was plenty else to love with the other characters being enjoyable as well.
Ooo, I like her! I'm looking forward to the rest of the season!

Also, that is the most @GasBandit -y villain of the week.


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Ok, I torrented it and watched it because I got curious. Still not exactly my bag, baby, but I'm glad you guys are enjoying it, and teeth-face made me chuckle.